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The Process Of Spiritual Awakening

”You are in charge of your own karma, your own life, your own spiritual path, and your own liberation, just as I am in charge of mine.” — Lama Surya Das

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?

The term spiritual awakening can be used to describe a variety of phenomena and we can say that there is a scale with varying degrees of spiritual awakening.

It is possible that an individual who never practiced an advanced form of spirituality to have the experience of spontaneous spiritual awakening.

This kind of spiritual awakening is the result of an increase in the level of personal consciousness when the person concerned becomes aware of certain parts or facts of her being that were hidden from her before.

This increase may be due to events such as reading a spiritual book, that can remember to that person things that were forgotten or separated off.

The simple fact of reading a piece that resonates with soul and with upper consciousness can be remembered, reincarnated, spontaneously reintegrated.

Evolution In Time

Another kind of spiritual awakening is related to the evolution in time of a person who living her life and growing both spiritual and physical, receiving spiritual energy.

It’s a way of constant awakening, in time, and every stage in life leads to a complete individual spirit with a new aspect.

The phenomenon is simply observed by parents when their children start to speak for the first time. It’s a great change from the child who couldn’t speak to the baby that starts to communicate.

It’s like a new person is born in that little body and the energy and the personality of the new person increase exponentially.

Spontaneous spiritual awakening means that a part of the person’s spiritual energy was suddenly activated. This event will lead to gaining a higher degree of consciousness and spiritual knowledge but won’t result in an instant transformation of the individual, because the energy gained instantly will be countered by the ego that has a masking effect.

Many people can have a lighting event, a revelation but that won’t instantly transform them into spiritually enlightened beings. It will be an event that will pave their way to transformation through work and willpower.

Along with raising the energy caused by spontaneous awakening, the entire person’s frequency vibration increases, and a negative aspect is the integration in the conscious or subconscious memories, latent with negative aspects.

It is a process that can be unpleasant and creates much discomfort, given that the person does not have enough knowledge about practices and methods that can minimize and purify these effects.

In some less fortunate cases, some people, after a strong spiritual revival and due to the ignorance about the event through which they pass, can have a strong psychotic episode.

The individual will feel the power of the energy that comes over him and he will have the impression that he reached the enlightenment state, invincibility, that he is in contact with Divinity.

Psychedelic Drugs

Note – officially, psychedelic drugs are any of the so-called mind-expanding drugs which can induce states of altered perception.

Some kinds of drugs offer a comparable effect, possibly exposing the individual to an array of energies and forces with different vibrations. The ego will be largely affected, due to its predominant material character, thus causing a mental imbalance.

Problems that some individuals will face after these types of spiritual awakening are considerable. Even though they went through a unique experience, that is positive and strong, there are cases in which the individual tolerance level is exceeded, and restoring mental balance can take years.

Most of the time the individual gets to ask for a doctor’s help who is going to convince him that he suffered a psychotic episode, fantasy and the solution to be cured is sedation and anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant medication.

The reintegration of the ego will be difficult and lengthy, because it experienced the higher state of consciousness and then was convinced that it was just an illusion, thus leaving a state of emptiness, depression, and fear deep within the mental.

Of course, the doctor will be convinced that it is only a matter of chemical imbalance to the nervous system and through the medication applied could bring the person to social reintegration.

Spiritual transformation, spiritual awakening, and the final outcome – spiritual accomplishment are 3 different things.

Amid the process of transforming, an individual will experience a number of spiritual revivals, and the path to accomplishment has to be one that will follow balanced practices by study, dedication, and effort.

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