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7 Most Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Which are the most physically abusive zodiac signs?


When evaluating our personalities, many of us turn to zodiac signs.

Zodiacs are a crucial part of understanding the personality traits and behavioral patterns we tend to follow.

While you cannot expect a zodiac sign to know everything about you, it can guide how you act in certain situations in life.

For many of us, then, the zodiac sign is one of the best instruments that we can use to help better determine our behavior and our actions. Some zodiac signs, though, tend to have a bit of an aggressive streak stored within.

For example, some zodiac signs are associated with abusive personality traits.

If you were to come from one of the most physically abusive zodiac signs, it might be a sign that you need to do more to control your anger than others.

People who hail from the most physically abusive zodiac signs tend to be the people who need to go that extra mile regarding things like anger management and instinct control.

As such, you must spend some time evaluating your zodiac sign.

To help you better grasp the most physically abusive zodiac signs, we have broken down the seven most physically abusive zodiac signs for you below.

This will help you understand what your zodiac sign means when it comes to physical aggression and abusive behavior.

Abusiveness is something we need to do everything we can to curb; knowing you hail from a physically abusive zodiac sign means you can do more to try and avoid this behavior from becoming part of your personality.

Physically abusive zodiac signs: Why is this a thing?Most Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Understanding why the idea of a zodiac sign can play such a role in your behavior is important.

Many people believe that our zodiac signs act as a guiding line in our personal development.

People who hail from a certain zodiac sign might be likelier to fall into a certain personality style or train of thought. This is common, and we can often spot little parts of our personality within a zodiac sign description.

However, a zodiac sign is not perfect. It cannot tell you every personality trait you will have.

It is easy to try and look at a zodiac sign and use it as a ‘guide’ for how you ‘should’ react when something happens in life.

As useful as that might appear, a zodiac sign cannot resolve every issue you face. It cannot be your guiding light for everything that might go wrong.

Many people use their zodiac sign as a clear symbol of their personality. Therefore, they try to live up to what the zodiac sign states.

For example, they might lean into a more aggressive character because ‘the zodiac sign says so’ – even though, deep down, they do not enjoy this kind of behavior.

So, anyone looking at their zodiac sign must understand that it is an archetype – it is not a perfect descriptor of who you are.

Many people contain combinations of more than one zodiac sign in their personality.

As people, we are too unique and too complex to follow an archetype to the very letter. For many people, though, physically abusive zodiac signs are something to understand: it can help them appreciate how they might behave in certain situations.

Then, they can do something to avoid that behavior.

The Seven Most Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs: What Are They?

Some zodiac signs, in particular, are connected to physical anger and abuse.

Understanding this can help you to understand why you might react as you do in certain situations.

It can also inform your behavior so that you can try and do something to counteract these personality traits.

Remember, the zodiac sign is just a marker – an indicator of how you might act in a certain situation.

It is by no means a guarantee. Therefore, you must take the time to look closely at your zodiac sign.

What, then, are the most physically aggressive and abusive zodiac signs?

AriesMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Aries is the first zodiac sign on our list of potentially physically abusive zodiac signs.

Given that this zodiac sign takes the name of the Greek God of War, this should come as no surprise.

Aries are born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April and tend to be very aggressive. an Aries normally has a very violent and aggressive personality – they thrive in violence.

The main negative trait of Aries is that they must win – they cannot handle losing, no matter how trivial the issue.

They are sore losers and thus will do anything – including resorting to physical violence and abuse – to ensure they emerge the victor. While that winning mentality can be positive for many aspects of life, it does not always benefit an Aries.

It is easy for Aries to find themselves in a difficult situation whereby their physically abusive nature has put them in a fight they cannot win.

If Aries cannot win, they will explore each and every opportunity that would allow them to get over the hill and claim victory.

While this makes them deeply determined, Aries zodiac signs can easily rely on physical abuse and violence to bring their way.

VirgoMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

While not always associated with violence and anger, the Virgo is a zodiac sign that fits in with this thinking.

The Virgo – born between August the 23rd and September the 22nd – are very violent internally.

They are less likely to lash out with genuine physical violence and attack someone, but they tend to harbor thoughts of negativity and violence.

They can see themselves attacking someone in their minds; thankfully, many Virgos do not act out on these feelings and emotions.

The Virgo, though, has the potential to be one of the most physically aggressive zodiac signs when they allow these thoughts to become actions.

They are quick to anger and are quite commonly going to spend time hurting people who have made their lives harder in any way, shape, or form. While they do not often act out on these anger-filled fantasies, they exist and can create a very brooding personality.

The Virgo tends to be someone who will not act on these thoughts, but it can be easy enough to goad a Virgo into acting. Therefore, Virgos must seek assistance and support to help them control these bouts of anger and these violent trains of thought.

TaurusMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

The Taurus is among the most determined and physically aggressive zodiac signs for many.

Someone who is a zodiac sign of Taurus will be born between the 20th of April and the 20th of May.

They are very aggressive, determined winners who will never be shaken from their beliefs.

Given the bull represents the Taurus, that desire for physical entanglements and dominance should not surprise.

The Taurus is often seen as one of the most stubborn zodiac signs.

This can mean that when someone in their life does not do as the Taurus asks them, they might become physically aggressive – even abusive. However, despite what you might imagine, the Taurus zodiac sign is not often seen as overly aggressive without cause.

They are stubborn and domineering, but they are not someone who tries to dominate using violence alone.

However, they have extremely short fuses and are prone to bouts of rapid anger.

They tend to lash out when they cannot get their way and have no problem using physical intimidation to ensure they can overcome whatever obstacle is stopping them from having what they want in life – or merely to ensure that they are always seen as ‘correct’ and that their stubbornness was worthwhile.

ScorpioMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

The next zodiac sign on our list is the Scorpio. Scorpios are usually born from October 23rd to November 21st.

They are seen as one of the most aggressive individuals you can find regarding zodiac signs.

The Scorpio stands out in particular because they tend to be not only physically aggressive – but they tend to be people who enjoy physical confrontation.

Most Scorpios make natural warriors and soldiers but can also easily become twisted bullies in the wrong circumstances. Therefore, you must understand that a Scorpio often finds themselves on the precipice of making a tough decision.

Will they live their life as someone abusive and aggressive? Or will they do what they can to try and curb those instincts?

Many Scorpios are not people who enjoy minor acts of physical aggression.

They are destructive, aggressive personalities who desire – even need – conflict in their life.

They do not thrive unless they are in the throes of aggression and even danger. They love being destructive, either in their own lives or the lives of others, and can become physically manipulative and abusive when they allow this to fester.

For that reason, anyone who counts themselves among the Scorpio zodiac sign should be very aware of these negative traits. Consider your actions very carefully!

SagittariusMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Those born between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December carry the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

They are generally seen as people who have the potential to be highly physically abusive. However, they need to be goaded and forced into such actions.

Mostly, Sagittarius tend to be outwardly calm but inwardly angry.

They might take someone wronging them well enough at the moment but are prone to taking time to come up with some form of revenge on that person down the line.

They are keen to see people who make their lives harder suffer, which is part of their creative mindset.

This can manifest in negative ways, including bouts of physical abuse and aggression where they might otherwise seem calm and in control.

CapricornMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Born between the 22nd of December and the 20th of January, the Capricorn is a surprising choice for a physically abusive zodiac sign. However, make no mistake: many people who take this particular zodiac sign can be angry on the outside.

Much like the Sagittarius, they can be calm and cool on the outside but very quick to bouts of explosive anger when required.

A Capricorn would have to become relatively corrupted to become physically abusive.

Should they find themselves threatened or someone is not taking them seriously, the Capricorn has absolutely no issue using their innate physical anger and aggression.

This can stem from an inner drive and desire to get things done no matter the cost – even if it hurts others.

The Capricorn is one of the most ambitious and aggressive zodiac signs in the right circumstances. They can be calm and collected for the most part, but that inner drive can create a corrupted, insidious personality.

LeoMost Physically Abusive Zodiac Signs

Last on our list is the Leo. Leo’s are born from the 23rd of July to the 23rd of August and are a uniquely competitive zodiac sign. They are not shy about using their inner anger to ensure they get what they want.

They become very quickly aggravated if something is slightly out of sync with what they want and demand. The Leo is among the most aggressive of all zodiac signs.

Violence is just part of Leo’s nature, and if they cannot get what they want through conventional means, they will happily lash out.

They have very limited patience and have no problem resorting to anger and violence to make sure they are heard loud and clear by all.

Impatience is the biggest cause of zodiac signs like Leo becoming physically abusive: they want what they want, and they want it now.

If they cannot have what they want, they will take it out on everything that gets in their way.

The zodiac sign can be a physically abusive personality to people and objects. For example, it is not uncommon to see a Leo attacking physical things like walls, furniture, etc.

They act before they give themselves time to think, making them ripe for acts of physical abuse and violence.

Takeaway: Do you see the similarities?

Reading into the above, you hopefully now have a greater appreciation of what your zodiac sign might mean in terms of your actions.

You might even have noticed yourself shining through in some of these descriptions.

Unfortunately, while the above zodiac signs have many positive traits, they all connect to physical abuse and anger.

Therefore, you must do everything possible to avoid that personality trap.

Now that you are aware of the connection, though, it might be easier for you to begin to make some adjustments on that front.

You now understand that your zodiac sign has a history of being involved in physical abuse; you can now do something about it and make sure you do not follow that pattern.

Being aware that you might have an issue with physical abuse and anger can be a great way to help you make sure you avoid acting out in such a negative way.

Using the above, you should feel much more comfortable dealing with this issue as you start working towards bringing out the best, not the worst, in your zodiac sign.

Good luck!


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