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Soulmate vs Life Partner – Comparison Of Signs And Traits

Many of us have pondered the concepts of life partner and soul mate before. What is a soulmate? What is a life partner? Do I have one? And if so, where is mine? Below is a comparison of the traits of a soulmate and those of a life partner.

What Is A Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone that just gets you. It is a connection of minds, unconditional love, mutual respect, and total understanding.

A true soulmate is like a mirror, reflecting back to you the aspects within yourself which are holding you back from being your true self. Also, your true soulmate is the person who is intended to help you complete yourself.

12 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

#1 He Prioritizes Communication

Your soulmate places communication as a high priority. Many, if not most problems, can be worked out if you have the ability to communicate with one another. 

#2 You Just Know It

Something deep inside tells you this is your soulmate. It’s as if there is an unseen force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give yourself completely.

#3 He Makes You A Priority

If your partner usually makes you and your relationship a priority, then this is another important sign that he may be your soulmate.

#4 You Always Have Each Other’s Back

He constantly cheers you on and encourages you to do your best while you stand up and support him in all of his endeavors and vice versa.

#5 You Want Similar Things

You might not be 100 percent the same, mainly because being a little different is what makes you perfect for each other; however, you have the same ideas regarding where your lives are headed.

#6 It’s Intense

A soulmate relationship may be more intense than a typical relationship, in both bad and good ways.

#7 You Open Up To Him Much Easier

In your previous relationships, you created a boundary in which you only open up to things which you are comfortable having the other person know about.

But, with your soulmate, you easily open up to the things which you have been keeping a secret within yourself for quite a while.

#8 He Feels Very Familiar

This is most likely since you have spent many past lives with this person.

Something between the two of you just clicks, as though you have been lovers and friends forever.

#9 You Can Tell Him Anything

You are entirely happy confiding in your soulmate, and things that you would seriously hesitate to tell your best friend (or your mom) just come rolling effortlessly off your tongue.

#10 He Wants You To Improve

While your soulmate doesn’t want to change anything about you, he is constantly helping you improve to become the best version of yourself. 

#11 There is No Chaos Between You 

The relationship with your soulmate is not chaotic. It remains smooth till the end.

#12 Your Sense Of Humor Matches

He has a unique ability at getting you to crack up. Also, after several days of knowing him, you will probably already have a couple of hilarious inside jokes.

What Is A Life Partner?

A life partner is someone you have a true love for. You know you’ve found your life partner when you’ve identified an unconditional love for him, and he has expressed it towards you.

More importantly, a life partner tends to stick around despite any obstacles and challenges. He shares the same interests and helps you get further in life; nevertheless, he will always provide you with good vibes and energy.

Note – the partners can be of the opposite or same sexes, monogamous or polyamorous, and unmarried or married.

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Life Partner

#1 Your Relationships Are Thriving

When you find your life partner, he will double your integrity, charity, patience, selflessness, and creativity so that you come closer and have more to offer the ones you love. 

This will improve every relationship in your life – your relationships with your siblings, parents, friends, pets – you name it. Furthermore, toxic relationships that seem good on the surface typically fail this test.

#2 You Can Both Imagine A Future Together

While you don’t need to be picking out wedding invites, it is useful to be on the same page as your life partner.

Having different interests is not an issue; you could aspire to get married and have children, and your life partner could love traveling, and you can do both. 

#3 He Never Demeans You

He respects you so much that he would never make you feel like any less of a person or belittle you. Also, he would never want to deliberately make you feel bad.  

If he has something about you to criticize, usually he would do so respectfully and discreetly. 

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#4 He Supports You in EverythingBreaking Up With Someone You Love Because Of Religion

Another sign he is your life partner is that he supports your wishes and dreams. 

His belief gives you the strength to pursue your dreams, no matter how small or big they are. In essence, he believes in you, and you can feel it.

#5 He Understands You

Your life partner understands you on a level like no other, and he is the only person who wants to understand you as deeply as he does.

Tip – being understood is a universally amazing feeling, particularly by your life partner.

#6 He Genuinely Cares For You

Genuine care goes beyond constantly asking if you’ve already had supper or if your day went fine.

You know a person genuinely cares for you if they offer solutions to your problems and also listen to what you have to say.

#7 You Share Everything With Him

You feel that you can spill everything from your soul, fully and unabashedly, and he won’t judge you.

He makes you feel comfortable baring your soul, and you have never felt so alive.

Also, you have never felt so understood and heard by someone before; he hangs onto your every word, and you feel listened to and important too. 

#8 Your Happiness Is His Happinessmeditative couple

If you’re unhappy, he’s unhappy. If he’s unhappy, you’re unhappy. Your life partner will do anything to make your day since it makes his day, and vice versa.

#9 You Make Decisions Together

You don’t call all the shots. But, neither does your life partner.

From how many children to have to what movie to see, you listen to each other’s desires and concerns and make decisions together.

Sure, this may mean you see ”Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” on Saturday night. But on Sunday night, it’s your turn.

#10 He Listens To You

Communication is very important for your life partner. For him, it is not just about whatever he has to say.

In addition, he would always listen to whatever it is you want to say, and he wants to get to know how your mind works. Essentially, he wants to know what you think. 

Important note – as we all know, relationships are hard work! Therefore, just because you have found your life partner does not mean it’s all butterflies and rainbows for the rest of your life.

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Bottom Line: Soulmate vs Life Partner

The term “soulmate” implies a special understanding, affinity, or powerful bond which exists between one person and another.

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out, and we can be completely and honestly who we are,” wrote Richard Bach.

Basically, a soulmate is an individual who has done his work, comes into your life with an intention to resonate with all who you are and all you can be. Also, he has the free will to remain in a relationship with you or move on to the next soul.

On the other hand, a life partner is a friend, a companion, a stable and secure (emotional) person who you can trust, lean on, and depend on to help you through life. Additionally, you are both in sync with each other’s desires and needs.

Note – in my experience, a life partner can be a soulmate as well since there is a need for understanding and unconditional love in order for a relationship to stand the test of time and the many challenges which couples are most likely to face during a life together.

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