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How to Sense Spiritual Energy? -The Primordial Emanation

What Is Spiritual Energy?

Energy is the loving, clear, pure, primordial emanation that allows things to exist.

Soon, this energy will be universally recognized as a basic level for the organization of all things.

It is the energy that comes from the Creator. This energy is found everywhere around us, but each entity receives it by its own vibration. Science doesn’t have the means to detect it yet or the ability to measure it.

Generally speaking, the subtle energies appear to be a fundamental force from which the physical world is constructed. 

Fortunately, we can use our own senses to perceive and evaluate these high vibration frequencies. We can use them to expand our consciousness, heal ourselves, help others, to communicate with other dimensions, and ease our way through existence.

There are also subtle energies that are not spiritual by nature. These are the vibrations emitted by unbalanced and unloving thoughts, disorganized emotions, actions and intentions coming from people who are suffering.

These energies surround us all the time and can affect us in a negative way, along with subtle frequencies of electromagnetic devices, such as cell phones, high-voltage lines, computers, microwave ovens, and so on.

It is possible you may have felt that you have been affected by some of them without being fully aware. Don’t worry. As you learn to perceive these subtle energies, you can also discover ways of healing the negative ones.

When And How Do People See Or Feel These Subtle Energies?

People feel the subtle energy all the time, but they are not aware of it because each one of us feels them differently. Not everyone feels this energy as a physical symptom.

Some people perceive it as a light, others as a color or a sound and some feel it as an energetical manifestation.

In order to notice these subtle energies, you must know that spiritual energy exists.

These spiritual forces don’t manifest so strongly physically but can be easily sensed by our five senses as other types of energy (kinetic energy, heat, light, sound, electricity, gravity, and so on) that people interact with every day.

If you’ve ever been electrocuted, you know what this means. Those energies are new scientific discoveries and are perceptible only with our five senses.

We are all sensitive to subtle energies, but simply because people have turned into technological addicts, they have forgotten how to notice or interpret them. You probably have experienced these energies without knowing.

Have you ever had the experience of sitting at a traffic light and looking at the man in the car next to you and after a few seconds to notice him looking back at you?

Why did he turn?

Because he felt your energy focused upon him and turned to see where it was coming from. Native instincts told him to do so because a part of him felt your energy. Have you ever felt that someone is looking at you from behind and when you turned you surprised the look?

It’s ESP (extra sensorial perception). There is nothing complicated. The only thing to do is to practice it so that you may develop it.

You’ve probably entered a hotel or a restaurant where you felt “something” that made you feel uncomfortable and made you get out of there. If you’ve thought about it at the time, you might have been able to describe the sensations that you felt. You may have felt a chest pain or a vibration somewhere in your body.

Or you’ve gone to places for the first time, where you’ve instantly experienced feelings of serenity, peace, calm, or even happiness.

Our ancestors relied on these senses in everything they did, but technology has made man depersonalize and depend on what comes from the outside, like the informational systems, without relying on his own senses.

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