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Support Your Spiritual Journey With A Balanced Living Space

Our living spaces play a big part in how we perceive our lives and selves. Does your home allow you to relax, reflect on your day, and improve as a person?

In most cases, people find that they could use a bit more balance in their current living space. There are many ways to attract wealth and happiness in your home and life. Creating such an environment is easy when you know what needs to be changed. Here are some ways to connect with your living space and improve it on another level.

#1 Make A List Of Wants And Needs

When you’re designing your home, ideas come in waves. You’ll have a plan for one area of the home while still thinking about what you should do with another one. It’s a dynamic experience and you’ll change your mind every once in a while and make changes accordingly. It’s impossible to know what the whole end result will be like.

While enveloped in this chaotic mess, you might occasionally lose track of the main points of your renovation. It’s easy to get lost in all the manual work, which can cause you to forget your new vision for the living space. To prevent this, make a list of all the essential changes you want to introduce.

If you need a separate space for relaxation and meditation, you’re going to want to avoid putting unnecessary clutter here. Different rooms will have different focal points, which means you need to choose adequate décor to not take away from them.

Having this kind of space will help you in many aspects, this is a place where you can find your inner peace and balance your chakras.

#2 Dedicate A Space For Self-Nourishment

People are often caught up in the practicality of their living space. Few of them consider the importance of a relaxing area that serves no purpose other than making you feel better. You need a spot in your home you can call sacred. Somewhere where you can unload all the negative spiritual energy you have and replace it with positivity.

The kind of self-nourishment you use is up to you. Some people prefer to detox physically in the form of relaxing exercise, while others will simply meditate in one way or another. Alternatively, you could just do something that fulfills you and it would be just as effective.

When you have a sacred space in your home, you set the tone for the rest of the renovation. You’ve created something that will play an important part in your life moving forward and now you can focus on the aesthetic details you enjoy.

#3 Separate Certain Areas In Your Home

When you look at all the different rooms in your home, they’re all put somewhere with a purpose. If you need two rooms to be isolated from one another, you’re probably going to have a wall between them.

Other rooms will be interconnected to allow you to move freely between them. The home’s energy flows in much the same way and you need to know where to separate the rooms.

Sometimes, you’re going to want to put up barriers of your own. Instead of installing walls or doors, you can just isolate these rooms by using a screen or billowy curtains.

This is especially important for areas that you see as spiritually important. If you have a room that is dedicated to cleansing or meditation, you should consider setting up a small barrier to emphasize the importance of the space.

#4 Introduce Some Greenery To Your Space

Man should never be too far from nature. No matter how much we change the environment around us, it’s important that we remember our roots in nature and design accordingly.

People instinctively enjoy spending time surrounded by the flora of all kinds. This is why it’s so relaxing to take a walk through a park or forest. It’s something that brings you closer to your roots and makes you feel at peace.

Introducing a little nature to your living space would benefit you both physically and mentally. A plant or two here and there would make you feel a lot more comfortable in your home. Plus, they would create extra oxygen and influence the stuffiness of your rooms.

Plants have also been proven to increase productivity simply via their presence. They help you de-stress just by reminding you of nature, which can be pretty useful when times get tough.

#5 Set The Mood For Contemplation

To truly relax and become one with your thoughts, you need to make sure your living space provides you with the necessary tools to self-reflect. Many homes lack this element in their design and their owners suffer for it. How you do this depends on what puts you in the mood for contemplation.

In most cases, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment would be enough. Set some fluffy pillows on the floor and create a cozy area in the middle of the room. Organize a corner of your room and dedicate it to reading books and meditating.

Increase the comfort factor of this contemplative zone by having a rocking chair instead of a regular one. People often find that small movements help them better focus on their thoughts. As long as you feel at peace in the space you create for yourself, it’s going to be effective.

#6 Create A Special Altar

Sometimes, it helps to have a place to channel your home’s spiritual energy. It can be a single focus point for the daily rituals that bring you peace. You don’t need anything particularly special to set it up, either.

Take a small table and drape it in some special fabric. Place some scented candles and incense holders to the side so you can always set a nice atmosphere when you need it. In the middle of the table, place something that is significant to your religious or otherwise spiritual beliefs.

It’s going to help you better focus your spiritual energy. You can even bring an earthy element to the mix by adding stones and seashells.


It’s important that your home allows you to relax and freely express yourself. Your living space should be a reflection of who you are.

Making it as such isn’t all that difficult. You just need to make sure you add all the right elements. Keep some of these ideas in mind and you’ll find that your home will become a lot more than just a physical space that you occupy.