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How To Be a Spiritual Leader in a Marriage

Marriage is an incredibly spiritual experience.

Though some may consider marriage to be more of a physical or logical partnership, the spiritual aspect cannot be overlooked.

After all, it is a process that unites you both for the rest of your lives and connects your spirits together.

How could that not be spiritual?

In a marriage, the shared spirituality of a couple will lead to an increased understanding of each other and harmony in their relationship.

No matter what religion or general way of life you both wish to lead, spirituality in a marriage is incredibly important.

Keep reading to learn more about marriage as a spiritual partnership and how to be a spiritual leader in your marriage.

Marriage as a Partnership in All Aspects

Marriage is a sacred experience that is undertaken because you wish to spend the rest of your life together.

People often wonder about the secret to making a marriage last, and you’ll hear all sorts of advice on this topic.

For spiritual couples, their shared faith and outlook are great factors in their connection and the lasting strength of their relationship.

It is natural to seek a spiritual leader in marriage or to feel the calling yourself.

Despite how it may sound, being a spiritual leader does not mean being completely in control.

It also does not mean superiority when compared to your partner. Spiritual leadership simply means guiding yourself and your partner to live life according to your spiritual beliefs, as agreed upon when you were united in marriage.

Therefore, being a spiritual leader in a marriage just means engaging your partnership with your spirituality.

A spiritual way of living cannot be subjected to picking and choosing which aspects you want to use, especially if you are only skipping out on the aspects of spirituality that make life harder or uncomfortable.

A spiritual leader must be steady and willing to remind themselves and their partner of spirituality in all aspects.

Remember that being a spiritual leader does not mean being harsh or controlling; these traits are actually the opposite of useful in a marriage.

Marriage must be a partnership in every aspect to be successful, and that means recognizing the unique traits and views that both halves of the couple bring to the table.

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Spiritual Leadership in Marriage

Now that we have covered what it means to be a spiritual leader in marriage, it is important to clarify how you can actually become a spiritual leader in your marriage.

It will not happen overnight, and it is definitely not easy!

However, there are some traits to always keep in mind to succeed as a spiritual leader.

  • Listening

Listening to what your partner is saying is an incredibly important aspect of being a spiritual leader. You should not only listen to what they are saying but do your best to comprehend and understand them.

It is common for spiritual leaders to fall into the belief that they are right all the time and their partner must listen to them.

In reality, you need to be listening to your partner more than ever!

Their worries, desires, and beliefs must be kept in mind as you continue to approach life in a spiritual manner.

Being a leader means hearing the concerns and goals of your partner and always keeping them in mind.

  • Emotional Intelligence

This trait goes hand in hand with being a good listener.

Emotional intelligence in a marriage means being able to perceive and understand your partner’s emotions and know how to best approach them.

If you can recognize when your partner is feeling upset or lost even without them needing to tell you, you will be able to offer them the spiritual guidance they need in times of crisis.

A partner with emotional intelligence is highly sought after, and this trait allows you to support your spouse like nobody else.

Support and the ability to recognize and understand your partner’s emotions will assist greatly in spiritual leadership.

  • Responsibility

As a spiritual leader in your marriage, it is important that you acknowledge the responsibility that comes with this position.

You’ve both chosen to recognize the importance of spirituality in your lives and in your marriage, so taking a leadership role means taking on more responsibility.

A spiritual leader must be devoted to spending time and effort dedicated to the study of faith and spirituality, as well as implementing it in the daily routine.

Responsibility leads to increased stability, which can only help a marriage!

Upholding your spiritual beliefs and practices is not easy, so it is important that you are responsible for your duties and honest about the toll they are taking on you.

These are the three main traits that you should keep in mind as you begin your journey as a spiritual leader in your marriage.

These are obviously not the only traits that will matter, but they are an excellent foundation to foster spirituality and a good relationship with your spouse.

If you are interested in how to become a spiritual leader, these are great places to start.

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Looking Forward as a Spiritual Leader in Your Marriage

Of course, a spiritual leader must also have a good understanding of spirituality and how to nurture it.

This knowledge will allow you to keep spirituality in mind for all aspects of life between you and your partner.

Do not be afraid to ask your partner for advice on spiritual matters if you are unsure or torn between two options; even the best leaders should consult others!

It is also important to remember that being a spiritual leader in marriage should not feel like a burden.

It may be difficult, but it should be something that feels rewarding to you.

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed or spiritually burned out, do not hesitate to reach out to your spouse for support.

Marriage is all about partnership, and being a spiritual leader can help you feel more secure than ever in your relationship.

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