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What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens?

What do you see when your 3rd eye opens?


In the spiritual world, there is a lot of discussion around topics such as your chakra.

To some, this can be a daunting subject to broach; for others, it can be quite exciting. However, when it comes to topics such as your ‘third eye,’ it can be quite easy to get confused by what is being spoken about.

To many, the concept of a ‘third eye’ – when taken literally – can sound scary. Are you going to grow a third eye? No. However, it is regarded today that your third eye is your ‘sixth chakra.’

Your third eye is found just above your eyebrows, more or less right in the center of your forehead.

When your third eye is ‘opened,’ you can find yourself much wiser about the world around you.

You can notice little things that otherwise would have passed you by.

You can find more confidence in yourself, your voice, and your messaging.

You can find it easier to perceive the world in a way that makes more sense than it did before your third eye-opening.

So, what do you see when your third eye opens? There are many interpretations.

In this guide, we will help you understand what kind of perceptions and sensations you should find prevalent in your life when your third eye opens up.

What Do You See When Your Third Eye Opens?

What Is The Third Eye?What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

As mentioned above, your third eye is the sixth chakra (also known as Ajna chakra), and it is located on the middle part of your forehead.

To some, it is the door that opens in our minds that allows us to enjoy the benefits of feelings of clairvoyance, improved clarity, and greater perception of the world around us and what is happening in our lives.

For some, it can also be a gateway into dealing with a higher consciousness. It depends on how intently you believe in such matters; even for skeptics, though, opening the third eye can improve their lives.

It is, in essence, the central part of our intuition.

Without our third eye being open, we leave ourselves open to perceptive blindness and wilful ignorance.

We will make more mistakes in life, we will find ourselves dealing with problems that we were not prepared for, and we will generally find that we are not as comfortable in ourselves as we could be.

The third eye, then, helps us become more knowledgeable and all-knowing; it allows us to be more aware of our emotions and experiences in our day-to-day lives.

Without your third eye being open, life can pass you by.

Those who open their third eye, though, can find that they are much more wise to the experiences in life that they enjoy.

The good and the bad.

It can also help us look at situations outside of this black-and-white thinking; our third eye can make it easier to understand that while things are negative today, the negativity you feel today, if overcome, will lead to a positive tomorrow.

Is Opening Your Third Eye Scary?What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

To many, yes.

Opening up your eyes to the world and looking at things from a whole new perspective can be scary.

Opening your third eye often means realizing that you have been looking at the world incorrectly for a long time.

It can give you an understanding that you might have been leading yourself down a negative path.

It can help you understand that you need to change course in life or you will be unhappy for a long time to come. To many, that can be a scary experience!

Breaking down your comfort zone and moving out of it is never easy or enjoyable, but it is often essential.

To progress as people, we need to be ready to face up against such conventions and commit to change.

Once you realize, though, that opening your third eye can help you answer many existential questions about life, the fear turns to excitement.

Listening to your third eye makes you more likely to follow your inner intuition. And our inner intuition always pushes us to improve our lives.

To become more successful. To be more comfortable in our thoughts and feel confident in ourselves.

We can find these thoughts and emotions easy to repress when we want to stay in our comfort zone.

Exiting your comfort zone is daunting and can even feel scary.

The benefits of leaving your comfort zone and opening your third eye, though, can be incredible.

Seeing What Your Eyes CannotWhat Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

One of the main things about opening your third eye, and what you will see when your third eye opens, is the presence of energy.

Many people who open their third eye believe they can see an aura around people; it helps them tap into a power around people that is extremely stand-out.

It is believed that this energy field we can see around people is a vibratory build-up created through our thoughts and emotions.

If someone is a selfless individual who works hard to help others and to create a better life for those around them, their aura will be strong and undimmed. However, those who take a more selfish view of the world and are happy to elevate themselves at the cost of others will carry a very negative energy.

It is not only people you will see such an energy field from; you will notice it in every living being.

This includes animals and even plants.

Once we can see this field of energy, though, it makes it much easier for us to connect to these objects, feel their emotional output, and use that to benefit everyone.

Looking Beyond Your Physical SelfWhat Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

Another huge benefit of opening your third eye is that you will be far more aware of what you are besides flesh and bone.

Those who do not engage with factors like their third eye are likely to see themselves as a person and nothing more.

With your third eye open, you can look at yourself in a new light.

You can see the world in a way that you did not before.

We begin to realize that we are not simply our bodies and our minds; we are something much greater than this.

You become more aware of the factors of life that go on beyond the surface layer; you start to see the world from a different perspective.

You might look at your actions or those of other people in a whole new light.

You might become more understanding of issues that otherwise would have driven you to anger or disappointment.

We look at the world beyond the physical side of our existence; we look at how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions drive us to become what we are physically.

Is Opening The Third Eye The Same For Every Person?What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

No, it is not. Opening your third eye is an experience that is unique to each person. Some expect to grow a third eye; suffice to say that will not happen!

However, while everyone who opens their third eye will benefit from feelings of extra perception of the world, how wise you become depends on how much you work on this side of your senses.

For example, opening your third eye is not going to be something that happens in one sitting.

Many people begin the journey, open their third eye slightly, and then stop working on it.

This is a long-term process that comes through meditation, deep thought, and planning.

It is not something that is simply going to happen overnight. Nor will it be something that you need to do only once; opening your third eye is like undergoing exercise. It requires repetition, effort, and consistency.

How dedicated you are to the experience will determine how open – or closed – your third eye is.

At the same time, though, it also comes down to how much you believe in the experience in the first place.

Many people attempt to open their third eye whilst being cloaked in cynicism about the reality of the experience.

People in that situation are far less likely to open their eyes in the way that they were hoping for.

Therefore, they might feel let down because they are not experiencing the same clarity and perception that others are; without a belief in how the third eye works, you can never truly tap into its power.

Does Opening The Third Eye Cause Headaches?What Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

In some people, yes. Headaches are extremely common when you open your third eye and look at the world from a new perspective. The ache, though, can be explained like when you work out.

If you do workouts on your legs, then the next day, your legs will ache, right? Well, expanding your mind has a similar feeling. Working your mind and opening it up to such an experience can cause headaches.

Headaches are most common when we reach a stage of unlocking our third eye to its potential. Some even believe this headache comes from what occurs when we open our third eye.

For example, some believe that the aches are caused by the presence of your third eye opening and thus bringing in thoughts, feelings, and experiences from a previous life.

It might feel like if you are having headaches, then you should stop any progress you are making with the third eye; most practitioners, though, suggest that this is simply a part of the process you must endure.

The Presence Of LightWhat Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

However, one of the main things that will jump out at you as your third eye opens is an increased sensitivity to sound and light.

These are common feelings and emotions that people go through as their third eye opens up to the world.

As such, as you work on your third eye, you should try and focus on reducing the level of light and noise that surrounds you.

Removing yourself from areas of extreme brightness and loud music, for example, can help you to feel less sensitive to the changes that you are going through.

Another benefit of the third eye and the increase in light sensitivity, though, is that colors are often far more vibrant than they once were.

Some believe this is because you can now see more of what is going on in the world around you. That can be quite a daunting feeling, but it is a big part of taking part in the third eye-opening experience.

Deep, Meaningful DreamsWhat Do You See When Your 3rd Eye Opens

Another thing you might see as you enter the process of opening your third eye is the presence of vivid dreams that feel almost real.

Vivid dreaming is a major part of opening the third eye, so you should not run away from those vivid dreams.

Dreams can often contain messages and insights from spiritual guidance that can help you find your path in life.

These dreams might include paths to help you walk in a better direction in life.

Sometimes, though, it will be built around elevating you so that you can avoid problems and mistakes.

These vivid dreams might even contain warnings that you are about to make a mistake in life, with the higher sense of consciousness coming from your third eye-opening, which can be a very daunting experience.

For many, though, it can give you an idea of the problems in your life that are the underlying cause of your unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Therefore, you should take any signs of your dreams very seriously.

The more you open your third eye, the more likely your dreams can act as guidance over anything else. Instead of fleeing from these visions, confront them. They might just be pointing you toward a better and brighter future.


By following the above, you should feel more confident in understanding that your third eye opening is a process.

It does not happen overnight, nor will it go from completely closed to open completely.

From the moment you open your third eye, even slightly, the feelings and emotions above are about to become far more prominent. Please do not run away from this feeling, though; embrace it.

Opening your third eye can be daunting, and it can open your eyes to many perceptions, feelings, emotions, and sensitivities that would have otherwise passed you by.

Coming so far out of your comfort zone can be scary, but the benefits of doing so can be quite incredible.

So, embrace the opening of your third eye; look forward to the above thoughts, feelings, visions, and sensations: they could change your life.


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