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Metta Prayer – Lovingkindness Prayer Lyrics and Meaning

Metta Prayer – Lovingkindness Prayer – Lyrics

„May „all beings” be happy, healthy and whole.
May they have love, warmth, and affection.
May they be protected from harm, and free from fear.
May they be alive, engaged and joyful.
May “all beings” enjoy inner peace and ease.
May that peace expands into their world and throughout the entire universe.”


Metta is from the Pali, meaning „good will”, „boundless friendliness” or „lovingkindness, It is sourced in the Buddhist tradition, yet different versions of it are found in many spiritual traditions, including Celtic Christianity and Judaism.

It’s usually used to refer to a type of meditation where the practitioner, by chanting specific phrases, wishes herself well-being and then slowly extends that wish to others before offering it universally to all beings everywhere.

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Lovingkindness Meditation

Practicing Metta enriches our lives by creating a warm-hearted feeling within us, and elevating our capacity for compassion and benevolence.

This pleasant effect can be immediate, but more usually it arises subtle, manifesting in our daily life as contentment and a renewed appreciation for other people.

By practicing lovingkindness meditation, we are creating a skillful habit of mind, one which allows us to soften into the profound experiences of our lives, the chances to connect with all that is around and within us, to live more fully.

In addition, this practice allows a spaciousness to develop in the mind allowing us to be less reactive, less stressed out, calmer in the face of challenges, losses, injustices.

To practice lovingkindness meditation, we simply repeat phrases to ourselves over and over at an easy pace while holding the image of the receiver of our lovingkindness in our mind.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a clear picture, the strong and sincere intention to do so will be enough.

Try to send the Metta from your heart area; just visualize the thoughts coming from within your chest.

Hundreds of monks say this prayer every day all over the world.

When you say these healing words as well, you are connected to all of them.

The goal of this practice is to cultivate benevolence and friendliness in this mode until it’s a mental state that arises effortlessly.

At that point, you’ll find it increasingly without effort to greet all sentient beings with friendliness and kindness.

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