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Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies or Dimes + Dream Interpretation

Many people are afraid to pick up money when they find it on the ground. An old superstition says that any lost money, however small, carries with it regrets and negative energy.

There is also the fear that those who have lost money have the habit of cursing it so that no one can enjoy it.

But there are also old beliefs that say that the money found on the ground brings good luck, especially if the money is found at times when you need it the most.

In this case, money turns into providential help. And if you find money at the beginning of a new year, it is said that you will have good fortune all year long.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies And DimesSpiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies And Dimes

Nowadays, money is still considered the devil’s eye. For centuries, money has been associated with power, prosperity, and independence.

In Chinese culture, money is associated with value and luck, so those who find lost money are considered very lucky. In Asian popular culture, the money you pick up from the street acts as a lucky charm.

If it is a simple coin, it must be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, and if it is a bank-note, it is kept in the wallet in order to attract higher gains.

If you were lucky enough to find money, it means that fate favors you, and it can be a good sign. Your destiny is about to change and your dreams may even come true.

Note – China was one of the first countries in the world to use metal coinage.

When you find money on the ground, pay attention to its value

The first thing you have to do when you see money on the ground is to look after the one who lost it. If you can not find the owner, it’s said that luck is yours and yours alone.

Of course, we are not talking about the money in a lost wallet, where there are identity documents, and the owner can easily be found by the police, and neither about large sums of money that should be reported to the police.

If you’ve found a penny, don’t throw it away, especially if it contains numbers 1 or 5, as it is considered extremely lucky.

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Dream Interpretation

Dream about Coins - Meaning and interpretationMoney is a powerful symbol in dreams.

Whether you lose it, earn it, or receive it from a stranger, money has a special significance and it is good to know it in order to predict certain events in the future.

Here’s what it means when you dream of money.

What it means when you dream of money

Have you ever wondered what it means when you dream of money?

These dreams can have a negative or positive connotation, depending on the events in your life, depending on your state of mind and the fears you have regarding your financial situation. The good news is that everything changes and negative dreams will melt away if your finances improve.

For instance, paper money or coins symbolize the energy of the soul. Whoever finds money in a dream will, therefore, charge his batteries.

Those who dream of losing money will complain of the loss of a special quality or of one of their emotional driving forces. It’s about soul values, potency or impotence, gain or loss, wealth, or poverty.

The origin of money is important, the place where we receive it, find it, or lose it. We also have to remember the color and the sum of money.

Some psychoanalysts believe that money, especially gold coins, symbolizes a man’s ability to love and succeed in life, while silver coins represent their orientation towards women. In women, money is always the symbol of erotic speculation.

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Negative dreams of money

Sometimes you happen to dream that you are losing money, or that you can not find it where you left it.

This means that the opportunities you have hoped for scattered and that you can not do everything you wanted.

On the other hand, the lack of money can symbolize the emergence of an obstacle that is very difficult to overcome.

Dreaming of money? Finding it is a good sign

Dreaming of money


Superstitions say it’s not auspicious to find money on the street, but finding it in a dream means you have a positive attitude regarding the near future.

A special trial or event is waiting for you and you know you can have something to gain from it.

What it means when you earn money

If you’ve ever dreamed of earning money, either gambling, lottery, or betting with your friends, it means you trust yourself to be able to reach your goals in the near future.

You earn money when you trade your energy and time for money. When you earn money, you gain power, and in dreams, it symbolizes your inner strength to accomplish certain things.

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Fake money

Fake money in dreams suggests that not everything we see is what seems to be. You may feel unworthy or someone underestimates your talents or efforts.

Alternatively, this dream is an alarm signal from your subconscious, warning that you pretend to be someone you are not.

All fake money can be a warning that you may have problems with some undisciplined or worthless people.

Spending or borrowing someone’s fake money in dreams means that the dreamer is trying to hide something.

If the dreamer receives fake money as payment for work or as a salary, then it is a sign that he is unable to take advantage of career opportunities.

From a psychological point of view, fake money can indicate disappointment or deception in which you have been involved. It is considered a symbol of falsity.

Being robbed is a bad sign

If you dream of being robbed or cheated, you actually feel that some of your life opportunities have passed and you can not turn back time.

On the other hand, you may be afraid that someone is restricting your freedom and choices.

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