Tam A Ra Sha or Tamarasha Symbol – The Balancing Symbol

This Reiki symbol (pronounced Tam-a-ra-sha) doesn’t belong to the Usui tradition.

Also known as „The Balancing Factor,” the Tamarasha symbol is of Egyptian origin and can be included in the Seichim branch of Reiki.

Seichim is a system developed by Patrick Zeigler, using symbols and procedures, which he rediscovered in Egypt.

Note – Patrick Zeigler is the father of non-traditional Reiki and founder of Seichim/ Sechem/ Sekhem (SKM). He created the Sekhem Energy System after this traveling in Egipt and Sudan.

Some people who practice Usui Reiki will not use symbols from other Reiki influences.

This symbol is known for providing balance and unblocking the energy chakras (or vortex), so energy can continue to flow evenly throughout the body.

To activate this symbol you need to trace it over the source of pain.

What is Tam A Ra Sha or Tamarasha symbol used for?

  • By holding this image in your mind, you are increasing the flow of energy which can again heal pain at the source.
  • It helps unblock the energy chakras, allowing the energy to flow.
  • This symbol is used to heal the soul. Since it deals with the soul and our spiritual self, it heals illness and disease from the original source in the aura/energy fields.
  • It helps to balance and ground the energy of the practitioner or the patient.
  • Occasionally, it is used in Reiki healing to sign over an area of pain to help heal it faster.
  • It helps to provide enlightenment and peace. This symbol also allows the practitioner to become more intuitive and psychic.
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The Balancing Symbol can be activated in any of the following ways:

  • drawn counterclockwise will balance and ground energy to your physical body.
  • drawn clockwise will balance and ground energy to the spiritual body.

Final Words

Reiki symbols are very powerful tools when used by the right people and for the right intentions. Reiki works on different levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, enhancing everything in life.

Not only does it treat problems, but Reiki can also prevent them from ever developing.

7 thoughts on “Tam A Ra Sha or Tamarasha Symbol – The Balancing Symbol”

  1. I just got my Master in Reiki. I had my 1 and Reiki 11 from a very traditional Master. After few years I want to have Reiki 111 but the one I had before was too expensive I went to a cheaper one . He was not very thoroughly and he used Tamarasha for the first sign of Reiki. What I learn Cho ku ray should be the first one, and I read about your article Tamarsha is not Ushi tradition. The Ushi Master sign is Dai ko myo,so since I think I considerate as a Master I use sage to sage myself attune Dai Ko Myo is that work?

  2. The Tam A Ra Sha Symbol was introduced into the Reiki system by A. J. Mackenzie Clay – it was never originally a Seichim symbol at all until later. Mackenzie Clay is a Master in my lineage and I have far more information on this symbol than anywhere on the internet. Tam A Ra Sha is the Reiki term, the actual symbol itself comes from the Kofutu Touch Healing system (known as Tamarasha) and was imported to Reiki by Mackenzie Clay in the early 1990’s. You are attuned to it at Reiki 2 level – it is not a Master symbol at all. Tam A Ra Sha is also used in the Reiki attunement process and has far more uses than listed here. Good to see people are familiar with it and curious about it. Many blessings to you all.


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