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17 Signs You’re An Incredibly Intense Person

List Of 17 Signs You’re An Incredibly Intense Person:

#1 You Strive To Improve

Many individuals fall into the trap of believing that they “made it.” But, when you always look to improve on the previous performance, you are setting yourself up to be a long-term success.

#2 You’re Willing To Make Sacrifices

You don’t expect to be able to do everything well – you are not only willing to let up on some parts of your life to focus more intently on others, but you already do so.

Therefore, whether that looks like using weekends to create or skipping an extra night out to work or holding off on dating until you are totally ready, you are willing to do it.

#3 Sometimes People Get Offended By The Things You Say

You find that you are constantly pissing people off. People are decidedly more sensitive than you are, hence, they get butthurt often.

Unfortunately (for them), you don’t care much for their opinion, so you will never change your behavior. You are just doing it your way.

The only downside is the fact that some sensitive individuals who have an encounter with you will most likely remove you from the guest list at any future parties.

#4 You Are Not A People Please

There are people who belittle you, no matter how good you are. Then, there are people who believe in you.

If you don’t go over the limits to please those who are around you, and if you don’t really care for others’ opinion all the time, then you know what you really care for. And achieving any type of success is not difficult with such a mindset.

#5 You Don’t Care What Others Think Of You

You truly understand that no matter what you do, there will always be some negative people around, and you are not going to be affected by their pessimism and judgments as long as you know that what you are doing is the right thing for you in that particular moment.

#6 You Keep Improving Despite All The Obstacles

Occasionally, people feel like they have reached their peak and there is no reason to learning more and to keep moving forward and improving themselves as a unique person.

An intense person will keep learning from past mistakes and failures and use them to keep improving every day.

#7 You Aren’t Controlled By Money

Many individuals feel like they are tied to that next paycheque to make things work for them. You are most definitely an intense individual if you are able to go day-to-day without the worry that you won’t have enough money to last until the end of the month.

#8 You’ve Failed, But You’ve Kept Going

You do your best to achieve something and when it doesn’t go your way you don’t give up. Being an intense person doesn’t mean that you are always achieving. Occasionally things go wrong, however, it is how you react that is the key to whether you are intense or not.

#9 You Have No Filter

Thoughts that spark in your mind always seem to come out of your mouth. You will straight up tell a person you just met all about your thoughts on celebrity gossip or political views. You don’t care and you don’t have any shame. But, this can be really unfortunate in situations that need any sort of delicate care.

#10 You Realize That Success Can Be Temporarily

Having a successful business is certainly important for an intense person. But there’s nothing important as self-worth and self-esteem. Intense people provide their employees and everyone they meet, dignity.

#11 You Have A Strong Sense Of Who You Are

It is not so much a matter of knowing what you want, but knowing who you are – a strong sense of self is the foundation on which anything genuine is built.

#12 You Don’t See Being Alone As A Problem

At certain points in your life, your goals have been more important than your relationships – maybe even lost a relationship or two as a result.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t want others in your life, or that you don’t care for people. It simply means that you stack your priorities a little differently than other people do. You’re happy with the way you live your life, even if it sometimes perplexes others.

#13 You See Things In A Few Different Perspectives

You are not stuck with one perspective since you know (from your past experiences) that in order to solve your current problem, you need to see things in several different directions. Hence, you can have a clearer and better view of how to fix the problem.

#14 You Have Good Social Skills

You are able to communicate with people with whom you don’t agree or with whom you just met.

Important note – having good social skills doesn’t mean that you can persuade everyone, or that everyone likes you.

#15 You Are Authentic

You can see through fake people. You know when others are misleading. Intense people have no time for mediocrity.

#16 You Know How To Forgive

The words from Gandhi speak volumes about the strength of those who can forgive – “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

If you don’t overthink about those who have hurt you in the past, and if you don’t hold grudges for long, then you are much stronger and intenser than you think you are.

#17 You Know How To Remain Calm In Most Stressful Situations

A lot of people tend to lose their cool and freak out when they are put into high-stress situations, but not intense people. They take control when things start to get tough, and usually, they don’t let their circumstances control them.

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