White Mahakala Mantra – The Wish-Granting Gem Mantra

Mahakala Mantra – Lyrics

White Mahakala is a wrathful (compassionate ferocity) aspect of Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara). Using his compassion, eliminates material and spiritual and poverty for all beings, bringing us prosperity.


He has 6 arms, each holding a different implement, and 3 eyes. Mahakala is adorned with jeweled ornaments and wears an elegant skirt made of numerous scarves with jewels hanging down on the skirt.

Mahakala’s main right-hand holds a wish-fulfilling jewel mounted on a jewel-tipped handle close to his chest. This emblem appears in pictures of deities connected with wealth.


An inconceivably long time ago, Chenrezig gave rise to enlightenment-mind – bodhicitta. As eons passed, he reached the 10th stage of a Bodhisattva and vowed to stay in samsara (cycle of death, birth, and life) in order to liberate sentient beings from suffering.

Chenrezig said:

”If ever I break this vow, may my body break into a thousand pieces.”

Still, many more years passed, during which he engaged in uninterrupted activity on behalf of all sentient beings, to deign their liberation from suffering. Nonetheless, a time came when his clairvoyant understanding of things as they seem caused him to think that his struggles were all in vain.

That second of doubt was enough to break his vow, whereupon his body split.

Immediately perceiving a Bodhisattva in great distress, Amitabha Buddha appeared and restored the pieces into the eleven-faced thousand-armed form of Avalokitesvara, we all know today.

Amitabha Buddha counseled Avalokitesvara:

“You must generate an even stronger vow this time!”

A stronger vow? How could such a thing be possible? Stymied by the colossal challenge, Avalokitesvara fell into a swoon that lasted for 7 days. When he regained awareness, he did so with the idea that by appearing in a wrathful form, Mahakala could protect sentient beings, train sentient beings and provide for sentient beings.

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Avalokitesvara’s idea was quite straightforward: he was determined to accomplish this three-fold activity directly by granting wishes.

This vow crystallized in his heart as a blue-black syllable HUNG, which metamorphosed into Mahakala, empowered with the mind, body, speech qualities, and activity of all the Buddhas of the 3 times.


Khenpo Karthar explained:

”He is seen standing on the corpse of 2 human physical bodies, therefore symbolizing the death of negativity and the complete uprooting of negative habits to such a point that, like a dead body, they will not come to life.

It is very important that we know these symbols of him because countless times we have confused notions that he may be a clinging spirit or harmful, evil being, maybe even the Lord of Death ready to attack and devour. One would find great difficulty in relating to the different symbols with no understanding that our awakened compassion is the fundamental quality of the being of Mahakala.

He has never been known to harm one sentient being, even in the slightest manner, because he is continually benefiting sentient beings through the continuous play of the enlightened mind.”


For full benefits from this mantra, empowerment is necessary.

Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche said:

”Some people try to practice without having received the necessaries empowerment or lung.”

Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche continued:

”Without these prerequisites, or if their spiritual practice is incomplete, though there may be some degree of blessing, it will not be as effective. And surely all aspects must be complete in order to attain any kind of spiritual realization.”

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