What is Spiritual Awakening? How to be Spiritually Awakened?

“A glimpse is enough to initiate the awakening process, which is irreversible!” – Eckhart Tolle

What is Spiritual Awakening?

We must be aware that this spiritual journey we are experiencing in this lifetime is a continuation of all spiritual journeys we got through along our previous existences, being more or less aware of this.

Nowadays most people are concerned with knowledge and understanding of physical phenomena and material issues they face in their everyday life, but are almost completely ignorant regarding their own being and the extraordinary and beneficial potential which lies unawakened within them.

For them, the world they live in is the outside world, all of which is visible and surrounds them.

If we were to ask them who they are, they would describe themselves by their name, occupation, form or state in which they are at that moment in life, what they were or wish to become, or by various unessential aspects to which their minds identifies.What Is The Dark Side Of Spiritual Awakening

Others, interested in spiritual matters to some extent, will say they are divine spirits or immortal souls, or they will describe themselves using different concepts more or less interesting or spiritual, which their minds have embraced and have come to identify with, not knowing them profoundly.

Therefore, we are witnessing a paradox – human beings are able to travel in space, but they ignore what they have in the deepness of their beings, or they dive into the deepest oceans but fail to dive into themselves, remaining insensitive to the treasures that lie within their heart.purple energy

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By completely identifying with the ephemeral and limited egoistic personality, they have no idea who they truly are, what is their essential nature. From this perspective, we can say that most human beings, even in a state of wakefulness, are deeply asleep.

Ego gives us the illusion that we have a certain personality, the fact that we are limited by time and space, although he also pushes us to act like we have all the time in the world on our hands and makes us believe that nothing can stand in the way of fulfilling our worldly desires.

Usually, the ego is the one who thinks, speaks, it endorses our feelings and actions and that is why it is imperative to know its mechanisms of operation, not to fall again and again into the trap of identifying with it and considering it our true nature.spiritual awakening woman energy

When we begin to notice the unconsciousness that defines us, the sleeping state in which we are, our consciousness itself makes us realize this and will gradually determine the spiritual awakening process. All we have to do then is to let the light of consciousness enter our whole being.

Thus, we will come to realize that in fact we are one with that light and we will begin to seek the true meaning of our existence and to discover divine spiritual truths.

Gradually, the old man becomes a new man who will build a more wise humanity. Everything you perceive will be different, in a better light, and it will help you be the best version you can possibly be.

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“While the Dark Night of the Soul is a process of death, the Spiritual Awakening Process is the rebirth.” ― Mateo Sol

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