5 Ways Nature Improves Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a forest, or if you’ve ever stopped to listen to the silence of an empty beach, then you remember that enthralling feeling of peace and serenity washing over you.

You remember how you felt at peace, probably for the first time in months because of your hectic job and your busy life in that stressful environment we call the city.

It’s not a coincidence that your every escapade into the great outdoors evokes the feeling of happiness and utter well-being, nor is it a coincidence that doctors are increasingly telling patients to take some time off to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Let’s take a look at the five ways nature can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by trees, lakes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges is the feeling of deep emotional relief.

All of a sudden, in the stillness and beauty of your surroundings, you find that your emotional and psychological baggage starts to dissipate into the unknown. You find out what it means to take a deep breath and slowly release your worries to be taken away by Mother Nature.

It’s only natural that you should feel this way, because such a dramatic shift in frequencies (from the dulling sound of the busy city streets to the tranquility of nature) allows you to become present, to elevate the emotional weight from your shoulders, and to become vulnerable once more. In this emotional and spiritual state, you are able to banish stress and let nature heal you.

Taking your fitness routine into the outdoors

Let’s stop to think for a moment how an escape into the warm embrace of nature can help you improve your physical health.

It should go without saying that there are numerous ways you can make any natural setting your gym in the great outdoors, no matter if you’re trekking up mountain ranges, or if you’re running along a deserted beach, eyes fixed on your spiritual and physical goals.

From rigorous exercise the likes of mountain climbing and running, to the slow and restorative pace of Kripalu yoga, there is no end to the number of possibilities for an amazing workout in a natural setting.

The clean and healthful air will complement your training session and allow you to work on your inner well-being at the same time.

Restore mental energy and become happier

When surrounded by all of those tranquil natural gems, it becomes virtually impossible not to feel happier, content, and at-peace with your inner self.

As you’re exploring the deep and mysterious forests, all you have to do is to stop for a brief while and lie back in your hammock to soak in the restorative energy that wants to seep into your body from the trees, the subtle sunlight glow, and the peaceful sounds of the beautiful outdoors.

As you’re soaking in the bliss, you will have no choice but to become happier. The secret lies in nature’s “simplistic complexity.”

How can something so intricate and complex become so simple when you close your eyes and let it wash over you? Devoid of gadgets and technology, nature is the only thing with the power to give you back your mental energy and happiness.

Restore your creative flair and zeal

As you cleanse your mind and soul of the stress of urban life, you will also feel your creativity starting to flourish. Like a long-lost friend you’ve gotten back in touch with, your creative self will start to emerge as the stress and emotional clutter start to disappear, carried away with the morning wind.

You will feel rested and energetic, able and willing to think of new, exciting, and healthier ways to enrich your life when you come back home.

Become more focused and present

And finally, when you’re out there, surrounded by Mother Nature, take the time to truly appreciate your existence in this moment in time. Eons have passed since the formation of the universe, and you, a single grain of cosmic dust are here, right now, breathing the air that gives life to everything that you see.

Take a moment to thank Mother Nature, and learn the art of lifelong gratitude and happiness.

Final thoughts

In this stressful day and age that suffocates our minds and souls with towering skyscrapers, brainwashing apps and media, and fast-paced lifestyles, it becomes even more important to find a way to return to nature.

With these benefits of a natural escapade in mind, make it a habit to take yourself and your loved ones on regular restorative excursions into the great outdoors.

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