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What is the Spiritual Meaning When You Forget Your Dreams?

Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams:

We’ve spoken a lot on the topic of dreams throughout our previous articles, this is because we all have dreams, and we know that dreams are powerful representations and connections between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

Dreams have been the focus of study and research by countless men and women for thousands of years.

Because of the importance of dreams and how frequently they tend to come up and get mixed into our other articles concerning the spiritual meaning of things, we figured it was about time that we did an article focusing on a common occurrence in the realm of dreams.

The topic we want to focus on for this article is figuring out the spiritual meaning of forgetting dreams.

Is there a spiritual significance to forgetting our dreams which is likely a very common occurrence in our lives or is it simply a meaningless slip of the mind as we transition from our mental state of sleep into our waking world?

Mirrors of the SubconsciousSpiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

As we know and have discussed before, dreams are essentially reflective mirrors of our subconscious beings. Our dreams interpret the deeper things of our daily lives and our inner beings into the strange and surreal.

Sometimes our dreams show us warnings of dangerous situations we are in, or they remind us to enjoy what we have in life at the moment. Or there are those of us that have even experienced what might be called visions or prophetic dreams of things that have yet to happen but will happen in the future.

So, if dreams are so important for all of these reasons and more, it must be a severe omen of bad things to come if we forget these dreams, right?

Well, let’s find out together…

  • Statistically speaking, people are likely to forget the larger majority of what their dream was about within the first ten minutes of waking up.
  • People that wake up with absolutely no recollection or remembrance of what their dreams were are likely to have been the victim of extreme sleeplessness, chronic pain, or other potential mental health issues.
  • Those that are more likely to forget their dreams in the first ten minutes either don’t take their dreams seriously enough or don’t have a strong enough spiritual and emotional connection with their dreams.

Understanding these possible contexts behind why people might not remember their dreams when they wake up is important because there is a distinct difference between those that are unable to remember their dreams due to them suffering from chronic pain or mental health issues that result in restlessness and sleepless night and those that simply forget the majority of their dreams within the first ten minutes of waking up the next morning.why can't i remember my dreams spiritual

For the sake of this article, we are focusing on the spiritual meanings of those who actually wake up knowing that they had dreams, knowing what the dreams were, and then forgetting what they were entirely by the time they are dressed and out the door.

The Spiritual Meanings of Forgetting Your Dreams

  • You have become spiritually weak.

When you sleep through the night and have dreams your subconscious is connecting to your spiritual self, and the dreams you are having are the reflections of that connection between the deep mental state and the spiritual self.

So, when you wake up and forget the dreams that you had during the night it’s proof that you are lacking a stronger connection between your subconscious self and your spiritual self.

There are a few things you can do to start correcting this if you want to strengthen that connection though. Learn how to meditate, or even just have a notebook on your nightstand and begin to jot down what your dreams were as soon as you wake up.

  • You are way more stressed out and exhausted than you realize.

Forgetting your dreams might not be due to lacking a connection with your spiritual self. You may be experiencing a lot of pressure, stress, or anxiety from any life problems you might be struggling with. This pressure wears you down during your sleep when you should be resting and recovering.

Then when you wake up, it’s probably safe to assume some of the very first thoughts you have about your day are all of the things that are stressing you out and causing you anxiety and taking over any semblance of thought about what your dreams were during the night or what they could mean.why dont i dream anymore

This is a sign from your subconscious that you need to schedule some much-needed me-time to relax your mind, and decompress some of that stressful pressure that has been the focus of your spiritual and mental self from the second you wake up.

  • Your spiritual and mental self is being overwhelmed by unseen negative energies.

If it’s not stress and anxiety that are causing you to forget your dreams, it’s more likely then that you are being attacked by negative energies because these negative energies or forces don’t want you to connect with your spiritual and subconscious self.

There is almost nothing worse than being attacked by these negative energies or evil forces because they know that you can be a strong and formidable person if you can connect your subconscious to your spiritual self through your dreams.

So, whatever it is that you might do usually to expel negative energies from your life, it’s time to get back into those positive habits and practices.

As we’ve discussed before in some of our other articles that you’ve read (if not feel free to go check those out after this one) dreams hold deeper meanings about the things that are important to us in life.

Not only do dreams reflect the spiritual side of things, but they also have the power to show you visions and future predictions of life.

The last thing you want is to miss out on these dreams due to spiritual forgetfulness, stress, anxiety, or negative energies that are overwhelming you.

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