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Back Pain Spiritual Meaning (The Metaphysical Meaning)

Back Pain Spiritual Meaning (The Metaphysical Meaning)

Each condition or disease carries a message. But pain is not just physical. You have to see beyond the physical world.

The gravity of an illness turns out to be as big as its message. When a disease persists, it is very important to discover that message. If it becomes very strong, it means that its force has strengthened for quite some time.

„Most people explain their illness as a misfortune, as an injustice, but every illness, every accident is caused by you.

Who wants to be sick? You will ask.

We do this unconsciously. The disease is a signal from your body. Your higher consciousness, the Divine, is sending you a message, because to some of your actions, thoughts and words are against the law of love and responsibility (we are responsible for our actions, which are all subject to the law of cause and effect).

There is no point in having hard feelings against nature or a certain person, it is important to get the message and thank your body for sending it: it represents a sign that something is not in agreement with your life’s plan, namely inner evolution”, Lise Bourbeau in her book “Listen to Your Body, Your Best Friend on Earth“.

Back pain – spiritual meaning and healing:

Depending on its location, back pain has several causes:

1.When the pain is located in the lower area of the back, it indicates that the person is afraid to lose her freedom of movement, especially when others need her. It is often a person who fears for her survival.

In order to heal, this person should be more aware of her own limits and to become able to express the feelings she experiences. Also, the person in question should realize that she has all the necessary power to succeed.

2.Back pain located between the lower area of the spine and the waist has to do with material insecurity. The person may not feel sufficiently supported. She is always worried about money and material goods. The person in question is very active, wanting to do everything alone, and asks for help only when she is no longer able to do it herself. If help isn’t received, she feels even more stranded and thus the pain persists.

For healing, the person must accept that it is okay to have desires and that she has the right to want to obtain material goods, there is nothing wrong with that. Instead of believing that no one supports her, she should express her demands and desires more clearly and more often.

3.Back pain located between the waist and the neck indicates emotional insecurity. The person may have many expectations from others, and when they are not fulfilled she lives under the impression that she carries too much on her back. Another possible cause for this upper back pain is the constant feeling of being controlled.

In order to ease the healing process, the affected person should know that she is not obliged to do everything for the happiness of others. Instead, when she does something for others, it should be out of love, for the pleasure of doing a good deed for the benefit of others. The reverse is also true, she should accept that others do not always think like her and they don’t have to do everything for her to be happy. People can love us even if they don’t do something for us or don’t meet our expectations.

Healing affirmations for back pain:

I love and accept myself as I am.

I trust life.

All my needs are met.

I am safe.

I love and I approve myself.

Life supports me.

I release the past and easily move forward in life.

Everything is good.

Avoid repeating the affirmations mechanically. Try to live what you read. The power of positive thinking lies in repetition, the insistence to send good thoughts and to believe in their applicability.



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