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Ekajati Mantra (Blue Tara Mantra) – Powerful Obstacle Remover

Mantras are words or phrases that individuals can repeat to themselves or have them spoken to themselves while they are in a meditative or focused state.

The repetition of a mantra is intended to help focus and release the mind.

Mantra is a word in Sanskrit.

“Man” means “mind,” and “tra” means release.

The purpose of a mantra is to help you release your mind from all the thoughts and events currently clouding it. 

There are different mantras for different intentions.

Some people, during meditation, will repeat phrases to themselves instead of traditional Sanskrit words or phrases.

These phrases or affirmations are also helpful in focusing and releasing the mind.

Affirmations can be any phrase you want to say or repeat to yourself to help you improve on something or give gratitude for what you have.

Affirmations can be phrases you say to yourself in your own language, but traditional mantras are spoken in Sanskrit.

Some people may use the term “mantra” and “intention” interchangeably, but they are actually two completely different things.

The power of a mantra comes from the sound and vibrations the mantra provides.

These sounds and vibrations are said to help release the mind.

They help bring you into the state of meditation you need to be in to focus on your intentions.

Though they are not the same, mantras actually help bring power and focus to the intention of your meditation time.

The more you practice and utilize a mantra, the more power you give your intention.

There are numerous mantras to utilize and chant during your meditation.

They are said to provide different benefits and results when used. 

Blue Tara mantra

The Blue Tara Mantra is a traditional mantra that was derived from Blue Tara.

Blue Tara is a female protector goddess.

She also goes by the name Ekajati.

She is one of the main protectors in the Nyingma and Sarma Schools of Buddhism

Blue Tara’s name translates to “mother of all the mothers of all the Buddha’s.”

She is said to represent unity and collaboration because of this title.

Blue Tara is also often called “Ugra.”

The word “Ugra” is a Sanskrit word, and it means wrathful. 

She is said to be a protector of all mantras.

This means that she helps keep those who are unworthy of using or speaking certain mantras from doing so. She makes sure those who are not fit to use certain mantas do not have access to them.

This is also why her own personal mantra is a complete secret.

The most powerful goddess in the Vajrayana pantheon, listening to her mantra brings good luck, enjoyment, and destroys circumstances that are in your way.


In visual depictions, Blue Tara looks more human than some.

She is blue in color and has one head, and wears a long necklace of severed human heads.

She has two hands, three breasts, and three eyes.

She holds a human corpse in one hand and always appears to be wrathful and vengeful.

As her name depicts.

Blue Tara and Blue Tara’s Mantra bring a powerful female energy that:

-Destroys obstacles in your way. Whether the obstacles in your life are in your career, your relationships, your health, or other situations, Blue Tara removes them from your life and lets you move on to the next task in your life.

-Removes fear of your enemies. Blue Tara is a powerful, wrathful goddess. She represents the opposite of fear and helps remove the fears you have of your enemies. This way, you can take care of yourself and your life the way that Blue Tara intends for you too.

-She spreads good fortune and good luck. Along with removing enemies and obstacles from your life, she also brings good fortune to help you move on in your life after they have been removed.

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Listening to her mantra is said to completely abolish the obstacles in your life, as listed above.

This is what is spoken during Blue Tara’s Mantra:


bheem tah-reh vreem

The om is optional. Just like Blue Tara is said to do, the “Brim” syllable is said to pierce negative, obstructive energies, and “Vrim” is said to cut through them. And —also just like Blue Tara is said to do, both of those syllables and the syllable “Tare” will protect you from those obstacles and your enemies.

“Tare” means “saving mother.”

The benefits you can receive from hearing this mantra regularly and feeling and absorbing the syllables and vibrational energy are:

– You will no longer fear your enemies the way you use to. Blue Tara is a wrathful, powerful goddess that provides listeners with the power to no longer fear the things that they did before. 

-You will quickly receive help when you need it. Blue Tara is a protector. When you need assistance or help with something minor or even something dangerous, she can provide it.

– Others will not commit acts against you. The protection you receive from hearing this mantra will keep you safe from the choices of others.

– Joy. Despite Blue Tara being viewed as a vengeful, angry goddess, her mantra has the power to remove obstacles. Even personal ones. You will be able to remove those situations and factors that are keeping you from feeling joy.

– Master anger. Blue Tara is viewed as an angry goddess, but with the removal of physical or financial obstacles comes the removal of personal and emotional ones as well. Blue Tara is a master of anger and can help you master your anger and transform your life. Your anger will no longer be an obstacle.

 – Protect you from misfortune and provide good fortune. Blue Tara is an ultimate protector and will keep unfortunate events from taking place in your life. Along with that removal of misfortune also comes the gift of good fortune to help you take full advantage of Blue Tara’s protections.

Blue Tara is a protector like no other. If you are finding obstacles or hindrances in your way, her mantra helps dismantle each and every one. 

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