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Cho Ku Rei Symbol Meaning

What is the meaning of the Cho Ku Rei symbol?


Reiki is radiant healing energy from the Universe that is directed towards where it is required by the Reiki healer.

Through Reiki, subtle shifts are created in the energy field to bring equilibrium,” says Valerie Oula.

When a Reiki Master attunes the students, they open their nadis (channels) so that these symbols are placed in their energy fields to help them tune in anytime they require these energies for healing themselves, as well as others.

Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol introduced to Reiki practitioners.

The symbol is commonly known as “The Power Symbol” and is usually translated as ”put the power here.”

It is also known as the “switch” to activate the healing energy in the Reiki healer.

Takata Sensei called this symbol the “Invocation of Universal Power.”

The Tibetan meaning of this symbol is the beginning, moving beyond duality, the stage of generation, emptiness, and non-attachment, placing the mandala into the heart.


Description – Cho Ku Rei Symbol MeaningWhat Is Cho Ku Rei Used For

The top horizontal line of this symbol represents the Male energy of the Universe.

The line coming down represents the energy going to the Earth. It can also be the spinal column.

The spiral represents the Female energy of the Universe.

The spiral column touches the spinal column 7 times, one time for each chakra.

NoteCho Ku Rei

Written clockwise, it increases the energy level and restores balance.

Written counter-clockwise, it decreases and disperses energy and clears negative energy. Be careful what you choose to do.

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What Is It Used For?5 Side Effects Of Reiki Attunements

The purpose of the symbol is to increase the flow of Reiki energy through the healer and thus increase the healing.

It is used in basically every healing situation and it is important to keep this purpose of increasing power firmly into the mind.

It is also used to increase or restore the life force and thus the energetical and nutritional value of food, to increase the potency of medication and/or reduce the side effects.

It is appropriate to invoke this symbol essentially in any situation where there is a strong decrease or increase in energy.


Other Useschoku rei symbol meaning

  • Spiritual protection (this is important in order for you to block off negative energies from hurting you) against all forms of black magic (a type of magic which is believed to use evil spirits);
  • Protection and energization of electronic devices;
  • Protection and healing of animals and plants;
  • The symbol can be used to clean a room from negative energy;
  • It may be used to focus one’s attention;
  • Energization and protection of living and working spaces, vehicles;
  • You can use the symbol for a more concentrated meditation by visualizing or drawing it over your head before starting meditation or you can meditate on the symbol itself.

This symbol is considered sacred in the Reiki tradition, and it is believed that it should only be taught to Reiki students who will learn how to use it properly.

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