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Kalachakra Mantra lyrics:

Kalachakra Mantra meaning according to Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche:

The initial four syllables OM AH HUM HOH of the mantra are the 4 vajra syllables of body, speech, mind, and wisdom: OM is the vajra of body, AH the vajra of speech, HUM the vajra of mind, and HO is the vajra of wisdom. These are the 4 vajra syllables.

The following 2 syllables, HAM and KSHAH, are the seed syllables for the father Kalachakra (HAM) and, correspondingly, his consort Vishvamata (KSHAH).

The subsequent syllable MA is the premise for the inestimable mansion. The mansion is a threefold mandala: in the center, there is the mandala of the mind, around that the mandala of the speech, and again around that the mandala of the body.

These are the 3 mandalas of the mansion and it is represented by the seed syllable MA.

The 4 syllables LA VA RA YA stands for the four elements of earth, fire, water, and the wind. In the mandala one can see the white border area, separating the external from the inner.

As mentioned above, this powerful mantra starts with the 4 syllables OM AH HUM HOH. They represent the vajra body, vajra speech, vajra mind, and vajra wisdom.

In Tibetan tradition, the letter HUM, which represents the vajra mind, is composed of the body of the letter HA with, below, the small ‘A and the U, and above the moonlike crescent indicating OM with the nada.

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OM represents the vajra body, whereas the nada represents the AH – vajra speech – arising from emptiness – the vajra knowledge. Inside that one syllable, we have, in a condensed form, all four vajras and a symbol for OM AH HUM HOH.

By thinking in accordance with the development stages of the tantra, the meditator cleanses his body and manifests the vajra body (symbolized by OM).

Similarly, AH represents the purified speech and the manifestation of vajra speech, HUM signifies the purified mind and the manifestation of vajra mind, and the manifestation of the subtle mind of the practitioner is vajra knowledge and corresponds to HOH.

Mind, body, and speech

The purified body, speech, mind, and subtle mind manifest as vajra body, vajra speech, vajra mind, and vajra wisdom, and are symbolized by OM AH HUM HOH.

The subtle mind is the subtlest aspect of consciousness. Consciousness manifests in many different forms – coarse, fine, subtle, and subtlest. The subtlest form of consciousness is called vajra wisdom. This is one way how the meditation on the syllables can be led.

HAM KSHAH and MA are representations of the two primary deities, Kalachakra and Vishvamata, as well as the inestimable mansion.

The clarification of these 10 unique aspects of the mantra is quite difficult to understand since it is a very condensed form of description; its origin dates back to the ancient Indian sacred writings. This will be sufficient as a small glimpse of the ten aspects of the 10 syllables of the mantra.

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There are 2 secret mantras: a short one and a long one. The short one is OM HAM KSHAH MA LA VA RA YA HUM PHET. The longer one is the one explained above. By adding the OM AH HUM HOH to the shorter mantra of OM HAM KSHAH MA LA VA RA YA HUM PHET one gets the longer mantra.

The 4 letters OM AH HUM HOH are the seeds for the vajra body, vajra speech, vajra mind, and vajra wisdom. The practitioner of the yoga engages in the recitation of these seeds to purify his body, speech, mind and coarse mind. As a result of this the vajra body, vajra speech, vajra mind and vajra wisdom (subtle mind) will subsequently be attained.

In its original Sanskrit, the short version of the mantra contains 10 syllables. The letters HAM KSHAH MA LA VA RA YA are written in a stacked way, as can be seen in the symbol. This depiction is crowned by a white moon crescent, a red sun and, topmost, a flame.

When counting the 7 letters together with the moon, sun, and flame, then there are ten seeds. This is why the seed syllable is called ‘The Ten Powerful Seeds’ (rnam chu dbang ldan). The whole seed syllable is multicolored, whereas each letter has its own color: HAM is black or dark blue, the following KSHAH is green, the multicolored square is MA, the following yellow letter is LA, then white is VA, the red letter is RA, and YA is dark blue or black.

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