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15 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Improve Your Life

Every time on New Year’s Eve, we close our eyes and open our hearts to feel the magic of the moment and get a glimpse of the future.

The list of New Year’s resolutions has turned into one of the most popular traditions worldwide as we desperately want to reach our goals.

Over the years, our desires and dreams change, but the passion and hope in our souls remain the same.

It is time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make and set new challenges for the coming year.

List Of 15 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Improve Your Life:

#1 Fight For What You Want

One of the most important New Year’s resolutions is to leave nothing to stand in the way of your happiness because you are in charge of your actions, therefore, you are the architect of your destiny.

#2 Help Others

It is a common and totally altruistic resolution, and volunteering can come in many forms.

Whether you choose to spend more time at a local library or at a medical clinic, become a child’s mentor, help build a home, or get more involved in environmental activities, these non-profit organizations really need your help as a volunteer.

#3 Be More Organized

Be More Organized


Do you often complain about not having enough time for everything you’ve set out to do, about your house being turned upside down and not finding what you need?

Try to be more organized and stick to it as it will definitely make your life easier.

You will also have more time for yourself and your loved ones, for fun activities and relaxation.

But what does it mean to “be more organized?” Well, it can be any one of the following, or a combination:

  • feeling like you are in control of your day;
  • being prepared;
  • arriving places on time;
  • knowing where everything you need is, the moment you need it.

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#4 Get Rid Of Debt

In the past year, we all have had more or less financially stressful times.

It would be wise not to spend more than you can earn and try to return the money you owe. It will be such a relief to know you are debt-free.

Learn to manage your finances better and pay your debts, little by little, every month. Stop postponing it! Otherwise, you lose your credibility and increase your debt even more.

Tip – if you want to get out of debt fast, you have to stop using debt to fund your lifestyle.

This means no more signing up for credit cards, no more financing furniture, no more test driving brand new cars that you don’t have the cash to pay for. 

#5 Make An Annual Balance Of Your Professional Progress

You probably think about your job every day, but you rarely have time to think about the evolution of your career.

Many employees end up stagnating at work, especially when they go around in circles without advancing in any direction.

In order to avoid this, you can review your professional career every now and then and think about what you want to do in the future, what pleases you at the current job, what makes you unhappy, what changes would you make, and if the current job helps you in any way reach your long-term goals.

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#6 Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Serhiy Kobyakov/Shutterstock

If you have thought about quitting smoking this year, we have good news: there are more and more alternatives that can help you achieve just that.

For example, nicotine replacement therapy (nasal spray with nicotine, nicotine chewing gum, nicotine tablets or pills, etc.) is available to you, and it can help make the transition between smoker and non-smoker as easy as possible.

Even if you had previously attempted to give up this totally unhealthy habit, and failed, don’t give up this time!

Note – on average, smokers try at least four times to quit cigarettes until they really do it … forever! Enjoy what might be the first day of your new life without nicotine!

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#7 Find Love In All Its Forms

Love is the engine that makes the world go round, and we can be truly happy as long as we learn to see it and live it in all its forms, whether it’s unconditional, uplifting, passionate, or steady love.

#8 Reward Yourself For Every Success

Even though those around you may not always notice the little changes you make and your every progress, they are not the ones who have to reward you, but you yourself.

Instead of always being critical about yourself, try to create moments to pamper yourself and look in the mirror, proud of all your accomplishments.

#9 Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before

Go Someplace You've Never Been Before

Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock

One of the most exciting things in life is to travel and discover new and beautiful places that can offer you extraordinary memories.

Even if sometimes it can be difficult, try to promise yourself to go to a new place every year.

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#10 Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Life is not just about beautiful moments, and the people you meet on your way are not always the best for you.

New Year’s Eve is the best time to promise yourself to remove people who are unsuitable to be part of your life and not give them a chance to be near an extraordinary human being like you.

#11 Be More Confident In Yourself

We can have the life we want and reach our goals as long as we believe in ourselves.

Try to be more confident and give yourself the chance to be your own hero.

#12 Learn Something New

Whether it’s a foreign language, cooking, or dance classes, any resolution involving your intellectual, spiritual, psychic, or physical enrichment is welcome and must be put into practice.

In order to fully enjoy the most beautiful adventure called life, we must discover it in all its forms and enrich our soul as much as we can.

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#13 Lose Weight And Stay Thin

Try to set reasonable goals and focus on the weight loss program or the diet you want to follow because they are two of the most important factors that can ensure the success of your plan.

#14 Spend More Time With Family And Loved Ones

How would our lives be without the people who are there for us when things get hard, who make us smile and give us a ray of hope in the darkest moments of our lives?

Whether it’s family or friends, try to spend as much time as possible with the people you love and let them know how you feel about them.

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#15 Become More Active

The regular practice of a physical exercise program has always been associated with many health benefits.

Studies show that physical exercise reduces the risk of multiple cancers, increases longevity, helps you lose extra pounds and maintain an ideal weight, gives you better physical and mental well-being, reduces blood pressure, and even has beneficial effects on arthritis, preventing the onset of this condition.

In short, sports activities keep you healthy and make you look and feel better. So, why not thinking of spending more time doing physical exercise next year?

Featured image credit – Shutterstock/Nokuro

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