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White Light Meditation for Protection and Healing

White Light Meditation for Protection and Healing

Nowadays, meditation is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives. Not only does it bring many benefits to our health, but the practice of meditation can also change our lives for the better.

Practicing white light meditation is a great form of passive visualization that can have strong healing effects. When you start meditating on a daily basis, you gain access to your inner self more than you have ever before.

White light meditation is practical in that it takes only 10 minutes a day and unique in that it helps manifest our dreams and aspirations by empowering our thoughts.

Many studies have proven that meditation can have a physical impact on your body.

The body responds to the commands the mind gives it, and when you practice meditation on a regular basis you train your body to believe whatever it is you would like to change.

For example, if you have chronic pain or suffer from anxiety and depression you can dramatically change your mental state by practicing meditation with visualization.

Visualizing yourself in a peaceful state, result in making the body believe that you are in fact peaceful and calm. It also transforms the physical sensations that cause depression and panic attacks.

This is because meditation releases different hormones and chemicals in the brain that help it relax.

Benefits Of White Light Meditation

  • It unlocks your natural healing capacity and increases your overall well-being.
  • It improves your self-confidence.
  • It helps you to “clear” any painful emotions you may be experiencing.
  • It strengthens your own energetic field – practicing this exercise regularly repairs the everyday dings and nicks we get as holes in the aura.
  • It purifies your chakras and nadis.
  • It will infuse the white light into your dreams. Essentially, it takes care of two things at the same time, namely activating the individual will force which is within you and which is nurturing your aspirations with the divine blessings.
  • The white light cleanses the grosser toxic energies from your physical system. Because the light is the primary spiritual healing force, its freedom to flow unimpeded throughout your energetical and physical body is crucial for maintaining good health.
  • It protects you from the influence of anyone or anything negative (for example – black witchcraft).


#1 Sit in your meditation posture. To find a more balanced posture you may want to rock back and forth slightly, find your center, and settle in. Position your head so that it’s naturally at an attentive position without straining the neck.

#2 Close your eyes and scan your body, relaxing each body part one at a time. Start with your toes, feet, ankles, shins, and continue to move up your entire body. Don’t forget to relax your neck, shoulders, eyes, face, tongue, and jaw which are all frequent areas for us to hold tension.

#3 Take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths (also called “abdominal breathing” or “belly breathing”) and do progressive muscle relaxation. Become aware that your breath is in harmony with all the rhythms of the planet – the tides, the winds, the seasons. Bring your awareness to your crown chakra (top of your head).

#4 Imagine a white light hovering on top of your head. Feel the energy spiraling down through your body. Enjoy the warm glow of the energy as it saturates your entire being. Every cell of your physical body is being permeated by this white healing energy. All levels of your consciousness and mind are healed and illumined by the divine light.

#5 Mentally fill your body with this energy until you sense that it has been accomplished. Next, expand this perfect white healing light out and around your body until you are totally surrounded by it.

#6 Stay quietly in this meditation till you feel you are ready to come back, and then gradually slip back into the now. Just before you open your eyes, take a quick deep breath. Don’t be in a rush to get up, wait for a little while and observe the difference in the way you now feel to the way you were before.

#7 Visualize the whole world happy, healthy, and peaceful. Enjoy the happiness and peace for a few minutes. Slowly open your eyes.


Do not be discouraged if your mind wanders. Just bring your thoughts back and continue on. You just need ten minutes daily to practice white light meditation.

Since the results are better when you practice this in a relaxed state of mind, it is recommended to start doing this as soon as you wake up.

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