Innovative Learning Methods That Awaken Creativity

Every parent wants the best for their child, so it’s no wonder that there are many pieces of advice and tips on how to make your child better at school, sports, how to motivate your child to study more, so they’ll have better grades and be able to get into the college… And yes, all of these are extremely important but there’s one thing that parents need to encourage, so their children will be able to channel their energy and possible frustrations in a non-violent and calming way.

That skill is creativity, and we’re often told that only artistic people can be creative, but that’s not the case.

Besides painting and composing, creativity can be helpful in solving various problems related to school and life, so here are some interesting and innovating learning methods that will help your children become more creative:

#1 Have conversations with your child

Some would say that conversations don’t count as learning methods, but talking to your child can help them be better at communication and thinking. So next time you’re walking down the street, try to have a fun talk about how cars work and why the sky sets every evening.

You don’t need to google each answer, instead, try to be creative and if you want to find correct information, use technology only after you get home. Feel free to talk about any subject (appropriate for your child’s age, of course) and encourage your kid to be more curious.

Similarly, your child should be able to give an answer they like, so don’t feel the need to scold them if they tell you that the sky is green, or something similar.

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#2 Encourage creative activities

This one can also be a perfect hobby for you, so next time your child feels bored, don’t rush to hand them the tablet or your phone. Instead, try to find a way to spend time together while also doing something creative.

It can be drawing, playing with Play-Doh, or even baking and decorating cookies. Creative activities are also a great way to learn and increase one’s self-esteem.

If you want you can also invite your kid’s friends and organize the whole day of creative activities that can make them learn from each other and compete in a friendly and fun way.

#3 Help your kid with creative expression

Kids are often smarter than we give them credit for, so if you want to see your child thrive, then you should encourage their creative expression, whether it’s through drawing, sculpting or writing.

Drawing is obviously the easiest one since kids are naturally drawn to drawing and bright colors, but writing can also be a fun way for them to organize their thoughts and learn about new words. In case your child is struggling with reading and writing, then you can consider paying for age-appropriate English tutoring for kids that uses positive reinforcement and rewards.

Even if your kid is doing well in English, gifting them with some extra classes can help them build their vocabulary and improve their reading skills.

#4 Don’t rely on grades too much

Grades are important when it comes to an overall evaluation, but if you want to spark some creativity, you should place too much importance on grades, especially if your child is interested in arts.

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You can’t expect your kid to reach their creative potential if they’re constantly worried about getting a low grade. Therefore, teach the importance of grades, but don’t stress your child because that can lead to anxiety and depression.

Your kid should definitely know that studying is necessary, but they should also need a way to creatively express themselves.

#5 Spend some time in nature

Nature is powerful and spending some time outdoors can help your child learn and become more self-reliant. There’s no wonder that many writers and painters prefer to spend some time outside in order to get inspired.

So, you can simply take your kid to the nearby park, bring colors and draw together something that you find beautiful and inspiring. It can be an unusual-looking tree or some flowers.

Alternatively, you can bring notepads and write together about anything that you encounter while spending time in nature.

#6 Play some fun games

Nothing sparks creativity like playing games, so if your child is more into being active, then you can play something that sparks creativity, like hide-and-seek.

This game will help your child find creative ways to hide, and in case you get all get bored from playing the game in a traditional way, there are always fun twists that will make it more enjoyable and interesting.

Besides, games are the best way to learn through the activity as playing the game feels thrilling and fun, unlike sitting with a book or solving math problems.


Learning is necessary and essential if you want your child to become a well-rounded and creative individual, but in order to spark creativity, it’s sometimes crucial to make learning more fun and interactive.

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Kids love creative endeavors, so in case you feel like your child is glued to their tablet too much, you know what do to. Just make sure that it’s entertaining and apt for their age, so they will be able to maximize their creative potentials while learning at the same time.

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