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Hip Pain – Spiritual Meaning, Causes and Healing

Hip pain spiritual meaning:

The hip joint is one of the largest joints of the body and serves in locomotion as the thigh moves backward and forward. In addition, the hip joint rotates when sitting and with changes of direction when walking.

Hip pain can cover that particular region of the hip or may extend to the back or thigh. It may also come from other regions as referred pain.

Pain mainly involves nerves, muscles, bones, or joint contents.

It is more frequent in females than males and is most prevalent in women aged 40 to 60 years.


Pain is one of the symptoms of inflammation, along with warmth, swelling, and redness.

Together, these are signals and symptoms that a health problem may exist.

Other symptoms include:

  • difficulty sleeping on the hip;
  • joint pain;
  • tenderness of the hip;
  • loss of motion of the hip;
  • groin pain;
  • limping.


Causes of hip pain include:

  • inflammatory and noninflammatory arthritis;
  • Gaucher’s disease;
  • bursitis –  a condition which affects the bursae that cushion the bones, muscles, and tendons, near the joints;
  • tendinitis – it is an inflammation of the tendons which connect the gluteal muscles in the buttocks to the hip bone;
  • inguinal hernia – pregnant women have an increased due to the added pressure on the wall of their abdomen;
  • fracture – it is common in older women, particularly those with osteoporosis;
  • sprain;
  • obesity – each pound of weight adds about 6 pounds of force on each side;
  • avascular necrosis (osteonecrosis);
  • infectious arthritis (septic arthritis);
  • snapping hip syndrome – it is characterized by a snapping feeling or sound in the hip;
  • iliotibial band syndrome;
  • sciatica;
  • bursitis – it occurs when the bursae (small fluid-filled sacs which act as cushions) become inflamed;
  • muscle strain;
  • hematoma.


If your hip pain is related to exercising or other types of physical exercise: always warm up before exercising and stretch afterward, plus cut down on the amount of exercise you do if it’s excessive.


There are several methods available to diagnose the pain in the hip, including:

  • X-ray – it is typically the primary choice for diagnosis;
  • ultrasound;
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan;
  • computed tomography (CT) scan.

A diagnostic will also involve:

  • blood tests to determine antibodies which may be linked with a specific type of arthritis;
  • a physical examination – to see how well you can move the hip;
  • your medical history.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Meaning of Hip PainSpiritual and Metaphysical Meaning of Hip Pain

The hips are usually connected with the Swadhisthana (sacral) chakra. This chakra is the human emotional drive and your pleasure center.

This energy center helps you experience pleasure both from emotional and physical sources and gives you a richer life experience.

A blockage in Swadhisthana chakra can cause spiritual, emotional, and physical distress if not healed.

Hips are representative of decisions, particularly as they pertain to moving forward. Also, the hips carry the body in perfect balance, therefore, any problems in this region indicate that you are moving too quickly in life.

Additionally, pain in this area is a sign of being stuck or unable to see clearly what is needed to be done next.

If you feel pain or discomfort in the hips, then it’s a good time to stop, look around, and slow down before making any more moves.

Right Hip EmotionsRight Hip Emotions meaning

Generally speaking, the right hip is yang (masculine) and is usually regarded as the masculine side, the giving-out side, where you express.

It represents, among other things, the father. In addition, it has to do with the capacity to give and to be assertive or dominant.

Left Hip EmotionsLeft Hip Emotions meaning

The left hip is yin (feminine) represents, among other things, the mother. It is also the inner world of the family and home as well as of gentleness and healing and nurturing

When we continually have problems with one particular side of the physical body, it can mean there are issues with the parent represented by the side that have not been settled.


Treatment for hip pain depends on the diagnosis, but the pain that’s caused by sports injuries or overuse is commonly treated with rest, heat, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (such as naproxen or ibuprofen), and pain medications (like – acetaminophen).

The holistic recommendation for healing the hips is a complete re-evaluation of the pace of our daily lives.

Other holistic therapies include seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment, pranic healing, or acupuncture.

Homeopathy is another popular holistic system of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the holistic theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using a holistic approach.



Stretching daily helps to avoid sprains and strains.

In addition, it will increase your flexibility, allowing for a substantially better range of motion.

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Weight Losslose weight abs

Being overweight or obese can increase the likelihood of having hip issues.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a normal body mass index throughout your life.

Note – jumping and running can make hip pain worse, hence, it is best to avoid them.

However, if you like to run, avoid running on hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt.


Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, and swimming may help to improve sleep and reduce your pain.

Physical exercise will also help you to lose and maintain weight.

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Omega-6 fatty acids are a big culprit when it comes to chronic inflammation and, occasionally, hip pain.

Foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids are:

  • peanut oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • corn oil;
  • cottonseed oil;
  • sesame oil;
  • animal products (meat, eggs, and dairy products);
  • processed foods.

Instead, have a regular diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, such as:

  • sweet potatoes;
  • radishes;
  • red kidney beans;
  • navy beans;
  • chickpeas;
  • tomatoes;
  • garlic;
  • onions;
  • lentils;
  • adzuki beans;
  • apples;
  • pineapples;
  • walnuts;
  • almonds;
  • pine nuts;
  • hazelnuts;
  • Brazil nuts;
  • grapes;
  • cabbage;
  • kale;
  • Swiss chard;
  • zucchini;
  • mangoes;
  • papayas;
  • olives;
  • sweet peppers;
  • Cayenne peppers;
  • plums.

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Healing AffirmationsWays To Open Your Third Eye Fast

”I am able to process, metabolize, and release all emotions.”

”I am in perfect balance.”

”I release any fear I have stored in my hips!”

”I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age.”

”I release any anger I have stored in my hips!”

”I am free to move!”

”My hips are strong and healthy!”

”I allow myself to believe I deserve to heal.”

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