Sei He Ki – Reiki Emotional Healing Symbol

Reiki is an energy healing technique to lower stress, promote healing and relaxation.

The term ”reiki” is derived from the Japanese words ”rei,” meaning ”universal” and ”kei,” meaning ”life energy.”

Sei He Ki is the second symbol introduced to Reiki practitioners. It is known as „The Mental/Emotional Symbol”. Alternative meanings for this symbol are ”God and humanity becoming one” and ”Remember Your Self.”

This Reiki symbol is used on solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, and third eye chakra, all three being controlled and balanced through this symbol and thus we can maintain spiritual, emotional and mental balance in our body.

What is Sei He Ki symbol used for?

It is perhaps used for more purposes and more situations than any other healing Reiki symbol.

In addition to being used in nearly every conceivable healing aspect, which might possibly include an emotional component, this symbol is used for purification and cleansing, protection, to clear negative energy, in distant healing and to release spirit attachments.

It can be used to purify medications and food, and, when activated in combination with Cho-Ko-Rei symbol, can clear crystals and improve the healing properties of medicine.

The symbol is useful in treating addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking) and to reduce or eliminate cravings.

Also, it can be used to reduce negative behaviors and attitudes rooted in present life situations. For example, it can usually help smooth the path of troubled teenagers. In addition, the symbol balances the left and right side of the brain and restores balance, bringing harmony and peace. 

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Sei-He-Ki’s powerful protection and cleansing abilities make it ideal for blessing and cleaning individual rooms and complete homes and buildings. The symbol breaks through your energetic blockages on the aura level, be it physical or emotional level and establishes harmony.

Use it both to clear places of the negative energies, including the release of spirits and thought creatures that have become attached to things and places. Counselors, for example, can use it to clear their counseling rooms after every healing session.

The symbol can be used to clear energy blockages, release spirit attachments and to repair tears in the aura. It is also effective when used to enhance affirmations, causing them to enter more profoundly into the subconscious mind.

Final Words

Reiki symbols are like keys that open doors to a higher level of manifestation/awareness. The symbols can also be thought of like buttons, at any time you push one, you automatically get precise results.

They are also thought of as patterns of healing energy, by those who like to take a scientific attitude to Reiki. The Reiki symbols must be correctly drawn and correctly used to activate them.

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