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Five Meditation Gadgets You Should Get Your Hands On

The beauty of technology these days is that there’s a gadget for everything, and they always make life that little bit easier or activities more effective. That’s certainly the case when it comes to meditation.

While we often think meditation is a practice where we should look to escape our smartphones and gadgets, actually, its purpose is to ease stress and increase mental well-being, and technology can help with that.

More and more of us are turning to meditation these days, whether it be self-medicating in order to improve our mental well-being or prescribed by medical professionals to help reduce stress or boost clarity and focus, as you’ll find many therapists will encourage in drug rehab.

However, whatever your reason, there are gadgets that really can help take your meditation practice to the next level…

Muse 2

The Muse 2 is a phenomenal piece of kit that provides you with real-time feedback on your meditation.

Using electroencephalography, the app is designed to help with focus and mindfulness by analyzing your brain activity, heart rate, and body movements and aiding you in determining to seek improvements.

What’s more, there are also various meditation exercises you can undertake with the app, which is perfect for those who want data-driven insights into their meditation.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a sleep-tracking gadget that uses a smart ring to monitor key health metrics while you are sleeping. This includes sleep quality, heart rate, body temperature, and sleeping patterns.

This data can then be analyzed to make informed decisions on how you can improve your overall well-being and sleeping patterns.


CalmiGo is a pocket-sized gadget that uses light therapy, aromatherapy, and controlled breathing exercises to make your meditation so much more effective. With a range of guides, it provides calming light pulses alongside the routines, which are ideal for moments during the day when stress is creeping in and you need to practice mindfulness.

It’s such a good gadget to have to hand, and with its size it means you really can carry it everywhere for you and use it whenever you need.


The Hapbee isn’t specifically used for meditation sessions, but it can help you with the lasting feeling that meditation provides, effectively promoting calm, focus, and relaxation at points during the day.

It’s a wearable device that uses magnetic field technology to emit signals to the brain that allow you to shift your mental state to what’s desired, allowing you to keep on top of your mental well-being when times get a little tough.

Mindplace Kasina

Finally, Mindplace Kasina is perfect for enhancing meditation sessions. It uses an audio-visual synthesizer that emits a combination of pulsating lights and rhythmic sounds to aid your sessions.

You can completely customize it to suit your sessions, while there are tons of pre-programmed options so you can create more dynamic and engaging meditation sessions that can aid you in reaching various different states no matter what time of the day it is.

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