Astral Body (Emotional Body) – Structure, Colors and Functions

The astral body (also called “The Emotional Body”) is one of 7 bodies each of us has.

It is the instrument of emotions, passions, and desires and is the medium through which these are conveyed to the physical body.

All our feelings are generated here as vibrations of varying frequencies.

Positive and negative emotions display as colors within the aura and make up the majority of what is called the oval-shaped aura surrounding a human being.

This body is constantly changing color depending on our mood.

There are many theories as to how the astral body is entered into by our awareness. We either create this body with chakra energy upon successfully focusing our awareness on the astral realm or we already simultaneously exist in the astral realm and simply tune into our experience there.

While every man possesses and uses an emotional body, comparatively few individuals are conscious of its existence or can control and function in it in full consciousness.


Through this body, we are able to perform astral projection (or astral travel, which is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via deep meditation or lucid dreaming), that enables us to travel all around the Earth and through galaxies.

It also receives all the messages sent to us by Atma (the higher self).

When this body separates from the physical body during sleep, or under the influence of anesthetic or drugs, or as the result of accidents, it takes with it the ability for feeling.

Only on its return can pain or other feelings be felt.

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Note – in yoga, the astral body contains prana and the system of nadis which carry prana.

The Structure Of The Emotional Body

The emotional body does not have organs, although it takes on a form identical to the physical body, however, it takes the form of the physical body of the present or past incarnation, as consciousness has gotten used to identifying itself with this form.

It is made of little astral particles which are in constant movement.

This body takes up these astral particles from its astral environment and then ”breathes” them out again.

Moreover, it has an aura that extends about four to nine feet from the physical body.

It has seven major chakras (energy centers), twenty-one minor energy centers and many secondary centers, just like the etheric body.

The Colors Of The Astral Body

This body reflects the emotional nature of a person. Grosser, darker feelings and thoughts lower the vibration. Positive, caring thoughts and feelings raise the vibration.

Negative (or destructive) thoughts and emotions produce darker colors in the Astral Body.

Blue represents the spiritual phase. Rage will be perceived by the appearance of the red color in the astral body. Yellow signifies the intellectual phase. Higher emotions and thoughts appear in the astral body as pastel colors.


The emotional body can be used as a vehicle of consciousness.

One can use it just like we use the physical body, but of course, because it belongs to a much more subtle dimension than the physical world, it is capable for more actions like flying in the air, walking across walls, moving fast, travel very far away from the physical body, all these without knowing fatigue.

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This implies that humans are able to visit places they have never been to before physically.

Additionally, this body allows us to have emotions, imagination, dreams, out of body experiences, near-death experiences, and visions.

It allows us to experience the full range of desires:

  1. Common personal desires.
  2. Selfish and destructive desires.
  3. The desire to serve others.

This body also acts as a bridge between the physical brain and the mind, which operates in the mental body that is even a more subtle vehicle.

Without the astral body in general, there would be no contact between the physical world and the mind, and there would be no connection between the physical impacts and their awareness by the mind.

Geoffrey Hodson, an occultist and esotericist, said about the astral body:

“The astral body is actually a bridge between our physical and our mental life, serving as a transmitter of vibrations both from physical to mental and from mental to physical and is, in fact, principally developed by this perpetual passage of vibrations to and fro.”


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