5 Ways to Enhance Your Gifts as a Lightworker

Lightworkers are among us. It’s the person who made your day by offering a smile and a helping hand, the person who brings joy to your everyday life (your soulmate, perhaps), and the person who always seems to emanate love, compassion, and wisdom.

A lightworker is, in a nutshell, an evolved soul with a very distinct purpose. A purpose to bring joy, as well as spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical health into the world.

If you have recognized that you too share the common traits of lightworkers, then you know all too well that controlling, channeling, and enhancing your gifts over time is a cumbersome task.

Here to help you develop your personal aura as a lightworker, expand your positive influence, and enhance your gifts are the five tips you should take to heart.

#1 Connect with the natural world around you

As a lightworker trying to unlock your full potential, you will often find yourself feeling off-balance, floaty, and perhaps even dizzy, with frequent symptoms of “the wandering mind.”

Without a doubt, you need to ground yourself in order to take control of your powers, and the first exercise you should try is to connect with the natural world around you.

Oftentimes, this means two things: taking your shoes off and taking a prolonged excursion into the great outdoors. Why take off your shoes, you ask?

Because you need to feel the earth beneath you. It’s one of the essential grounding techniques that will allow you to develop a physical relationship with your surroundings.

As for the setting, it doesn’t really matter where you are, so long as it’s some ways away from the urban environment. You don’t need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, though, simply walk the trails of a nearby nature reserve.

#2 Combine practice with theory

You might have been born with these gifts, but that doesn’t mean that your true potential will reveal itself all on its own. Instead, you need to expand your horizons and take a proactive approach to learning new skills, and acquire new knowledge on spiritual awakening.

Be sure to combine practice and theory by reading about lightworkers and their traits, as well as the notable individuals who have shaped the lives of people around the world.

This will help you enhance your influence as well.

#3 Nourish your body and soul with the right diet

To become good at anything in life, you first need to nurture your own body and soul. You need to provide your body and mind with the sustenance it needs to feel good, become healthier, and reach the desired level of spiritual awakening.

Fasting is one of the best ways to reach a higher state of consciousness, for example, which is why the popular hCG diet and other restrictive nutrition plans work so well as a tool for lightworkers seeking to detach themselves from their earthly presence and reach a more divine plane.

If you want to become one with your spiritual self, you will need to feed your body with the right nutrients, abstain from food on occasion, and combine your nutrition with the right mantras to help you enhance your gifts. 

#4 Build positive character traits

It’s important that you work on your personality traits as a lightworker, such as empathy, altruism, and the like, but it’s also important that you work on character traits as well.

This is because your character traits will complement and help you enhance your traits as a lightworker as well, thus help you complete the circle of spirituality and achieve your ultimate form.

In the quest of becoming a better person, and a more evolved human being, you will need to practice many an art. Start by practicing gratitude, generosity, perseverance, and self-control.

Be calculated and methodical, observe every issue from multiple angles, be patient, listen to what others have to say, and be open-minded. These traits will allow you to embrace your gifts with an open heart. 

#5 Ground yourself through meditation

And of course, another great way to tap into your true potential and bring it into the light is to delve deep into your own microcosmos, the universe that exists in your mind and soul.

Regular meditation has numerous benefits, and aside from bringing you peace and clarity, it will also help you take control of your gifts and channel them towards the right goals. Meditation will also help you prioritize how and when you help others in order to avoid burnout and maintain a thriving lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Lightworkers are essential to the well-being and future of the earth. If you have these gifts, don’t let them go to waste, but instead, use these tips to enhance them and become the healer you are meant to be.

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