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Increasing Schumann Resonance and Its Effects on the Human Body

What’s going on with the Schumann Resonance increasing?


Earth is a living being, and everything that exists originates in it.

Our physical body has its origin in the Earth’s matter, and our subtle bodies contain subtle matter that also belongs to Earth. It is both our food and support, and our physical, mental, and emotional health depends on how we relate to its energies.

It may seem that Earth provides just food and shelter, but recent studies have revealed a deeper interaction between Earth and the creatures living on it, especially humans.

What is Schumann Resonance?

We now know that human beings have their own bioenergetic field that vibrates on a specific frequency, according to their level of life.

The vibration of this bioenergetic field is due to countless electrical impulses that control muscle activity, the nervous system, sense organs, and so on.

The brain is the organ that centralizes and coordinates these vibrations, where they are most intense and easily measurable, also representing a measure of the brain’s activity.

Basically, these are brain waves.

Just like our body has a bioenergetic activity, Earth also shows the same bioelectric activity, on a cosmic level, of course. Let’s think about the bolts of lightning that occur in the Earth’s body human

Globally, at any given moment, there are about 1000 lightning with huge energy discharges from our point of view, but on Earth’s scale, they can be seen as impulses that travel through the body’s nerves.

These bolts of lightning are the Earth’s bioenergetic life, powered from its hidden depths.

Naturally, the bioenergetic field of the Earth must also have a vibrational frequency.Lightning storm

Schumann was the first scientist who predicted the existence of the Earth’s bioenergetic field and calculated its frequency of vibration between 1952 and 1957 before it could be effectively measured.

His argument was this:

Earth behaves like a giant capacitor.

The atmosphere is a weak conductor, and if there were no permanent flashes of lightning everywhere on the globe, its charge would disperse in about 10 minutes.

These permanent electrical charges occur in a cavity between the edge of the Earth and the lower parts of the ionosphere, at about 55 km height.

The total charge existing in this cavity is 500,000 Coulombs.

This charge is in a constant redistribution due to bolts of lightning. Furthermore, each lightning that occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere gives rise to a quasi-stationary wave, that manifests like an electromagnetic echo.

This phenomenon is similar to the sound of a bell, for instance, which is nothing but an echo caused by hitting its outer edge. If the outer edge got hit more often, there would be a certain echo remaining in the background having the same intensity.

This echo represents the Schumann resonance, and it was calculated mathematically to 7.83 Hz, according to the formula f = c / pi * D, where c represents the speed of light and D represents the Earth’s diameter.

Empirical studies have shown that the Earth’s electromagnetic field vibrates in several vibration frequencies, which are like harmonics of this fundamental frequency. The values of these harmonics are between 6 and 50 Hz. All these waves have been named Schumann resonances after the scientist who first predicted and calculated them.

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Schumann Frequencies Vary Depending On The Following Factors:

  • Configuration and intensity of Earth’s magnetic field;
  • Atmosphere’s composition and properties;
  • Ionosphere’s properties.

No matter how this frequency spectrum ranges, 7.83 Hz is the fundamental frequency, so it has the largest gravity.

The second harmonic has a maximum value somewhere around 15 Hz (+/- 0.5 Hz), the third, fourth, and fifth harmonics’ values range around 20, 26, and 33 Hz, and their intensities are variable, depending on the factors mentioned above.

The values of the sixth and seventh harmonics are 39 and 45 Hz.

This spectrum of vibrations illustrates the Earth’s energetical life.

How can this be useful to human beings?brain waves energy

By syntonization of brain waves to the fundamental Schumann frequencies (7.83 Hz), which is done through brain stimulation devices such as brain machines, through the resonance phenomenon, we can benefit from a huge energy intake from the Earth’s own energy field.

Basically, when determining the resonance, depending on our level of awakening the perceptions, our consciousness expands to the Earth’s level, and all our energetical centers are revitalized and charged from the Earth’s immense energy source. 7.83 is the frequency within the range of alpha waves, specific to meditation, establishing a state that allows an easier communion with the Earth’s being.

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This additional knowledge has allowed researchers to find out why certain traditional dances of African tribes are so effective in rituals of exorcism.

During these dances, they deliberately introduce rhythms correlated with Schumann frequencies so that dancers can awake pure energies of the Earth and then channel them as they wish.

The benefits resulting from the syntonization of our brain to Earth’s frequency of vibration include recharging our body’s batteries.

We can notice the disappearance of worries and unnecessary anxieties, increased vitality, a state of well-being, and kindness.

We can also perceive how our consciousness is connected to a huge source of practicing a meditation in nature

Moreover, syntonization to this frequency of vibration eliminates the disruptive effects of electromagnetic fields that affect our daily lives.

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This is extremely helpful, especially for people working in highly polluted electromagnetic environments. In terms of energy, we kind of lost our connection to Earth’s pulsating heart due to these countless polluting electromagnetic fields that exist worldwide.

Archimedes said: „Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the Earth”

When it comes to our body, the fulcrum for our entire physical, emotional, and mental structure is Earth.

We shouldn’t perceive Earth as a huge bolus that wanders through space but as a living being that is the origin of all matter, not only the physical, palpable matter but also the subtle matter, representing the substratum of our emotional and mental states.

When this fulcrum is firm, we have the energy to heal ourselves and ward off all diseases, to guard against negative mental and emotional influences, and to be an inexhaustible source of liveliness and comfort to others.

Moreover, this return to the Earth’s heart will entail a greatly expanded consciousness, in which we will intuitively perceive the unity of life of all that exists on our planet.

Note – on January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36+ Hz. This actually means that an increase in frequency creates an increase in consciousness, and when our consciousness increases, we have greater awareness.

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Kathy Gorton

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

This is very interesting. I have a biomedis machine it has been fantastic it’s our very own medicine machine and it has the Schumann wave length.

Peter Coyle

Friday 2nd of April 2021

It is very likely that the Shuman resonance is being increased do to all of the EMF being dumped into the atmosphere by our wireless communication, radars etc