Who Do The Buddhists Pray To?

Christians pray to God, Muslims to Allah, but what about the Buddhists?

The answer to this question is brief: Buddhists pray to the Three Jewels. Regarding God or Allah, it all depends on what we mean by this name.

Eventually, the name doesn’t matter, only its significance does.

In Buddhism, the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) are also objects of refuge, objects to which we pray and the goal we aspire to achieve.

Note – when publicly professing conversion to the Buddhist faith, one will usually proclaim – ”I take refuge in the Buddha. I take refuge in the Dharma. I take refuge in the Sangha.”

If by God we understand a perfect state, a state in which our wisdom and abilities have reached perfection and all obstacles have been removed, that is to say, a state of final cessation and perfection, that state is no different to Buddha or Enlightenment.

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