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13 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You

Which are the signs a deceased loved one is near you?

Clear signs that might indicate a deceased loved one is near you include experiencing an ambiance of familiarity, encountering synchronicities, hearing the deceased person’s favorite song unexpectedly, and having powerful dreams that feel more real than usual. Other indicators include unexpected scents that remind you of the deceased, unusual occurrences at the funeral, strange activity in nature, and your television turning on by itself.


Every person experiences grief differently.

Some mourn in silence, some seek solace in solitude, and others find comfort in the company of loved ones.

But there’s one thing that unites us all – our innate longing to feel connected with those who have departed from this physical world.

The belief that our deceased loved ones are still around us, guiding and watching over us, is not just comforting but also healing.

This article explores this subject by inquiring into some signs that suggest a deceased loved one might be near you.

13 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Near You:

#1 An Ambiance of Familiarity

The first sign is often the most subtle: an ambiance of familiarity.

Sometimes, you might find yourself surrounded by an inexplicable warmth and comfort as if being enveloped by a familiar presence.

This sensation can manifest in different ways.

For instance, you might suddenly feel a soft breeze brushing past your face, even when the windows are closed.

Or you might feel an unexplained energy shift in your surroundings, such as an unexpected drop or rise in the room’s temperature.

These are potential signs that your deceased loved one is reaching out to you to let you know they’re still with you, offering their love and support.

#2 Synchronicities

Life has a funny way of throwing surprises at us; sometimes, these surprises come in the form of divine timing and synchronicities.

Essentially, these are seemingly random events that align so perfectly that they can’t be mere coincidences.

For instance, you might be missing your late father, and you come across a picture of him in an old, forgotten photo album.

These are not causal connections but spiritual signs that your loved ones are near.

#3 You Hear The Deceased Person’s Favorite Song

People often change their mood when they hear the favorite song of a loved one they’ve lost playing on the radio or in a mall or restaurant.

However, it seems strange if they hear the tune multiple times on the same day.

While it could be a nostalgic experience that brings a smile to people’s faces, for some, it feels unusual.

#4 The Power of Dreams

Dreams are a way our subconscious communicates with us.

They are often seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

When we dream of deceased loved ones, it’s possible that they’re visiting us in our sleep.

These dreams often feel incredibly real and vivid, and they leave us with a sense of peace and comfort when we wake up.

If you frequently have such dreams, it might be a sign that your loved one is trying to convey a message or simply reassuring you of their presence.

#5 The Mystery of Scents

Scent is one of the most potent triggers for memory and emotion.

If you suddenly smell your deceased loved one’s favorite perfume or the distinct aroma of a dish they used to cook, it could be a sign that they’re nearby.

This phenomenon can occur anytime, anywhere, and often when you least expect it.

It is believed to be one way our loved ones connect with us from the other side.

#6 Signs At The Funeral

According to renowned parapsychologist James Van Praagh, the spirits of the deceased attend their funerals.

They wander around the funeral room, trying to comfort their loved ones amidst their grief, leaving signs that everything is okay. However, these signs often go unnoticed because people are too immersed in their sorrow.

When you attend a funeral, stay open to the signals that spirits might be trying to communicate at this time.

#7 Unusual Activity in Nature

Nature, being the ultimate symbol of life and death, often serves as a conduit for spiritual messages.

You might notice an unusual activity in your surroundings, like a butterfly fluttering around you, a bird singing melodiously outside your window, or even a rainbow appearing on a clear day.

These could be subtle hints from your deceased loved ones, reminding you of their ongoing presence in your life.

#8 Your Television Turns On By Itself

This could be one of the strangest ways in which spirits try to communicate with our world.

When your TV turns on by itself, and a meaningful dialogue is on the channel that has been switched on, it might be a message that the spirit is trying to convey to you.

Since it can’t speak directly to you, this is the way it attempts to deliver its message.

#9 You See Feathers

Many individuals view the appearance of a white feather as a heavenly signal.

It’s widely believed to be a reminder from our departed loved ones, assuring us that they are still protecting us, akin to guardian angels.

Such moments are indeed precious and call for a heartfelt gesture of gratitude.

Therefore, when you encounter a white feather, take a moment to express your thanks and, perhaps, send a loving kiss skywards.

#10 Recurring Numbers Appear

If you frequently encounter the same numbers in various patterns, it could be more than just a coincidence.

This might be a subtle sign from a departed loved one attempting to communicate with you.

Numbers usually symbolize momentous events or circumstances, mainly if they appear repeatedly.

These recurring numbers might show up on everyday objects like clocks or car license plates, or they might catch your eye during routine activities.

While some may dismiss this as mere chance, many believe these numbers carry a deep significance.

However, without the correct interpretation, the important message these numbers intend to deliver from your loved ones who have passed away could be overlooked. Numerology experts can assist in deciphering these numerical patterns and help you understand the potential messages they hold.

#11 Things Disappear From Your House

Items disappearing from your home can be pretty frustrating, especially when you know where you left them.

You ponder and replay scenarios in your mind and always arrive at the same conclusion: it was right there where you are standing. But now, it’s gone.

Interestingly, it appears that spirits have a sense of humor and enjoy playing tricks. So, take this as a positive sign. It could be a loved one sending you signals.

#12 Lights Flicker For No Apparent Reason

Some horror films are based on real-life experiences where people have encountered strange phenomena following the death of a loved one, including lights that flicker for no apparent reason.

It might be time to call an electrician, but in some instances, this phenomenon has no visible cause and could signify that a spirit is attempting to make its presence felt.

#13 Physical Manifestations

Last but not least, physical manifestations are perhaps the most direct signs of a deceased loved one’s presence.

These could range from feeling a soft touch on your hand, experiencing a gentle hair brushing, or even sensing someone sitting near you when you’re alone.

Though these experiences might sound eerie, they’re often comforting and reassuring, signifying that your loved one is reaching out to you.


The signs of a deceased loved one being near us are as varied and unique as the relationships we had with them.

While these signs may not prove their existence, they offer emotional reassurance that our bonds with our loved ones continue even after their departure.

Therefore, the next time you sense a familiar presence or encounter an unexpected synchronicity, take a moment to acknowledge it. It might just be your loved one reminding you that love transcends the boundaries of life and death.


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