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Ekajati Mantra (Blue Tara Mantra) – Powerful Obstacle Remover

Ekajati, also known as Blue Tara, one of the 21 Taras, is one of the most fierce and powerful Goddesses of Indo-Tibetan mythology.

According to Tibetan legends, Blue Tara is an acculturation of the Bon Goddess of Heaven, whose right eye was pierced by the tantric master Guru Padmasambhava so that She could much more efficaciously help him subjugate Tibetan demons.

The Goddess is connected with the blue star Sirius, and you can start doing meditation on that star in the sky to receive her Blessings.

She is the protector of secret mantras, and She is known „as the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas.” As such, her own powerful Mantra is also secret.

The Goddess is the most significant protector of the Vajrayana teachings (the Indestructible Way), especially the termas and inner tantras. As the protector of the mantra, the Goddess supports the disciple in deciphering symbolic Dakini codes and correspondingly determines appropriate circumstances and times for revealing secret tantric teachings.

Because She completely realizes the mantras and texts under her care, she reminds the spiritual practitioner of their secrecy and preciousness.

According to Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (Dzogchen teacher), the Goddess is the principal guardian of the Dzogchen teachings and is „a personification of the fundamentally non-dual nature of primordial energy.”

Dzogchen, or the Great Perfection, is the most closely defended spiritual teaching in Tibetan Buddhism, of which She is the main guardian, as mentioned above. It is said that Sri Singha himself entrusted the Nyingthik teachings to her care.

To the great master Longchenpa (from Nyingma school), who started the dissemination of certain Dzogchen teachings, the Goddess offered uncharacteristically personal guidance.

In his thirty-second year, the Goddess appeared to Longchenpa, overseeing every ritual detail of the Heart Essence of the Dakinis empowerment, demanding the use of a peacock feather and eliminating unnecessary basin. When Longchen Rabjampa performed the ritual, She nodded her head in approval but adjusted his pronunciation.

When he recited the mantra, the Goddess advised him, saying, „Imitate me,” and sang it in an unusual, peaceful, and harmonious chant in the Dakini’s Language.

Later, Tara appeared at the meeting and joyously danced, proclaiming the approval of Guru Padmasambhava and the dakinis. Visions of the Goddess are considered extremely auspicious and to be treasured.


Goddess Tara is of a blue skin tone, with a high, red chignon. The Goddess has one head, 3 breasts, 2 hands, and a 3rd eye. However, the Goddess can also be depicted with more Body parts, up to 12 heads and 24 four arms, with different tantric attributes.

Ekajati Mantra – Blue Tara Mantra benefits:

Spreading joy, removing personal obstacles on the path to enlightenment, and removing the fear of enemies.

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