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5 Surprising Ways to Connect with Nature for Peace of Mind

In today’s day and age, we seem a bit disconnected from nature. Everything we need is in cities, and they provide us with a sense of security in the sense that they have everything we need when we need it.

This makes us forget about the significance nature has in our lives, because there is something more important than convenience. Peace of mind is something you can’t put a price on, and here are some ways on how you can connect with nature.

Learn humility

When we travel, visiting the beautiful nature in any place is a must. Those places are often green forests, waterfalls, lakes or parks.

It may sound a bit weird, but thinking about it more deeply, you will realize that nature can teach you a lot. One of those things is humility, which you will understand once you see the force of nature.

It can be waterfalls, cliffs, waves, or rich animal and plant life. It gives us food, water, and beauty above all, so we should feel thankful and recognize the power that it holds.

Thinking about it, you will see how small we are compared to the course of time. You can also learn to take care of nature and be eco-friendlier.

The positive effects of working out in nature

The best place for any physical activity is definitely nature. The fresh air will make you feel more awake and motivated for any type of exercise. One example can be yoga. You will feel more connected to nature, and you can even do it barefoot, which will make you feel like one with the ground.

Being focused and present in every movement is something that you will only be able to experience in nature. Another good option is running, especially at sunset or sunrise. Waking up before anyone, with just you, the Sun, the trees and the path will be amazing.

All you need is comfortable gym clothes, which will make it easier to run, and headphones to listen to motivating music.  Every runner knows how great a feeling it is to feel the ground underneath you as you run and fill your lungs with air.

Well, you can thank nature for that feeling, as well as the feeling of freedom and invincibility.

Take a moment and lay still

Many people lay on the ground when they are stressed, angry or even sad. There is something in being on the floor and looking at the ceiling that heals the soul. Well, a better version of this is to lay on the ground in a park, or a forest and watch the clouds move.

When you are under stress, it will relax you even if you don’t do anything else. At that moment, everything will seem insignificant, and you will be able to let go of all the bad feelings and stand up feeling much better.

The beautiful pink and orange colors of the sunset, or grey clouds just before the storm, and even calm white clouds calmly drifting across the sky.

Is there anything more relaxing? The next time you are walking, take a moment and try this type of therapy.

Plant a tree or a flower and watch it grow

Even though gardening may not be something you like, you should at least once in your life plant a tree at home or outside somewhere. Not only will you help nature by planting a tree and giving it more life, but you will also discover some benefits.

First of all, it is nice to dedicate your time to nurturing something. It will also teach you the value of time. Once it starts growing and even provides you with a fruit or a flower, you will feel accomplished, even though it looks like such a small thing.

Your time and work invested will all be worth it. Besides, why do you think every plant’s life is compared to our own in poetry?

As a great metaphor for life, it can also teach you a lot. Now, isn’t nature amazing?

Spend time near water and experience utter calm

Is there anything better than spending hours by the water, listening to it run, or the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks?

The sounds of the ocean are proved to be soothing, so it is no wonder they are used as sleep music. But besides positive effects on sleep, the sound of water will relax you and take away the tenseness.

Look into the never-ending ocean or dip your feet into the cold river and feel your cares melting away.

Spending time in nature is something we should do at least once a week. It can be quite simple as going to a nearby stream, park or even enjoying the small garden at your home. There is beauty in it, no matter how small it is.