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Kundalini Dangers

The practice of Kundalini describes dormant energy locked at the base of our spines near our root chakra.

This energy is all-powerful, and it can transform the way we see the world, the way we live in the world, and the way we see ourselves.

This energy can bring about magical transformation, self-realization, and a connection with the divine when released properly.

With something as powerful as this, it should come as no surprise that the release of this energy isn’t always a positive or pleasant experience.

It is said that this energy sits dormant in the shape of a snake at the base of our spine, near our root chakra. 

This snake, which is the symbol for Kundalini, wraps around us multiple times and represents the all-knowing energy we have inside us.

Like a snake, this energy can be difficult to spot when coiled up, in hiding, but once it’s released it can strike in a very powerful way.

More often than not, that strike benefits the body of the Kundalini practitioner, but sometimes, the release of that much power can have adverse effects.

Can the Release of Energy be Dangerous?Kundalini Dangers

Our human minds seek to rationalize and explain everything with logic so intensely, that the rush of newfound energy pulsing throughout every fiber of our beings can overwhelm our physical systems.

Think of it like too many appliances short-circuiting a breaker.

The energy needed by all these appliances at once is too much for the system to handle, so it shuts down or sends sparks flying.

Our bodies aren’t much different.

When the flow of energy from a Kundalini Awakening shoots through our chakras and up near our spine, it can overwhelm our nervous system and wreak havoc on how our body functions.

Many of these cases are anecdotal, but there are some who have experienced an awakening that was then followed by psychosis, temporary paralysis, and more.

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Symptoms of Kundalini Energy

In a positive light, a release of Kundalini energy can bring forth a newfound sense of freedom, self-realization, and enlightenment.

Those who have experienced a Kundalini Awakening often talk about feeling like an entirely new person who views the world differently, releases self-judgment, and trusts in the divine.

When this energy flows freely within you, it’s very likely that you’ll feel like you have come out of a dark wind tunnel, into a peaceful meadow.

Things will make sense, challenges you faced on your journey will shine in a new light, and the way you move forward will be different from any version of yourself before.

If you have a negative experience with Kundalini energy, you may feel overloaded mentally, experience a psychotic episode, or get extremely ill with an unexpected ailment.

There are stories of people experiencing hallucinations, ending up hospitalized with mysterious illnesses, or even attempting suicide after experiencing a spiritual emergency.

With an energy this powerful, its outcomes can’t all be wonderful. Negative experiences with Kundalini energy are generally experienced by those who weren’t seeking an awakening.

If you have not built a foundation or started to connect with the energy inside your body, this release will be a shock to your system.

  • Physical symptoms can include headaches, hallucinations, vibrations, elevated heart rate, tremors, fever, chills, unexpected pains, and more.
  • Mental symptoms can include fear, paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, trance-like states, out-of-body experiences, and more.

Though nothing about a Kundalini Awakening is easy, most practitioners will experience a more positive transformation during their energy release.

If you are not seeking an awakening or it happens prematurely, this energy can have a negative impact on your health and well-being.

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How to Cope with Kundalini DangersKundalini Dangers

A scary experience where you lose control of your body or mind can be incredibly traumatic and, for most, the goal is to avoid it altogether. There are a few things you can do prior to your experience to ensure a smooth one, as well as a few different ways to cope if things don’t go as planned.

  • Seek Expert Guidance

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice and there are amazing teachers all over the globe. If you’re looking to work towards a Kundalini Awakening, do it with an expert by your side.

Working with a Kundalini guru can help ensure you’ll have the tools and knowledge to support you on your journey.  If you do experience a negative energy release, a teacher who knows what to do can be a major help.

They can assist you with breathing practices, poses, words of wisdom, and moral support.

While there are many people who can help you work through tough times, not everyone around you will understand your Kundalini Awakening, so it’s valuable to have someone who knows what you’re going through there to coach you.

  • Escape to Nature

Nature is a grounding force, and it’s no different during your awakening journey.

It can help remind you of the roots that sit below the earth’s surface, the waters that flow heartily across the planet, and all the living things that work in harmony.

These simple reminders can help guide you, mentally and physically, away from what feels like falling down a spiral where nothing makes sense. Sometimes, that’s a prominent feeling during an awakening, so the tangible things in nature that can ground you will be powerful supports during a spiral.

  • Rest

Don’t be afraid to step away from your yoga practice for some time, until you’re feeling more centered and able to cope with the changes happening inside you.

Taking some time off to give your body, mind, and spirit a break will only do good if your practice is beginning to overwhelm you.

  • Consult a Doctor

Of course, if you are facing a medical condition or struggling with mental health, it may be time to seek help outside the world of Kundalini Yoga.

It’s important to take care of yourself, and professionals from all disciplines play a role in that.

Don’t Let Fear Get in Your Way

After reading this, you may feel that Kundalini Yoga is too powerful, or you may be afraid of what could happen. But in this world, there really is no such thing as what “could” happen…there is only what does happen.

With the right approach and support, you can set yourself up to be successful with your awakening and avoid any negative impacts.

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