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Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

Through the intentional practice of Kundalini Yoga, practitioners can seek an awakening that will lead to a change in how they operate, view themselves, and move through life.

The release of dormant Kundalini energy into the body will lead to a complete transformation.

This transformation can impact the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of those who seek it.

Kundalini Yoga teachers know that an awakening is not easy to come by, and it often takes years and years of hard work.

It’s even possible for someone to strive for an awakening their entire lives and never achieve it.

However, in more rare cases, this awakening can happen spontaneously.

What Makes a Spontaneous Awakening Different?

A spontaneous awakening is unexpected, not sought after, and, in the eyes of some, unwarranted.

If someone isn’t working towards an awakening, should they be able to achieve it without any effort? In short, it’s not up to us.

The power of the awakening is that those who have awakened no longer question the ways in which the divine works and simply trust what comes.

In the case of a spontaneous awakening, we should be trusting the universe and the divine instead of questioning its validity or fairness.

Even if those who are on their path to an awakening don’t feel that it’s fair for spontaneous awakenings to happen, it’s important to remember that the person who was just awakened was not expecting to be awakened.Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening

They were not on their way to conquering the third stage of awakening, it simply happened to them.

This can be a very traumatic and confusing experience for the receiver, and sometimes, it never becomes clear.

Imagine that powerful energy coursing through your body and having no idea where it came from or what to do with it.

Spontaneous awakenings can make a person feel extremely unstable and unlike themselves.

What Causes a Spontaneous Awakening?

Spontaneous awakenings are just that – spontaneous!

There isn’t one thing or another that always causes them, but they can be caused by life-altering events or major traumas that someone experiences.

Whatever causes a spontaneous awakening usually isn’t pleasant; it’s something that makes you see the world in a completely different way or dumps your belief system upside-down.

There have been accounts of people having near-death experiences that were soon followed by a spontaneous awakening.

Others had a long-term illness that had massive damage to their physical body and through the healing process, they were awakened.

These are just a few examples of how a spontaneous awakening can come to fruition.

What happens after a spontaneous awakening?

Once a person experiences the explosion of energy coursing through their body, many things can happen.

It can overwhelm them and lead them into psychosis or change their behavior enough to where they are diagnosed with bipolar disorder or other mental health issues.

It’s not impossible for a Kundalini Awakening to be incorrectly labeled as a mental health crisis, but it also happens, during a spontaneous awakening, that this sudden shift in energy can overwhelm the nervous system and cause a clinical diagnosis.

However, the body reacts to an awakening, the person who just experienced it is then left to process and digest their new reality and world perception.

This can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around if it’s not something you’re aiming for.

People can spend years and years searching for answers if they don’t know to look to Kundalini teachers for guidance.

There are grounding techniques including mantras and breathwork that are mean to help people process an awakening, but if the person isn’t equipped with the tools, it can feel like a never-ending search for answers.

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Ideal conditions for a safe awakeningSpontaneous Kundalini Awakening

It’s not always possible to control when an awakening will happen, but there are a few things to do if you experience a spontaneous awakening or are seeking an awakening in order to ensure you have a safe, pleasant experience.

  • Ensure Physical Health: In order to have the best awakening experience, it’s important that your physical health is top-notch. You’ll need to be getting proper nutrients, moving your body regularly, and addressing any existing health conditions that you have. Every person’s body is different, but whatever health looks like for you is what you should be maintaining during this transformation.
  • Age Matters: No one under 14 should be working towards a Kundalini Awakening. Until a certain point in our lives, our bodies are still developing too rapidly to be able to adjust to the release of Kundalini energy.
  • Make Time for Rest: Through any major change, our bodies and minds become fatigued quickly and may need more rest than in a normal time. A Kundalini Awakening is no different. You’ll need time to recover, both mentally and physically. This is often set aside by people because they don’t think it’s necessary or they feel it will slow the process down. The opposite is true; if you don’t rest, your body may not be able to release the energy, or, if it does, you may not be able to adjust properly to your awakening.
  • Have a Guide: Working with a Kundalini expert and teacher can be incredibly helpful during all stages of the change. They have likely experienced what you’re going through or helped others through similar situations. You can lean on these experts as guides and mentors, knowing that they understand what you’re experiencing.

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Safe to Surrender

A Kundalini Awakening asks you to surrender – to surrender yourself, your thought systems, your self-doubt, your judgment, and all that you used to think.

It’s not easy, but when done safely, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Whether your awakening was spontaneous or planned, you have now unlocked power that few ever experience.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and center yourself in this space.

This is the rest of forever; welcome!

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