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Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung Mantra – meaning

The Meaning Of Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra:

  • Raa means Sun;
  • Maa means Moon;
  • Daa means Earth;
  • Saa means Impersonal infinity;
  • Saa Say means Totally of infinity;
  • So means Personal sense of merger and identity;
  • Hung means The infinite vibrating and real (So Hung: I am Thou).

The mantra is one of my favorite of all times. I believe it affects time, and when I chant it, it makes time go slower.

The Ra Ma Da Sa mantra is highly recommended to meditate while listening to it. It has Sun, Moon, and Earth energies of healing in it.

Yogi Bhajan has said that this amazing mantra is one of the most energetic healing mantras on the planet.

The power of this healing mantra comes from its ability to connect earth and ether.

Benefits oF Chanting The Mantra

This sound vibration cuts across space and time and brings healing.

The mantra maintains, strengthens, and improves your physical, emotional, and mental health.

It can generate helpful energy in hospital rooms and places of recovery. Also, this mantra creates a peaceful and beneficial environment in the workplace.

Families can use its harmonizing effects on the home, children, and even pets.

Those who chant this healing mantra will age in grace. In the spirit of healing and love, share this knowledge with others.

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Mantra Meditation Instructions

Sit in Easy Pose (sukhasana) with your upper arms resting against your ribs, lightly in from the sides.

The elbows are bent, and your forearms are situated upward and slightly angled out from the upper arms.

Your palms are flat, facing upward, and pointed out from your body at a 45-degree angle, to form a 45% angle point, the hands are over the legs toward the knees.

The fingers are together with the thumbs extended towards the side away from the fingers.

The eyes are closed and centered at the third-eye chakra. The breath will come automatically as you chant. Inhale profoundly before you begin chanting.

This mantra should be sung in one complete exhalation. As you start chanting the first syllable, “Sa,” your navel point is pulled in so that this syllable is abbreviated.

You should rest for four beats between the first “Sa” and the second syllable „Sa.”

You should also pull your navel point in as you chant “Hung.” Hung should be vibrated at the root of the nose.

The rest of the syllables are drawn out in a strong, energetic chant. Aim to keep your chant at full volume (loud, but not raucous) throughout the mantra meditation.

Meditate for eleven minutes, increasing gradually to 31 minutes.

End meditation: Inhale profoundly, hold your breath and envision the person you want to send healing to (also, it can be yourself). Perceive that image in your mind very clearly and see a glowing green light around the person.

Keeping that person in a mental plane, breathe out. Inhale profoundly, hold your breath and continue to mentally send the person a healing green light. Still, keep that image in your mind and exhale.

For the last time, inhale profoundly, hold your breath and see the person very precisely, see the green healing light bathing the person, bathing and energizing every cell in the body. Exhale and relax.

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Saturday 16th of September 2023

This mantra is in my head all of the time, since I first heard it on Spotify. I catch myself singing it subconsciously and have woken up in the morning singing it. That's when I researched it. It brings me peace. It comforts me. I tried to commit suicide last April. I am fighting my way back to spiritualty and this mantra seems to help. Thank you for helping me understand it's meaning.