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Spiritual Protection – 11 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires & Spiritual Attacks

How to respond to energy vampires and spiritual attacks?


Do you know anyone who seems to have a negative aura?

Do you feel more fearful, depressed, or angry than you normally do whenever you are near such a person?

Apart from feeling worse around certain people and/or in certain places, do you find that you sometimes lose a lot of energy in these circumstances?

If the answer is “yes,” then chances are you may be under the intentional or unintentional negative psychic influence.

If the person who leaves you feeling drained and tired has this effect on you most of the time, then she is likely an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are negatively polarized humans who aim to administer psychic attacks.

It may be a particularly unpleasant person that you know or live with, that seems to drain your energy.

Sometimes positive people can turn into energy vampires for a period of time if they experience trauma or loss.

Energy vampires are experts at diverting our energy for their own profit. They want us to do for them what they are not willing to do for themselves.

In addition, they master the art of making their victims feel bad about not voluntarily giving them what they feel entitled to.

They know how to make their victims feel ashamed, guilty, angry, and frustrated. However, energy vampires can only con those who have a hard time saying no. Their main tool is emotional manipulation, which only works if they have the collaboration of those they prey on.

Having a strong and balanced energy system is the best way to stay protected from energy vampires. Try these effective ways that will help strengthen your system, so you can be at any time confident and calm.

11 Effective Ways to Spiritual Protection From Energy Vampires & Spiritual Attacks:

#1 Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arms is an almost instinctual move many of us do when we’re around negative people.

When you cross your arms in a folded position over your chest, you’re protecting your Manipura chakra, the seat of your personal power. You can also cross your fingers.

This will help lock in your aura so their energy can’t affect yours. So, next time you are around someone that seems to be pulling at your energy or spewing a bunch of negativity, sit down calmly, cross your legs and arms, and listen.

#2 White Light Meditation

woman in a meditation sunrise


One of the most important aspects of spiritual protection is white light meditation. To protect the physical body, visualize white light streaming down from the creation and know that it is love.

Allow the protective light to flow into the Sahasrara chakra (top of your head) and down through your chakras, in turn filling your entire body with white light.

Intend for this energy to protect and heal your body from any physical and/or spiritual attack.

You can do this for yourself, loved ones, pets, even your house and car!

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#3 Chanting Mantras

woman chants a mantra on a rosary

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A mantra is a sound form of the Great Consciousness as well as a tool for the mind. Mantras can also be used for protection.

Aad Guray Nameh is a mantra used to invoke the protective energy of the Universe.

It is over 3,000 years old. Say it three times around yourself, your kids, your friends, your pets, your house, or before you drive your car.

Mantra lyrics:

”Ad Guray Nameh
Jugad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Devay Nameh.”

#4 Crystals & Gemstones

The following stones are very good to use for auric health and protection in general: black onyx, amber, obsidian, apache tear, amethyst, citrine, fluorite, magnetite, and tiger’s eye.

Always use your intuition when choosing crystals, but a general rule of thumb is that darker-colored crystals tend to be better at absorbing negative energy.

Carry your stones in a pocket on the right side of your body if you wish to release negative energies and on the left side of your body if you wish to draw in protective energies.

#5 Smudging

How to Smudge a House

Jilll Richardson/Shutterstock

Smudging is a Native American tradition in which the user slowly burns a bundle of sage. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) has become more popular recently with healers.

Cedar and sweetgrass are used as well.

This is a powerful cleansing method. The smoldering herb is a potent antithesis to the negative energies of others, as it helps to take residual past negativity and send it away.

#6 Grounding and Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies

The term grounding signifies a connection to the Earth, and it is one that is used by numerous different traditions, cultures, and spiritual practices.

Barefoot running or barefoot walking is the easiest and cheapest option.

The human species has thrived for thousands of years barefoot, let’s take the time to return to this practice in our daily life.

If you are new to barefoot activities, use this technique for some weeks only in the first part of the day, since excessive stimulation of nerve endings of the feet can cause problems with sleep.

#7 Ask Angels For Protection Angels

Guardian Angel Light

Nikki Zalewski/Shutterstock

You can ask angels and spiritual guides for their protection when you have an urgent need for protection.

But keep in mind that although they are “assigned” to us, they are not our slaves.

They help us because they want to.

Gratitude and respect should always be the context in which you request assistance.

Be thankful for their presence in your life, and know that you are never alone.

#8 Amulets & Talismans

Dovzhykov Andriy/Shutterstock

Amulets are magic charms worn by individuals to protect themselves from negative energies, injury, and also to bring good luck.

The beneficial use of amulets has been universal in all cultures from the cavemen up until the present time, as it responds to a basic human need for protection.

Properly built amulets can help to achieve diverse goals depending on their content – from a simple blocking of negative influence to the removal of consequences of a powerful curse, from success in finding a job to global changes in life, to removing a headache to curing of dangerous diseases.

Furthermore, the use of these amulets helps to find solutions to problematic situations and to make the right choice.

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#9 Salt bath

Saltwater removes unwanted energies from the body and energy field. Regular table salt or sea salts can be used. You can also use essential oils. Do this before going to bed, as it will make you feel more relaxed.

#10 Affirmations for protection

Use these spiritual affirmations to create a strong, completely sealed aura. For example:

”Love surrounds me.”

”Wisdom guides me.”

”I am protected.”

”Faith supports me.”

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#11 Reiki

You may use the power (Cho Ku Rei) symbol to protect or bless a room.

Final Words

These are simple measures that you can take to protect yourself from energy vampires that can reduce your well-being to the point of harm. As a final thought: raise your vibration, the higher your vibration is, the more resistant you’ll be to energy vampires.

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