Why the Quality of Essential Oils is Important

Not all essential oils are created equal. Those who are new to using essential oils in their daily life are typically unaware of the quality, concentration, and grade of the product.

Though the FDA is strict on the health claims behind essential oils, they do not regulate the sale of the oils. The only requirement of the product being sold is that it is at least five percent essential oils.

That means that over ninety percent of the essential oil you pick up at the local grocery can be loaded with harsh chemicals and additives.

Unfortunately, that means that the vast majority of the essential oils on the market are grown with pesticides and other harsh chemicals that don’t escape the bottle they’re sold in.

Which means you’re not going to learn anything about the production of those essential oils from most labels in your local health store.

That’s not to say that most companies are trying to hurt you with chemicals, but rather that the essential oils were produced with the intent of being used as fragrances or air fresheners.

If you intend on using essential oils for holistic healing purposes, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to read the label and truly understand how that essential oil was produced.

How does the quality of essential oils slip?rose essential oil

The vast majority of companies producing essential oils do not purchase plants from farmers, but rather from broachers and distributors that supply the oils needed.

The distributors may have use chemicals or other additives before the company bottling the essential oils ever received the product. Furthermore, these oils are often boiled at extremely high temperatures to remove the chemicals.

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In many cases, this destroys the medicinal value of the oil. Why do they use chemicals or additives? In the majority of cases, it’s to extend the shelf life of the product as well as maintain the oil.

In short, that’s exactly why you’re better of purchasing a brand like Art Naturals or Plant Therapy essential oils rather than the off brands of oil made by large distributors.

How to find quality essential oils

Let’s start by identifying the red flags. If the product you are considering shows any of the following red flags, leave it on the shelf.

#1 Its clearly labeled as an air freshener or sold in an incense pack.

No matter what you buy, do not buy a set of essential oils that is clearly labeled as a home freshener. These products are not safe for consumption or contact with your body.

#2 The bottle coats under five dollars.

If the price seems too good to be true, it is. In addition to extending the shelf life, many companies that sell essential oils are able to offer a low price because of the additives found in their bottles.

#3 The package date is old.

In most cases, you’re going to find a date on the bottle that tells you when the product is packaged. If that date is a few years in the past, the concentration and quality may differ from the label.

#4 Lack of accreditation.

If a company cares about the quality of the essential oils they’re selling, that’s going to reflect on their marketing and packaging.

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Reputable companies will make it easier to research the growth and production of their essential oils. Look for NAHA memberships, organic seals, and any information that can lead you to their process.

On a final note, don’t believe the hype words. As we mentioned before, there isn’t true regulation of essential oils. Don’t believe a label that’s days ‘organic’ without any way to back it up. To find essential oils of quality, do your research.

In some cases, the local organics store will have a representative that is able to tell you all of the details. But most of the time, you’ll need to take the power of Google into your own hands and look into the company you intend on purchasing from. Check reviews on YouTube, Google, and Amazon to give you a feel for the products you’re interested in.

Final thoughts: Quality matters

It may seem easy to overlook the quality of the oils you’re purchasing. We tend to think that if we’re not consuming something directly that there is little chance it can hurt us. Especially when we can’t see a difference with our eyes. We couldn’t be more wrong!

What you put on or inhale into your body is just as important as what you eat. The evidence of that is everywhere. If you take a trip to your local Walmart, you’re going to find natural alternatives and organic options on every aisle.

If we shouldn’t be concerned about the quality of products like essential oils, why would they be selling better options on their shelves?

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So whether you’re using essential oils as a part of aromatherapy or more casual use, read the label and research the company. You’ll be happy you did.

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