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Asthma – Spiritual Meaning And Causes In Adults & Children

Asthma - Spiritual Meaning And Causes In Adults & Children


Asthma is a chronic lung disease which inflames and narrows the airways in the lungs. Inflamed airways are very sensitive and they tend to react to things in the environment called triggers, like – substances which are inhaled.

According to recent estimates, this condition affects more than 22 million people in the US and about 300 million individuals in the world. In addition, asthma is responsible for up to 500,000 hospitalizations and 1.5 million emergency department visits annually.

African Americans have 300 percent more chances to die from asthma than white Americans. Most people who die from this condition are over age 50. However, children occasionally die of asthma, too.

It can begin at any age, but with a right education and management, patients can have normal, active lives.


  • Coughing;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Difficulty speaking;
  • Chest tightness;
  • Wheezing (a whistling sound in your chest when you breathe).


Note – A large part of keeping this condition under control and preventing ”asthma attacks” involves preventative measures, such as – avoiding known triggers.

Living In A City

Poor air quality and more exposure to indoor irritants may be the reason cities seem to have more children with this condition.


You have a family history of any allergies – for instance, various studies concluded that if one or both of your parents have this condition, you are more likely to have it.

Too-Clean Homes

The hygiene theory attempts to explain the increased rates of asthma worldwide as a direct and unintended result of reduced exposure, especially during childhood, to non-pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Fluctuating estrogen levels can activate proteins which produce an inflammatory response, that can bring on asthma symptoms.


Stress can make you feel short of breath and may cause your asthma symptoms to become worse.

Physical Activity

Strenuous exercise sets in motion molecular events which result in inflammation and the production of mucus in the airways.


Being overweight or obese may put unnecessary pressure on the lungs and in some cases trigger more inflammation in the body.


Sulfites in drinks and foods, like – jam, concentrated fruit juice, prawns and various processed or pre-cooked meals may trigger this condition.


Tobacco smoke or being around other people smoking can trigger asthma symptoms.


Airborne substances, including – dust mites, pollen, mold spores, animal fur (“dander”) or feathers.


Especially infections of the upper airways, such as flu and colds.

Certain Medicines

  • anti-inflammatory painkillers, like – ibuprofen and diclofenac;
  • aspirin – for instance, approximately 1 in 50 people with this condition are allergic to aspirin;
  • vaccines – there is now some evidence that some childhood vaccines may be responsible for increased incidences of these symptoms.

Asthma – Spiritual Meaning And Causes

The person affected by asthma hardly recognizes her limits, wants things to unfold as she wants. Louise Hay calls asthma “smother love.”

Atunci cand astmul apare la copii acestia (care au o constiinta supradezvoltata), isi asuma sentimente de vinovatie pt tot ce nu merge bine in mediul in care traiesc. Daca membrii familiei care nu se inteleg se despart de obicei dispare astmul la copii.

When asthma occurs in children (who have an overdeveloped consciousness), they experience feelings of guilt and responsibility for everything that goes wrong in their environment. If family members who do not get along become separated, then asthma usually disappears in children.

Other causes that trigger asthma attacks:

  • Imbalance between what the person receives and what she gives;
  • Holding in feelings and emotions;
  • Suppressed tears.



According to recent research, early exposure to animals (dogs and cats in particular) may actually protect children from developing this condition.

Air Filtration System

It can help rid your home of common asthma triggers, such as – pollen, mold, dust mites, and other allergens.

Avoid Smoke

If you smoke tobacco, get help to quit successfully. In addition, minimize exposure to all sources of smoke. Moreover, avoid public places that permit smoking and do not allow tobacco use in your car or home.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Intense emotions and worry often worsen these symptoms, hence, take steps to relieve stress in your life. Walking in nature and a daily meditation are two easy methods.


According to studies, people who have a regular diet with foods high in vitamin E, vitamin C, flavonoids, beta-carotene, selenium, quercetin, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids have lower rates of asthma. One reason they help is due to their antihistamine, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moderate Physical Exercise

It contributes to stretching the lungs and bronchial tubes, that in turn may help lower the resistance to breathing.

Healing Affirmations

”I am able to deal with my asthma.”

”My body is relaxing. I am relaxing.”

”I breathe in positive, healing energy. My lungs and throat are in perfect health.”

”My body is healthy and strong.”

”I manifest perfect strength and health.”

”I gratefully accept all the wealth, health, and happiness which the universe pours into me daily.”



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