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18 Signs Of A Cold-Hearted Person

A cold-hearted person is someone who doesn’t feel anything, particularly pity, love, or any deep emotions.

List Of 18 Signs Of A Cold-Hearted Person:

#1 Lack of Empathy

Because a cold-hearted person does not understand the emotions of others, he experiences little empathy for other people’s emotions. He does not get what others feel; therefore, it is impossible for him to place himself in another person’s shoes.

#2 His Exes’ Descriptions Say It All

You find out that his or her exes called him or her an “emotional zombie,” told him/her he was “cold,” or talked about him/her having a “wall.”

#3 He Prefers Talking Through Emails & Text, Rather Than In Person Or On The Phone

A cold-hearted person will avoid talking in an intimate setting the majority of the time. He usually gives you excuses about why he can’t talk on the phone or meet up with you in person and prefers emailing and texting instead.

If you have a partner or a friend like this, it definitely points to a cold-hearted individual since face-to-face interactions require a level of vulnerability which he doesn’t feel comfortable with.

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#4 Manipulativemean woman

A cold-hearted person wants to control all of the strings in all of the lives of the people around them. Not doing what he/she wants you to do leads to getting cut off by them and excused from their good graces.

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#5 You Have Sex But You Don’t Make Lovekiss

When you are together physically, you feel like he’s still not fully connected or present.

Note – you may still have fun having sex; however, there’s still a part of him that he’s holding back. 

#6 Is Completely Unmoved By Emotional Movies

Whether they are thrillers, love stories, or horror films, a good indicator of a cold-hearted person is having little emotional resonance with a film.

#7 Perfection Seeker

A cold-hearted person looks for and finds a fatal flaw in the opposite sex and then moves on. But, the problem is that they’re scared of intimacy. When they can’t find imperfection, their anxiety rises. Given time, they will find an excuse to end the relationship.

#8 He Hides Who He Truly Is

This goes back to that fear of being vulnerable, and it can hinder a relationship from growing. 

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#9 Thinks That Other People Are Overly Sensitivepeople

An individual who is cold-hearted might crack off jokes at inappropriate times. For instance, he might make a joke right after a funeral or at a tragic event. When other people react to such out-of-line jokes, the cold-hearted individual may feel like others are simply being too sensitive.

Note – this type of person has difficulties understanding the emotions of others; hence, it is no wonder that they are unable to interpret the emotional tone after such events.

#10 He Maintains A Neutral Face Most Of The Time

Especially when he/she is with his/her group, at work, or in public. 

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#11 He Likes To Be In Control

If you’ve ever been in a bad relationship with a cold-hearted partner, you know that needing to be in control isn’t always an entirely positive trait.

#12 He Only Seems Interested In The Physical Side Of Your Relationship

A cold-hearted partner will only seem interested in the sexual part of your relationship and nothing more. Basically, a person out of touch with their emotions can’t offer much else, and they won’t even try.

Moreover, a cold-hearted partner will avoid deep conversations with you and won’t reveal their true intentions in the relationship. In conclusion, they have decided that shallow, base-level relationships will satisfy them, and they have committed to living a life without true emotional intimacy.

#13 Thinks The Usual Rules Don’t Apply To Him

Much like narcissists, a cold-hearted person thinks the usual rules don’t apply to him.

Important note – this is what leads many to commit crimes without the fear of getting caught. They assume they can get away with whatever they want, and they think they are smarter than everyone else. 

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#14 He Has A Grandiose Sense Of Self

He has an inflated sense of self-importance, and they truly believe they’re better and more deserving than the rest of the world.

#15 Callousness



He has a cruel disregard for other people’s feelings and is insensitive to them. Some cold-hearted individuals may be abusive verbally. Others may be aggressive and violent. 

Either way, cold-hearted people don’t care about others. Even people close to them don’t matter. 

#16 He Never Apologizes

He is typically convinced that he is never wrong. Even if he is shown proof that he is wrong, he will refuse to admit his mistake. A cold-hearted person has an ego that he needs to uphold.

Hence, he will never admit when he is wrong and will never apologize. In addition, due to his lack of empathy, he truly believes that he has done nothing wrong since he doesn’t feel bad about his actions.

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#17 He Lacks A Healthy Social Lifepeople talking

Having a fantastic social life is rarely something a cold-hearted person can do successfully. If he never mentions his recent social gatherings, mates, or group activities, it is one of the major signs of a cold-hearted person.

#18 He Demands What He Wants

His needs, desires, and decisions trump yours (as he simply doesn’t care), and if you try to press your case or argue, you will get an ear full.

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Thursday 10th of December 2020

Thank you for this. I was seriously concerned about myself previously but I actually show very few of these signs. I think I’m starting to like the feeling of being wrong recently.