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The Mantra of Bodhisattva Cundi – The Sacred Zhunti Mantra

Since she is a member of the powerful Lotus family, Bodhisattva Cundi is referred to as the “Buddha Mother” and holds a great spiritual status in Buddhism.

The Bodhisattva is also known as Cundi Guan Yin.

The word “Cundi” translates from Sanskrit to mean “Supreme Purity” and she is the protector of living beings.

Her wisdom is infinite, and she mastered the teachings of the world, which in turn, blessed her.

Bodhisattva Cundi is less well-known in Tibetan Buddhism and is seen more commonly in East Asian esoteric Buddhism.

Esoteric Buddhism teachings generally come from a later time period than Indian Buddhism.

This is important to note and it’s helpful to understand this context when you’re trying to learn more about Bodhisattva Cundi.


The depiction of this Bodhisattva is meaningful; more can be learned from looking at her than you might realize.

Common depictions help clarify what she stands for, what her powers are, and remind you how to achieve her likeness.

The color of her body is yellow and she is covered in intricate jewelry ornaments of jade and pearl. Bodhisattva Cundi has 3 eyes and a jeweled crown with a manifested Buddha on her crown.

She is often seated on a Lotus thrown, with two hands at her center and her remaining 16 arms outstretched around her, holding vital items in the journey to enlightenment. In her arms are things like a wish-fulfilling lasso, a bathing vase, a hook, a conch, a wisdom sword, and more.

Each of these 18 items corresponds with the 18 characteristics of a Buddha:

  1. His perfection of speech.
  2. His perfection of body.
  3. His perfection of memory.
  4. His serenity.
  5. His perfection of impartiality to all.
  6. His self-sacrifice.
  7. His unfailing thought to salvage sentient beings.
  8. His unflagging zeal to salvage sentient beings.
  9. His unceasing desire to salvage sentient beings.
  10. The unceasing wisdom to salvage sentient beings.
  11. Revealing perfect wisdom in deed.
  12. The principle of the powers of deliverance.
  13. The powers of deliverance.
  14. Perfect knowledge of the future.
  15. Revealing perfect wisdom in thought.
  16. Perfect knowledge of the past.
  17. Revealing perfect wisdom in word.
  18. Perfect knowledge of the present.

It is believed that the mastering of these 18 items is what sets Buddhas apart, so for Buddhist practitioners, these are all important milestones or goals. Surrounding her lotus throne are two dragon kings that stand guard to protect her and all the wisdom she brings.

The Sacred Zhunti Mantra

Cundi Bodhisattva’s mantra is also known as the Sacred Zhunti Mantra and its lyrics are “Namah Saptanam Samyak Sambuddah Kotinam Tayatha Om Cale Cule Cundi Svaha.” The meaning of these lyrics is: “I take refuge in Seven Million Perfectly Enlightened Buddhas.

This is the mantra: Om! Cale Cule Cundi. May this be true!”

The mantra is the embodiment and acceptance of all the teachings of all Buddhas that exist, knowing that they will guide your enlightenment journey.

Think of this mantra as the secret key to unlocking enlightenment. Not only can you use it to call upon the wisdom of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, but you’ll get the maternal protective energy radiating from Cundi Bodhisattva. Chanting this mantra regularly will get rid of all the negative karmic energy surrounding you and help you achieve the perfect aura.

Gautama Buddha once said, regarding the Sacred Zhunti Mantra, “This great Dharani of Cundi is a great brilliant mantra teaching that is spoken by all Buddhas of the future, all Buddhas of the past, and all Buddhas of the present time.”

His quote speaks to the transcendent power of Cundi Bodhisattva and her mantra among Buddhas and humans alike.


Since this mantra is mean to cleanse negative karma and open space for good to enter one’s life, it can be used in even the most dire of situations.

Like any mantra, the more you practice it, the more you’ll harness the power it has to offer and reap the benefits of having Cundi Bodhisattva’s presence in your life.

  • If it is recited 100,000 times, your dreams will be visited by Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas, and you will see yourself vomit black substance in your dreams. This signifies the cleansing of your body, mind, and soul.
  • For sins that are more grave, and if after 100,000 times you are not seeing a cleanse happen in your dreams, then aim for 200,000 times. It is after this mark that you may see the benefits you hope to.
  • If you’re still not achieving your aims with this mantra, it may mean that you have committed one of the five rebellious acts and need to continue your practice until you reach 700,000 times reciting the mantra. The five rebellious acts are killing your father, killing your mother, killing an arhat (saint), injuring the body of a Buddha, and causing division in the Buddhist community.
  • If you are a good person and you recite this mantra 800,000 times, Bodhisattva Cundi and this mantra will protect your home catastrophes and guard your family against disease. You will feel harmony and peace in your work and you will be well respected by those around you.

While it may feel overwhelming to recite this mantra hundreds of thousands of times, it is well worth it.

If you incorporate this practice daily, you’ll be pleased with how fast these milestones pass. But remember, it’s not about how fast you complete something in Buddhism, it’s about how deep your understanding of that thing becomes.

Tips for Success

Make sure that your mind is clear when you sit with this mantra.

It forces uproot negativity in your life and you’ll need to focus and work through whatever that may be.

It’s okay if you’re surprised by the images that appear as you meditate, or the thoughts that come up afterward.

It’s not up to us what this mantra helps us work through.

Whatever is blocking your karmic fields or hindering your life will come up as you focus on the words of this mantra, the guidance of Cundi Bodhisattva, and the forces of all Buddha’s that accompany her mantra.

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