Barche Lamsel – The Prayer that Removes All Obstacles from the Path

Barche Lamsel – The Prayer that Removes All Obstacles from the Path – Lyrics and Translation

Om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung
Choku nangwa taye la solwa deb
To the dharmakaya Amitabha we pray!

Longku tukje chenpo la solwa deb
To the saṃbhogakaya – the Great Compassionate One – we pray!

Tulku pema jungne la solwa deb
To the nirmaṇakaya Padmakara we pray!

Dak gi lama ngotsar trulpe ku
Wondrous emanation, master of mine,

Gyagar yul du kutrung to sam dze
In India, you were born, you studied and you contemplated;

Boyul u su shyal jon drekpa tul
To the heart of Tibet you came, to subjugate its arrogant demons,

Orgyen yul du kushyuk dro don dze
In Orgyen you dwell, accomplishing the benefit of beings:

Tukje dak la jingyi lob
With your compassion, inspire us with your blessing!

Tsewe dak sok lam na drong
With your love, guide us and others along the path!

Gongpe dak la ngodrub tsol
With your realization, grant us siddhis!

Nupe dak sok barche sol
With your power, dispel the obstacles facing us all!

Chi yi barche chi ru sol
Outer obstacles – dispel them externally,

Nang gi barche nang du sol
Inner obstacles – dispel them internally,

Sangwe barche ying su sol
Secret obstacles – dispel them into space!

Gupe chaktsal kyab su chi
In devotion, I pay homage and take refuge in you!

Om ah hung benza guru pema siddhi hung.


Barche Lamsel — the outer practice of prayer from Lame Tukdrup Barche Kunsel (The Heart Practice of the Lama: Averting All Obstacles on the Path), which was revealed by Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa (the emanation of Prince Murub Tsenpo) together with Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

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The supplication constitutes the outer stage of that practice. May this fully dispel the obstacles and frailty of the doctrine and beings and may it be a cause for the complete accomplishment of the benefits of all sentient beings.

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  1. II wanted to know, that can. common people like us learn and recite Barche Lamse, or should it only be recited by the monks.Or will it require specific instructions or rituals prior to reciting the mantra. 🙏


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