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Shreem Brzee Mantra Meaning – Om Shreem Brzee Namaha

Mantras are words or groups of words that people use during meditation or during times of relaxation attempts.

Meditation has continued to be proven by science to be a beneficial practice that everyone should implement into their daily lives if they can.

Even meditating for one or two minutes every day has been proven to help people focus their minds, remove distractions, and keep them away.

Many have been able to use it as a method of relieving anxiety or nerves.

There are many ways to meditate.

Some involve simply sitting in a comfortable position quietly and following certain breathing patterns.

Others involve spoken words. In some situations, like group settings, the word or group of words may be spoken by the person leading the meditation.

In other settings, including individual mediation, the words are spoken by the individuals doing the meditating.

These words or groups of words are typically referred to as mantras.

Mantra is a Sanskrit term.

Many Sanskrit terms are used as mantras.

In Sanskrit, “man” means “mind,” and “tra” means “release.”

The idea is that a mantra can help release your mind from unnecessary, unwanted, or distracting thoughts that affect your emotions, relationships, interactions, and other life pursuits.

Some people find it difficult to focus and quiet their minds during meditation.

Mantras have the ability to help.

They are repeated over and over again during the time of meditation and can help release your mind and focus on what you are doing to help your body at the moment.

During mantra meditation, you sit in a comfortable position as you would in meditation without.

You come up with a word or group of words that you feel embodies what you are wanting to release or remember during your meditation time.

During the time you are meditating,  you simply repeat the word or words over and over again until your meditation time is finished.

The vibrations of certain syllables and sounds in mantras have been said to help that release of the mind.

It is common to choose a word in Sanskrit or choose a phrase in your native language to repeat as an affirmation.

For Sanskrit, you could choose to repeat the word “shanti,” which means “peace.”

Or you can try using affirmations. Affirmations typically look something like this:

-In every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better.

-I am gentle and kind to myself and others

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Mantra: Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee is a mantra that was given to a man named Dr. Pillai.

He stated that the mantra was given to him by Vishvamitra, a deceased saint.

Dr. Pillai states that Vishvamitra discovered this mantra through 1,200 years of meditation.

Shreem is a mantra associated with Laxmi, a Hindu goddess.

The Shreem mantra is said to be used to bring financial prosperity.

Some people say Shreem can be chanted to adjust the aura of a room and bring positive or attractive energy to the space.

It is said to attract positive outcomes in regards to money, property, career promotions, and all forms of abundance.

Shreem is also commonly used as a mantra on its own, as it was discovered and utilized before Dr. Pallai was given Shreem Brzee.

Brzee is not a word in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit does not have a phonetic “z” sound in the language.

Since the discovery of this mantra, the Brzee sound has been said to be a word to be used for “birth.”

Using both Shreem and Brzee in a pair is said to being a financial “re-birth” to your life.

While Shreem is more traditional and Brzee is said to be less so, chanting both together during meditation is said to bring financial prosperity to your life in an abundance of aspects.

When you decide to chant Shreem Brzee, you are intended to chant it 108 times in a row during your meditation.

You simply chant “Shreem Brzee” over and over again and focus solely on the words you are speaking.

If you are truly wanting to attract more prosperity to your life it is said that most benefits arise when you do the 108 chants, twice a day, for three months.

This mantra’s benefits encompass many forms of prosperity and abundance but focus primarily on wealth and money.

Like mentioned earlier, it is said that this chant can change the aura in a space and the space around you.

When you have positive energy or an attractive aura, you can attract positive factors into your life.

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Here are ways Shreem Brzee can adjust or benefit your life:

-Brings focus and peace into your world. This is done through the meditation and focus that Shreem Brzee and any other mantra repetition requires.

-Increase your wealth. This is what the Shreem and Shreem Brzee mantras are said to focus on when they are attracting positive energy to your life. This increase in wealth can happen in many different ways. You can earn more clients at your job. You can have cheaper expenses and raise prices and still bring in the same number of customers. You can get a raise or a bonus.

-Promotions, Career changes, new ways of earning money. This mantra not only brings money into your life, but it also can bring new ways to gain wealth. This can be accomplished through new side-gigs, job promotions, or a beneficial change of career.

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Bottom Line

Meditation and mantra repetitions have the power to bring all sorts of powerful and positive changes and adjustments to your life.

There is a never-ending number of words or phrases you can use to focus your meditation.

You can use any Sanskrit word that you feel would be beneficial or come up with a powerful affirmation of your own.

The options are endless.

There are also many guided meditations online that will do the chanting for you, included Shreem Brzee.

Shreem or Shreem Brzee is a perfect mantra if you are wanting to bring more financial prosperity into your life.

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