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Kundalini Awakening Stages

Practicing Kundalini Yoga has had powerful benefits for yogis all over the globe, even powerful enough to transform lives, change thought patterns, and rebuild oneself entirely.

Harnessing the true magic of Kundalini Yoga is not an easy path, in fact, there are many obstacles along the way, but those who have made it to the other side and had a Kundalini Awakening see all those components as part of the journey.

Suddenly, the times that you never thought you’d survive, are the ones you credit for your newfound sense of freedom.

Your sense of self can be completely transformed into something so magnificent it’s hard to imagine.

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

A Kundalini Awakening is tough to put into words and it can manifest differently for everyone, but in simple terms, an awakening consists of mind, body, and spiritual transformation that leads you to your truest form.

The Kundalini energy that rests at the base of your spine is dormant until awakened through a Kundalini Awakening.

Kundalini Energy is considered to be a life-force energy, or a source of your own internal power.

Spiritual teachers say this energy is your consciousness; it’s everything you are in your true form.

The tough part is that it will only flow freely when all blockages in your physical and metaphysical being are cleared. The awakening will happen in stages; no stage has a set time period or checklist of things to be completed, but once done, you’ll know.

The Kundalini Awakening is split into three stages: the Arambha, or beginning stage, the Ghata, or cleansing stage, and the Third-eye awakening stage.

The Keys to Understanding Your Awakening: Chakras and GranthisKundalini Awakening Stages

Before diving into the stages of the Kundalini Awakening, it’s critical to have a strong grasp on the components within your body that contribute to this transformation.

Two key components of awakening are your Chakras and Granthis.

Chakras are energy wheels within you that sit at seven critical places throughout your body and regulate certain characteristics.

For instance, your throat chakra symbolizes your individual truthfulness and righteousness, and blockages here could lead to communication issues.

Your Granthis, on the other hand, are three knots that exist within you that require you to untie them in order to let the energy flow through your body fully.

These knots are untied through Kundalini practices and often correspond with the awakening process.

  • Brahma Knot: The first knot is known as the Brahma knot and is located between your root and sacral chakras. In order to allow Kundalini energy to flow between these two chakras, you’ll need to untie the Brahma knot.
  • Vishnu Knot: This knot is the second knot chronologically, and it sits between your solar plexus and heart chakra.
  • Rudra Granthi Knot: It’s present between your heart chakra and third eye chakra and is the final knot that needs to be untied so Kundalini energy can flow to your third eye and complete your Kundalini Awakening.

Untying the knots and moving energy swiftly through all chakras and the physical body is a great achievement that many people will never experience.

Through dedicated Kundalini practice, you can work towards the great awakening that’s waiting for you.

Arambha: Beginning StageKundalini Awakening Stages

Corresponding with the Arambha knot in the body, the first stage of the Kundalini Awakening sets the foundation for the rest of the process. The work done in this stage aims to release the dormant Kundalini energy sitting at the base of your spine.

You’ll need to do inner work to cleanse your root chakra and untie the Arambha knot so the energy can successfully move to its next location.

As your soul prepares for the great journey ahead, it’s likely you’ll face extreme suffering and trauma.

During the first phase of the awakening, the mind, body, and spirit are all trying to prepare for what is to come, so you may face a multitude of challenging experiences ranging from unpleasant to horribly traumatizing.

It is during this stage that you’ll feel as if you can’t go on and you’ll experience vast physical, mental, and emotional pain.

Ancient teachings say that this stage is where trauma and wounds from our ancestors and our own past lives are on display so that they can begin to heal.

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Ghata: Cleansing Stage

Many practitioners never reach the second stage of the Kundalini Awakening, but it consists of a personal quest for deeper answers and more meaning in life.

This may look like asking questions about beliefs or values that were ingrained by society and your own family unit.

Perhaps you don’t agree with some of these teachings or realize how they have negatively impacted your sense of self. In this stage, you seek to release those, explore what’s important to you, and begin to feel a connection with the divine.

You may even notice your fear of death slipping away.

While this sounds like a positive exercise, it will take a lot out of you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to deconstruct your belief systems and build new ones.

You may find yourself struggling with depression and anxiety as you work through this phase, but once you successfully untie the Vishnu Knot, you’ll feel the energy flowing abundantly through your body.

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Third-Eye Awakening Stage

In this stage, you will welcome the most magical transformation of your life.

Where you used to question and second-guess, you will now feel sure of yourself and trust the power of the divine.

You will feel your made-up expectations lose their grasp on your soul, and you will let go of the control you once felt was necessary to succeed.

This is the stage of freedom.

Your judgment of yourself and of others melts away, and your soul is finally at peace.

The Great Awakening

The stages of the Kundalini Awakening won’t just happen. You cannot expect that one day you will wake up and be transformed.

It takes difficult and intentional work to reach an enlightened state, but with the help of Kundalini teachers, self-love, and trust in the divine, it is very possible to experience your own Kundalini Awakening.

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