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Foot and Hand Chakras – Understanding and Healing

The foot chakra is an important energy center. Here, the divine energy returns back to the Source.

It is the last point at which the energy is a part of you.

In a physical sense, this secondary chakra is actually a split energy center, with each half sitting in the ball of each foot.


The feet chakras connect us energetically to the planet and the energy frequency of the Earth, and ultimately the entire Universe.

This is the place where you can create any type of grounding method that suits you.

This chakra is also designed to facilitate the balancing and absorption of the Kundalini energy that comes from Earth and its magnetic currents.

This energy vortex acts as an energy transformer and regulates the quantity and intensity of the energy flow, as well as whether or not it should or should not enter our energetic body.

Moreover, our feet chakras are also the energy centers of detoxification since energy travels from the upper main chakras to our lower chakras and then into the earth where the energy is being recycled.

Similar to our hand chakras, our feet chakras are also receptive and very expressive. They tend to be smaller than the seven main chakras of the body, usually varying between five to seven centimeters in diameter when completely opened.

These chakras do not have an exact color, but normally they present themselves in tones of earth colors, such as brown, and with reddish hues, as they are directly linked with the energy of the Muladhara chakra – this chakra is at the base of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

Muladaāra chakra also forms the basis and the starting point for our spiritual development.

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Signs that your foot chakras may be blocked include:Signs that your foot chakras may be blocked include

When these chakras are blocked, the entire chakra energy system is out of balance.

An imbalanced foot chakra will affect people negatively and can become portals of psychic attacks, especially earthbound spirits.

When our foot chakra is working properly, we will feel secure and confident.

Each foot and leg act differently in just how we go about realizing that connection and relationship.

The right foot decides where exactly you insert your energy and by doing so, it becomes the immediate space-time of the past.

The left leg is aware of the future space-time and develops a path or purpose for having that connection.

How to open your foot chakras:

Toe massage and foot massage can be very nice for the activation of the chakra.

Just the act of rubbing your feet together in specific ways can activate a dormant flow.

Grounding by walking barefoot helps to unite with Earth and establish the grounding connection.

Energy healing is also effective for opening your foot chakras.

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Hand chakrasSigns that your hand chakras may be blocked include

Just like the other chakras, the energy vortex in your hands is what allows you to interact with the world on an energetic level. The chakras in the palm of the hands are also used in the healing process.

There are seven secondary chakras located in the palm – one in the wrist point, one in the middle of the palm, and the other five secondary chakras in each thumb and finger.

If these chakras are working properly, you should be able to receive impressions of the energy of a room, person, or situation. Moreover, healthy hand chakras allow us to give and receive positive energy without negative attachments.

If these chakras are blocked, you lack a connection with the world and with other people, plus you have problems expressing yourself artistically.

How to open your hand chakras:

We can also stimulate these chakras by rubbing both of our hands together energetically, allowing our hands to hang freely.

We will then become aware of our Anahata chakra energy flowing into our hands.

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