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Throat Chakra Healing Guide (Vishuddha Chakra)

Throat Chakra Healing Guide:

Vishuddha chakra is located in the throat, in the vicinity of the larynx.

Its keywords are creativity, self-expression, communication, and truth. Its associated color is sky blue.

Vishuddha Chakra, whose Sanskrit name means “Purifier,” is the portal to the chakras devoted to spirituality.

Also known as the „poison and nectar” center, it is believed that amrita, or „nectar of the gods,” is secreted from this chakra, when activated.

This chakra is associated with the esophagus, thyroid, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, and hearing, and represents communication and self-expression.

This chakra supports us in revealing the fullness of who we are – our fullest, most sacred truth(s). As I see it, communicating and recognizing our truths purifies us for further spiritual evolution.

This chakra allows us to bring our personal essence into the physical world, expressing our particular perspective on cosmic intelligence and universal truth. It allows us to create – and in doing so, to activate and express our divine nature.

Ideally, Vishuddha chakra unifies and metabolizes the wisdom of Ajna chakra and the compassion of Anahata chakra.

Signs That Your Vishuddha Chakra May Be Blocked

Throat chakra blockages can manifest physically as nose, ear, and throat-related illnesses.

This includes, but is not limited to, sore throats, constant colds, allergies, tonsillitis as well as temporomandibular disorders of the jaw.

Energetic blockages can also manifest as cold sores, internal and external, and even as acne around the lower half of your face.

An imbalance of the Vishuddha chakra may create feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and shyness when it comes to speaking to others and self-expression. However, a blocked 5th chakra mainly manifests in an inability to say what you really want to say.

Additionally, when this chakra is closed or blocked, we experience codependency on the emotional level, insecurity on the spiritual level, and unclear thoughts on the mental level.

We usually speak without thinking and have trouble expressing ourselves in an original way, and we may have issues with timing and tact.

The 5th chakra develops later in life when a person has the maturity to know what really matters.

Clearing out family suppression and undeclared emotions takes many years of constant inner work.

This chakra holds the energy and memory of all that remained unexpressed.

It is profoundly affected by substance abuse, lying, gossip and lack of personal integrity.

When Your 5th Chakra Is Open

If your 5th chakra is in balance, you will be able to express yourself in an honest, healthy, and loving way!

You will be helpful, creative, and able to ask for help when you need it.

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Things You Can Do To Help Balance The Chakra

The 5th chakra is associated with the color light blue. Wear light blue to encourage healthy and peaceful self-expression and to be open to communicating with others.

A healthy activity can stimulate and awaken this energy center.

Organic sauces, soups, and juices lubricate the mouth and soothe the throat. Fruits with high water content are also cleansing. Thus, a juice detox may lead to creative juices flowing.

Essential oils for balancing this chakra: basil, bergamot, cypress, chamomile, peppermint, and spearmint.

Crystals: Angelite, aquamarine, apatite, azurite, celestite blue, calcite, blue lace agate, blue sapphire, blue quartz, chrysocolla, kyanite lapis, lazuli sodalite, larimar, and turquoise.

Singing is an amazing Vishuddha chakra cleanser, so sing a song. Also, meditate while listening to sounds of nature or specific tones for the throat.

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