Red Tara Mantra Explanation – OM TARE TAM SOHA

Red Tara Mantra lyrics:
”Om Tare Tam Soha.”

Tara is a broad name if you will for a group of Bodhisattvas that are of a similar aspect.

These could be defined as distinctive aspects of the same eminence as Bodhisattvas are considered allegorical in general for Buddhist Virtues.

Red Tara, otherwise called Kurukulla, is according to M. Foucher, „The Heart of Tara” (Etude sur l’Iconographie bouddhique de l’ Inde, Paris, 1900). She is revered by unhappy lovers and is believed to be particularly successful in bewitching men and women.

Her mantra repeated ten thousand times is said to bring about all of one’s desires.


She is four-armed and holds various symbolic attributes in her hands. With 2 of her main arms, She holds an arrow, stretched on a flower bow. The shaft of this arrow is made of flowers and the flight is made of leaves.

Her upper right-hand holds a flower-hook, and the final left-hand holds a noose. Both these implements enable her to catch those of us who have strayed from the path Dharma.

The Benefits of Chanting Red Tara Mantra

This mantra can help you to magnetize your partner’s attention and affections by removing any blocks that are within you that are preventing these from coming in your direction.

The same is true if you are alone and you want to attract a partner who cares, loves and wants to be with you, or you want someone, in particular, to fall deeply in love with you or if you have a lost love whom you want to fall back in love with you.

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Chagdud Khadro explained:

“Red Tara practice is an open door to bliss and ultimate awareness. Not one of you, not one living being, in fact, would not choose true happiness over suffering, yet no one is free of suffering.

”This is because the nature of suffering is delusion and delusion is pervasive and powerful.”

”Delusion begins when original, undifferentiated awareness is obscured by a dualistic projection of self and other.”

Additionally, by daily practicing of this Buddhist mantra, you start to get pure thoughts, hence, healing prana flows into your subtle body.

Also, reciting the mantra gives the mind a very specific focus to keep returning to. Lastly, with this higher state of consciousness, your mind gets purified.

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