Energy Blockages: Symptoms and Remedies

We know that human anatomy has energy channels that carry energy and function together with acupuncture and acupressure.

These channels have been accepted since 1973 by scientists too when they were highlighted through the injection of the radioactive isotopes, a discovery made by a Japanese researcher.

Seeking to emphasize these energy channels, known in traditional Chinese medicine for 6,000 years, radioactive isotopes were injected on subjects.

During this experiment, the laboratory photo established that these isotopes have spread into the body precisely through these energy routes.

Once rediscovered, contemporary medicine has accepted it, creating a new specialization called medical acupuncture, practiced by physicians.

Sometimes these channels block and the energy flow is stopped completely or partially. When a total blockage occurs, the problem is serious, the functioning of an organ may be disturbed or stopped, or a tumor may appear.

When a partial failure occurs, larger or smaller malfunctions may appear within the energetic bodies (which surround the physical body), such as energetic “cysts” or “holes” which, in time, will manifest within the physical body, like cysts or ulceration.

The same situation applies to chakras, energy centers or vortexes, points of the body through which fresh energy from the Universe enters the body, leaving it after being used.

These chakras can also block, as they have many points of receiving and distributing the energy into the body’s areas, organs, and cells.

Signs Of Energy Blocks Include The Following:

  • You are scared of change;
  • You often have headaches and migraines;
  • You overthink;
  • You lie often;
  • You try to please everyone;
  • You don’t feel joy;
  • You are afraid to commit yourself;
  • You seek approval of others;
  • You easily give in to the whims of other people;
  • You lack connection with others;
  • You believe that sex is bad;
  • You have feelings of abandonment;
  • You feel sluggish and stuck in life.
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What Could Cause These Energy Blockages?

General causes may be physical: an accident, poor diet; emotional: grief, anger, sadness; negative feelings, and even a positive feeling, when experienced extremely, may cause a jam, forcing the body to crash.

These may be warnings of the soul that we are not learning certain life lessons properly.

Mental issues: wickedness, envy, jealousy and other negative feelings that we experience can cause this.

Harmful energy transfer from another person, place or plant that is not compatible with us can also cause energy blockages.

Certain aspects of stars position in a certain moment, psychotronic attack weapons that great powers of the world use for manipulation or attack are just some of the many causes.

How To Heal The Spirit And Escape From An Energy Jam?

#1 Spiritual Evolutionwoman meditation down


Sometimes our problems can indirectly lead to spiritual evolution, in terms of acquiring wisdom and compassion for others.

This can happen if we remember that life is a mixture of circumstances, both good and bad, and there are many others who are experiencing similar situations, perhaps more complex than ours.

#2 Listen To Your Problems, Don’t Run Away From Themnature meditation

Recognize your problem and pain. Don’t run from the problem without fully experiencing it.

Only after understanding it perfectly and accepting it, will you be able to remove it.

#3 Understanding Pain: Exploring the Perception of Painwoman meditation sunshine

Understand the pain – together with pleasure – is a fundamental aspect of the world we live in; it’s a package deal – they come together.

#4 Stop Judging People


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Understand that a lot of people before you have felt as bad, if not worse, as they confronted with exactly the same problem.

#5 Understanding Others’ FeelingsRead People’s Emotions

Try to empathize with people who have faced a similar situation and dealt with it successfully.

#6 Meditatemeditation on mountain

Meditation is a practice where a practitioner uses a method to achieve an emotionally calm and mentally clear state.

Organize a meditation session where you can imagine the problem leaving your heart in the form of a thick black smoke, and see yourself blowing kindness, love, and wisdom over it.

Gradually, these feelings will remove the smoke and turn it into a pleasant white light.

#7 Breathe InBreathing exercises

Once the smoke has been released and scattered, this should lead to a state of joy and clarification of the situation – maybe even to find the solution.

If you like, you can coordinate this visualization with breathing exercises.

Breathe the problem and inhale peace and happiness. Inhale, count to five, and then exhale.

Continue this exercise until you reach a state of refreshment. It is a wonderful practice that may help you find your inner balance. Practice this technique without any worries, as it has no contraindications.


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