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Starseed Blood Types

Starseed blood types>

First, we need to know what Starseeds are?

And what do they do here on Earth?

You will find the answers to these questions in this article and also which are the rarest blood types, together with their meanings.

If you feel that you are a Starseed, maybe you need to do more research.

In the end, know that it doesn’t matter what you are and from where you are; the important thing is that we are all here to help each other thrive and rise to a higher level of consciousness and unconsciousness.

What Starseeds Are and Why are They Here?

Starseeds are the souls that came here on Earth to help us.

These souls have incarnated in human bodies in order to help humanity shine and vibrate at a higher frequency.

They may have memories of previous lifetimes spent on Earth, or they may have a strong sense of compassion and understanding for the human experience.

These persons have a rare blood type and are not so easy to find, let say that.

Sometimes, these people struggle to fit in the society we live in.

They feel isolated and depressed.

We need to acknowledge that when they incarnate in the human body, these souls forget about their decision and why they came here.

They have the same memories as us, and they are not able to remember their purpose here.

The only thing that can help these souls evolve is entering into spirituality and working with themselves in order to meet their authentic selves.

We need to understand that these souls are from many races, and not all of them come here for the help of humanity.

Knowing this, we need to take care with who we interact with and with who we have faith.

It is essential to have a spiritual teacher or mentor that can help you with guidance and protection if you’re at the beginning of your spiritual journey, so you will not fall into a trap.Starseed Blood Types

Starseed Types

  • Humanoid Starseed Type is one of the rarest types, and they have formed the first seeding of star seeds. These persons have a challenging time fitting into our society; they manage to do this, and they also help us raise our consciousness level.
  • Starborn Starseed Types are those who feel from their childhood that they are not fit in here and that their parents are not humans. These people are very peaceful, and they are searching for the meaning of life and their purpose. These types are the most common type, and they form the biggest group.
  • Starbound Starseed Types are very mysterious persons, and they do not know their meaning here and what to do next in life. These people are able to abandon everything from their life to find their life purpose and create a better future for Mother Earth. They do not care about the material world, and they are here to help us and guide us with advice on how to live and how to thrive. These are some of the most powerful souls that came here to help us. They have a very special spiritual purpose, but this truth is coming later in their lives.
  • Starseer Starseed Types are the persons who learn new things, like technology and science. They came here to explore, and they are considered to be rarer than the order types.
  • Starhome Starseed Types are souls with human genes, and they look like any other person here on Earth. They have a very rare blood type, and sometimes they look deep into the information, not understanding that they are not the same as humans.

Now that we have explored the 5 Staseed Types, we continue with the Blood Types these souls have after incarnation in a human body.

If you have one of these blood types, it doesn’t mean that you are a Star Seed.

Many people fall into illusions because they do not accept the life they have, the life they have created for themselves, and try to find another answer to these questions.

Many people start to think and believe that they are entities from other Galaxies who came here to help humanity.

It does even matter if you are a Starseed or not.

The most important thing is to be kind, compassionate, and to love all the living beings around you, starting, of course, with yourself!

We need to understand that we are all here to help each other become the best version of ourselves.

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Starseed Blood Types

Most Starseed souls have rare blood types that can not be found here on Earth or in the general public.

These blood types come from their families and ancestors.

These souls have a special mission, to help Mother Earth.

As I mentioned before, these souls are mostly very introverted and isolated from society.

  • O- and A- are the rarest blood types. The souls that came with this blood type have a tremendous responsibility here on Earth. O- is one of the rarest blood types, and A- is one of the unique types we can find. These people do not tolerate iron, and they are very kind and compassionate. They have a very pure aura that can help us just by staying next to them. They are the most intuitive and visionary people from this Planet, and in the material world, they can be excellent artists or writers.
  • RH negative blood type is very rare, and these persons are having a tough time on Earth. They have a fragile immune system, feel a lot of pain, and have chronic issues. These people are very spiritual and come from a very ancient lineage, each of them having a compelling purpose here on Earth. These people are very sensitive to the external environment, and they have a deep understanding of life and why we are here. RH negative Starseed Types are having a tough time being understood, and they need to meet an open-minded person to make them be understood.

If we go deeper into the writings, we find that Adam and Eve had RH-negative blood type, and they were bought from another planet here on Earth.

They are considered humanoid beings.

It is said that Eve had a son with an Indian who had RH positive blood type, and that’s why most humans have a positive blood type.

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