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12 Laws Of Karma Everyone Needs To Know For Success In Life

What are the 12 great laws of karma?


Karma means “to do,” it means action. Karma is modified by the total conditions under which the actions are performed.

Action has three basic components: the work, the senses, and the doer. In addition, it has three important motivating factors: knowledge, the object of knowledge, and the knower.

The inner and outer effects of karma may be obvious either in the short term or in the long term.

Therefore, whether you believe it or not, these 12 laws of karma influence our everyday lives, and you cannot change that.

It is crucial that you understand that these laws do exist, and you should choose to harmonize with them in a conscious way.

When you choose to ignore these karmic laws, you don’t need to be reminded of that frequently, as you will experience struggle, unfulfilled destiny, resistance, pain, lack of direction, etc.

You will suffer as these laws are not biased and are unchangeable, and they operate despite one’s ignorance.

Here is a brief outline of the 12 laws of karma:

#1 The Great Law Of Karma12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

The first karmic law functions on the principle that any action (conscious or unconscious) performed produces an equal and opposite reaction, which specifically influences your life.

This law is not found only in Buddhism or Hinduism, but this principle is also found in the Bible by the affirmation: “An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for a life.”

According to G. de Purucker – ”You are the creator of yourself. What you make yourself to be now, you will be in the future. What you are now is precisely what you have made yourself to be in the past. What you sow, you shall reap.”

#2 The Law Of Creation12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “Life doesn’t just happen. It requires our participation.”

Life does not happen in a passive state. Life requires your full attention.

Putting energy into what you feel is important in life, whether it is your career, a relationship, a new idea, or new connections, as it will start to put the second law of karma into motion.

#3 The Law Of Humility12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “What you refuse to accept, will continue for you.”

The road to living the truth also takes humility.

It is a strange paradox that it is only by discovering your fragility, you can discover the true power you have, and you can step into a greater sense of power and confidence. Also, you can’t change an aspect of your present life if you refuse to accept it.

#4 The Law Of Growthmeditate in nature

Motto – “Something must grow based on the kind and quality of seed planted.”

Becoming purposeful and conscious of what you project determines what you will receive in each aspect of your life.

When you change your perspective on life, then your life will follow you.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell

#5 The Law Of Responsibility12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “One must take responsibility for what is in one’s life.”

The fifth law of karma states that if there’s something that is not working in your life, there’s something actually wrong with you.

You are 100 percent responsible for who you are and what type of actions you take.

However, with the exception of your small children, you are not responsible for anyone else. When you truly understand this law, you no longer blame anybody else or project your feelings onto others.

#6 The Law Of Connectionmeditative couple

Motto – “Each step leads to the next step, so take it one at a time.”

Your past, present, and future actions are all interconnected in the eventual manifestation of your aspirations.

You might not be aware at every moment about what and why you do some things, but eventually, when you look back, you will understand that everything connects at some point.

#7 The Law Of Focus12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “You cannot think of two things at the same time.”

When you focus on a type of thought, it removes the rest of the thoughts from your consciousness.

When you focus on positive thoughts, the negative ones disappear. When you constantly focus on something for months, your life starts moving in that specific direction.

#8 The Law of Giving And Hospitalityenergy healing woman

Motto – “Treat everyone with mutual respect.”

What you have received, you must return at some point in time.

The right opportunity and time will come, and you need to look out for it.

#9 The Law of Here And Now12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – “Old patterns of behavior, old thoughts, and old dreams prevent us from having better and new ones.”

The ninth law of karma is about how looking backward to analyze is what prevents us from being totally in the here and now.

What does it mean to live fully in the present moment? It means that your attention is completely focused on the present moment.

If you’re not living in the here and now, then you’re living in an illusion. That seems to be an excellent reason to become aware and live in the present moment, doesn’t it?

“Life is now in session. Are you present?” – John C. Maxwell

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#10 The Law Of Changeman meditation with a dog

Motto – ”History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.”

In some way, everybody deals with change on a daily basis, and the change affects us each differently as well. Nevertheless, it is all a part of life, and we can all learn and grow from it.

We need to embrace the changes that life has in store for us – they will make things flow more lightly and easier so that we can recover from the major changes, hopefully, a little smoother.

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

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#11 The Law of Patience And Reward12 Laws Of Karma

Motto – ”All reward in life is in response to patience and toil.”

Having patience means being able to wait peacefully in the face of frustration or adversity.

There are always opportunities to practice ”patience.” The road to achievement is a long one, and the people without this trait (who want to see instant results) may not be willing to walk it.

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#12 The Law of Significance And Inspirationmeditation man

Motto – “You get back from something the equal energy you’ve put into it.”

The success you achieve in life will be proportional to the quantity and quality of the effort you put in. How much are you willing to invest?

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Friday 1st of December 2023

It is good for knowing law of karmas other wise we are not recognising or noticing so thank you so much for sharing law of karmas


Wednesday 19th of July 2023

It was a pleasure to meet with the Law of Karma . Recognize some of the laws didn’t know they were laws, but it’s good to know that these laws exist. Thank you very much for sharing.