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Red Tara Mantra: Benefits & Meaning – OM TARE TAM SOHA

If you’re looking for empowerment in love and relationships or trying to manifest your soulmate, the Red Tara, or Goddess Kurukulla, and her mantra may be incredibly powerful for you.

To understand just how to harness this power, we must first understand the origin of Tara in Buddhism, then we can dive deeper into the Red Tara, her mantra, and how to best implement this mantra into your daily practice.

Tara’s Origin

A popular figure in Buddhism, Tara is a savior-goddess that’s honored in the Buddhist teachings of Nepal, Mongolia, and Tibet.

She is thought to be a female counterpart to the Bodhisavatta, or “Buddha-to-be”, Avalokiteshvara.

Her origin story is beautiful: according to the teachings, Tara was formed from a tear of Avalokiteshvara that fell to the ground and formed a lake.

From the lake, a lotus rose up and opened to reveal the goddess. Tara is a protector of navigation and travel on earth, as well as the protector of spiritual travel on the way to enlightenment.

What do Tara’s colors represent?

In Buddhism, Tara is a guide on your journey, but there are different colors of Tara depending on what that journey is.

Tara manifests herself in 21 different forms with a range of colors.

Mainly, Tara can be found in red, white, blue, green, and yellow versions.

  • The White Tara symbolizes purity and offers healing to our wounds, whether those wounds be of the mind or body.
  • Blue Tara is the protector of all mantras, and her own powerful mantra is secret. In her blue form, Tara can be ferocious and meant to destroy enemies.
  • Green Tara represents the intersection of compassion and action and is believed to aid in suffering.
  • Yellow Tara is known as the “mother of liberation” and focuses on success in work and financial stability.
  • The Red Tara is who to turn to when you’re looking for guidance in love and relationships. We will dive deeper into the Red Tara to clarify how best to harness her energy.

Red Tara’s GuidanceRed Tara Mantra Benefits & Meaning - OM TARE TAM SOHA

Known for her being “magnetizing,” Red Tara is especially powerful in the world of love.

She is leaned on by those looking for guidance on how to attract their soulmate or strengthen a relationship.

If there is someone you are romantically attracted to who doesn’t reciprocate that attraction, Red Tara may be able to help pull that person into you.

Since this goddess is extremely seductive and sensual and a master of enchantment, she is enormously powerful in romantic situations.

If you’re in an existing relationship but finding that you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye or connecting well with your partner, utilizing Red Tara’s Mantra can help alleviate that and bring back your flourishing connection.

Reciting her mantra daily will ignite the spark that once existed, smooth your lines of communication, and help drive long-term prosperity.

In common depictions of Red Tara, she has four arms, and each arm is holding a symbolic item.

Two of her arms are holding a bow and arrow made of flowers, similar to the idea of “cupid,” who shoots love arrows.

Red Tara’s other hands are holding a flower hook and rope to help catch people and energy that are off track in love.

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Mantra: Om Tare Tam Soha

“Om Tare Tam Soha” is the rhythmic mantra held by Red Tara.

It is recommended to repeat this mantra daily in order to pull in the energy that Red Tara represents.

With daily practice, this mantra can be a powerful tool in the lives of those having problems in relationships or finding love.

To better understand the power of the mantra, it can be helpful to assess each piece of it:

  • Om: most mantras start with “Om,” this is a common introductory sound of the mantra to get in the right headspace and pull into the body the wisdom of Buddha. Rooted in Hinduism, the Om is meant to represent an oneness with all creation.
  • Tare: Tare is for Tara, calling on the Red Tara to provide guidance and energy regarding your relationships. Tare represents liberation from suffering. With the Red Tara, this focus is on suffering or tension in love and relationships.
  • Tam: Tam represents the heart chakra, a ruby sound source that radiates to the world. You’ll find power in this portion of the mantra; think of it as a foundation for all that you’re trying to manifest or change.
  • Soha: Translating as “to receive this wisdom and absorb the blessing; may this take root.” Soha is a finishing sound to the mantra, willing its power to take hold in your life.

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How to implement this mantra in your lifered tara mantra benefits

Red Tara’s mantra is a quick and simple, yet very powerful, mantra.

If you feel that your love life is uneasy, or you and your partner haven’t been on the same page, incorporate this mantra into your daily practice to pull in the energy of a solid, smooth relationship.

If you’re someone who is trying to attract a partner in your life, Red Tara’s mantra is an incredible tool in manifesting your soulmate and driving attraction.

While this mantra is primarily used in romantic relationships, consider it a powerful tool for all your relationships.

You may be trying to better understand a friend or find common ground with a family member.

If you have that in mind as you meditate with this mantra, you may feel a shift in those relationships as well.

At her core, Red Tara is about manifesting magic, and diversity in the use of her mantra makes it a very powerful one.

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Trust in the Process12 Laws Of Karma

This mantra may fulfill your wishes, but, as with anything, be careful what you wish for.

Sometimes what we want to happen isn’t what the universe has planned, so be open to the guidance of Red Tara, even if it is different from what you had hoped.

With something as powerful as the Red Tara’s mantra, only she can know exactly how it will take shape.

Regardless, try incorporating this practice into your routine, whether it be on walks, during meditation, or while you drive, you’ll likely feel an astonishing force brought by Red Tara.

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