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What is Kratom and Its Legal Status in New Mexico

Kratom is a substance used in and as medicine in different areas of the world – mostly in Southeast Asia. It gained its popularity in the United States in 2011 as a substance that relieves pain, can be used as an alternative of opioid, and gives you pleasure.

Thousands of people across the US opt for its use and have been increasing since then. But over these years, it has had its fair share of controversy. It is currently illegal to purchase, sell, or possess Kratom in many States. In this article, I have discussed the use, benefits, side effects, and legal status of this substance.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is a tree mostly found in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand. Its leaves are used in different ways for different purposes – primarily medicinal.

According to the study of various sources, it has effects similar to those of opioids. It is believed to have alkaloids in it. The alkaloid that is supposed to affect the same part of the brain as an opioid is called Mitragynine.

It is the most active of all alkaloids but there haven’t been any detailed studies on how or why it works.

Its users claim that Kratom helps them fight pain and does a better job than opioids. While many sources consider it addictive, there are users who stated on mainstream media that they are not addicted to it.

Its popularity has led people to use it to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Some also use it just for the relaxation.

On the other hand, WebMD shared in one of their articles that Kratom can have side effects. Moreover, they found people who had issues like sleeping, nausea, and diarrhea when they stopped using it.

Some other purported side effects of its use include hallucination, nausea, itching, and body tremors. The thing that puts most people in doubt is its disproval by the FDA.

Does it Affect Everyone Equal?

According to its retailers and veteran users, the effects Kratom has on its users depends on two factors. The mental state of the person and the quality of the product.

The owner of a YouTube channel, PsychedSubstance, shared that people feel its impact within minutes after consuming its 2mg. He further added that he didn’t feel a thing even after using 4mg of Kratom. This was due to his strong mental state against such a substance.

Another critical factor, the quality of Kratom also has a role to play. If you are using a mixed or low-quality product, it may not help you the way people say it does. This is why the vendor of this substance has great importance.

One of its most popular vendors is Kratom Crazy. They only sell lab-tested products to ensure their quality. You can see different types of products of this substance on the Kratom Crazy website. A fake or bad quality product of Kratom might also cause serious side effects on health.

Considering the lack of research and possible side effects, the FDA has listed it as a controlled substance. This is the reason why it’s illegal in many states like Alabama. On the other hand, some states like New Mexico have a different opinion and allow the use of this for anyone over the age of 18.