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5 Health Benefits To Travelling Abroad

In addition to traveling abroad being a fun and exciting experience, it also comes with a number of health benefits too, which is why it’s important to find time in your busy schedules to book a break overseas.

So, make sure you have purchased your EHIC card online before you book your flight, so you will be able to access health care whilst you are away and book your flight to a special spot in Europe! So, what are the health benefits?

Let’s take a closer look, below.

Travelling Makes You Healthier

Studies have shown that those who go on holiday are at a lower risk of suffering from a heart attack, as opposed to those who go on holiday every few years.

The reason why you are at a lower risk of getting heart disease is because when you travel you get less stressed and anxious.

When you travel to different places, your body is exposed to these environments and develop strong antibodies that boost your immune system.

These antibodies are proteins that protect your immune system from any harmful pathogens. Being exposed to some minor illnesses and dirt benefits your body, as it makes your body and gut stronger.

You still need to ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, but having some new bacteria in your life isn’t always a bad thing.

Stress Levels Are Reduced

If you’re feeling stressed at work or your day to day is proving to be very hectic, traveling abroad is the perfect cure. In fact, it has even been proven!

After a few days of traveling abroad, travelers felt less anxious, they were in a better mood and felt well-rested, which continued for a few weeks after they returned home.

Due to being completely removed from your main worries and the problems that are causing your stress, you are able to put everything in perspective and just enjoy exploring the country you are in.

A lot of stress can make people very unhappy and can lead to anxiety, as well as depression, which is why it’s important that you stay on top of your stress levels by traveling abroad.

Whilst you are traveling, you can also have a think about what you want to do with your life and weigh up how stressful your worries are.

When you return home, you will be able to follow a path that is better for you mentally and physically.

Improves Mental Health

When you travel your mind expands, as you meet new people, adapt to new situations and become more culturally aware.

Not only does this improve your knowledge, but it also helps your mental health too as it increases your cognitive flexibility and keeps your mind sharper.

The change of scene that you get from traveling abroad helps people to find the motivation that they may have been lacking; whether this is being stuck in a rut at work, coming out of a relationship or if you need encouragement for your studies, traveling can spark this.

If you face your fears head on you can get over them better. Traveling to a different country alone can also help with any anxiety, as you experience the unfamiliar place on your own.

These places are likely to speak a language you don’t know, and you must navigate yourself around the country.

By successfully traveling abroad on your own, you are able to overcome any fears and tasks that used to be daunting will now be a walk in the park.

Traveling Increases Fun

Having fun is essential for our mental health. Not only does traveling give us something to look forward to which can boost our moral, but it’s good for our mental health too. You can choose when you wake up, what you do, what you eat and where you want to visit.

Having the freedom to do what you want, and not having strict timelines for work will allow you to not feel uptight.

Plus, as you can choose what you do, you can have as much fun as you want, which will make you happier in yourself and improve your mental health.

Whether you travel with your family, friends or your partner, the fun and laughter you have will heal any pain you have and remember the positive things in your life! 

Be More Active

If you work in an office, then it’s more than likely that you spend your time at a desk all the time. This means that you probably don’t get much time to do any exercise and remain active. Therefore, traveling is the perfect way to balance both resting and getting out and about.

You can explore places in the country, go on walks and increase your energy levels, as well as benefit your muscles, bones, and heart. As well as doing more exercise by choosing to walk to see the sites, as opposed to catching public transport, you can eat better whilst on holiday.

Being outdoors whilst abroad will also give you the vitamin D you may be lacking, in addition to ensuring that you get the fresh air that is great for improving both your mood and tan.

As you can see, there are a number of health benefits when it comes to traveling abroad.

Not only can you visit a new country, experience a new culture, try new foods and meet new people, but your mental and would be beneficial to your health, then it’s time for you to book either a short getaway physical health can benefit too.

So, if you are in a place where you think about traveling abroad over a long weekend, or a week away. Whether you choose somewhere hot in the sun for a beach holiday or a city break is more your style, Europe has a variety of beautiful locations and sceneries for you to visit. 

Book your break now and you will have something to look forward to, especially during the winter when the days are shorter and darker. Happy traveling!